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Onimusha 3 and Buraiden (many pics)

Guest Musahi

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Guest Musahi
The [i]KING[/i] returns.


[center][b]Onimusha 3[/b][/center]

Onimusha 3 is unfortunately going to be the last installment in the Onimusha series (well I guess you could call it a trilogy now). This games story is going to focus on the final fight between Samanosuke and Nobunaga. There will be a new character to use in the third installment his name is Jacques. You will switch between him and Samanosuke through out the game.


[b] Capcom, like most other big Japanese software outfits, is at something of a crossroads right now. It's among the most influential of game companies in its home country, but?unfortunately?the Japanese games market is stagnating, neither expanding nor deflating, while the U.S. and European marketplace is in one of the biggest boom periods it's ever experienced. A boom, in fact, that a handful of very big American and European outfits (and relatively fewer Japanese companies) are profiting hand and foot from. As a lot of Japanese executives say in interviews and such, Japan has to be more aggressive in making games with worldwide appeal, or else they'll be irrevocably left behind.
Of course, that's what they say. What they do is another thing, and so far (with some exceptions here and there) Japanese companies have done little obvious work towards attracting an international audience. Capcom?to be more exact, Production Studio 2 manager Keiji Inafune?has noticed this, and they've decided to do something about it. Onimusha 3, announced Monday and shown off to the U.S. games press Wednesday, is the happy result of these efforts.
With Onimusha 3, Inafune is planning to take a series that's lost its momentum saleswise and basically rebuild it from the ground up. The third in what was always meant to be a trilogy, the game stars the hero of the first Onimusha as he teams up with Jacques Blanc (played by handsome, stubble-bearded Jean Reno) to tackle demons across two cities and several doom-laden centuries. Not only is Reno relatively well-known in the movie world, but Capcom's rendering of him in the game is almost eerily lifelike?one of the best jobs anyone's done of putting a real actor into a PS2 game. The choice of a French actor and locale might be a little unfortunate given the Republican Party's opinion of the place these days, but Capcom doesn't care?they wanted a recognizable Westerner to appear in the game, and with Reno?star of The Professional, La Femme Nikita and Rollerball, though he probably doesn't want you to know about that last one?they've well and truly got it. (As a side note: Reno won't be doing any voices in Japanese or English for the game, though he's starred in Japanese and English-language movies before. He will, on the other hand, be doing his own French dialogue, according to Inafune.)
Although the game itself will be purely Onimusha (slash up Japanese ghouls, grab their souls, and use 'em to unleash special attacks), everything about the visual presentation is different. In retrospect, the big move to full 3D really should've been done in the last game?Capcom's mapped out full sections of Paris for Onimusha 3, and the result (shown regrettably in video form only at the event) already looked incredibly pretty. And we're sure those guns Jacques has access to?not to mention the motorcycle he drove around in the video?will be put to good use in the game. At least, we hope so.
So will Onimusha 3 and Buraiden help Capcom (a company who has no problem releasing every single game the Japanese HQ comes up with in America) become a truly worldwide player? Well, the effort's definitely there?you've got a well-known series, a recognizable name, and a game that's been fully revitalized. If the game can go beyond hardcore gamers and attract a broad audience over here, then Capcom will propel itself far ahead of what other Japanese developers have managed so far. We'll see. [/b][/quote]

Now for some Gamespot screens:




The graphics in these screens look fuzzy and sloppy, but I think that is Gamespots? fault. In my Gamepro magazine they look great. I?m very exited about this game, mainly because I loved the first 2 installments. From what I have seen in past topics no one else did though.

[b][center]Onimusha Buraiden[/b][/center]
Now this is what I am really exited about! A 3D Capcom fighting game with characters from one of my favorite game series. I know very little about this game though. It has up to four player versus mode. You can play as heroes [I]and[/I] demons. Um, that is all I really know right now. But it looks [b]awesome[/b].
More Gamespot screens.




Onimusha 3 is supposed to be released March 2004 so the American release date is not set. But Onimusha Buraiden is slated for a Novemeber 2003 release.

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I remember when Capcom showed these off for the first time a few months ago. Buraiden sounded simply great, but I keep reading this really lame subtitle for it... which apparently is what it is being called here. If you look around, you should be able to find this great shot of four players fighting in a bamboo forest... that's what sold me on it.

For Onimusha 3... I am still surprised they have Jean Reno in it. It just seems odd, but I guess one of the places it takes place in is France anyway.

I'm not excited for that game as much though. Onimusha is running thin for me, and I don't know that I would care for another one... I'm interested in seeing how it turns out now that the game is fully 3D though.

Either way, it's nice to see clear shots of these two after so many months. I wonder what took them so long here in the US.
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Guest Musahi
Actually I think Gamespot had that picture.


That?s the closest I could find.

Guess not. Of course I am unsure of to what bamboo is. ><
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Those look like some sort of grain/wheat fields. The shots I'm talking about had these long green and yellow stalks shoooting up from the ground, and the characters were surrounded by it. They were jumping and fighting and so on.

Reminded me of Ninja Scroll, so it looked pretty fun.
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Guest Musahi
That one is in my Gamepro magazine. *searches around*

Found it at gamers.com :

Now that you mention it, it does remind me of Ninja Scroll. I believe Jubei was in a similar area when he fought the blind guy.

[b]Edit:[/b] That didn't work out the way I planned.



Go Magic Box! :p

It's actually slightly differen't than the one I think your talking about. THAT one is at Gamers.com
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