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:D OK, I want some opinions on a fic idea, as I write this, I get the feeling that most of you are gonna say it's disasterously stoopid and should be saeld away in a vault in a neuclear bunker somewhere in outer space, but if even one person likes it, I'll write it. Here's the idea...

A while ago,I made up a character named Blue Tajiri, (I put a pic in the artwork section) I was basically wondering how she would work in Digimon fic, (keeping in mind, she is an alien.) I have a digimon to go with her and a whole history worked out, but if I told you that it'd defeat the object of writing the fic. The digimon is called Psymon, it's a little black wolf with Blue dragon-like ears and a metal helmet, I'll put a picture up here when I have one, It was made up around four yeares ago and has a stage that goes beyond mega, I heard one showed up in S3 but I know squat about it so it most likely won't tally with that. I may also try putting Trunks in there somewhere, just tell me what you thing, be honest. :D
I already know that you're either gonna love this or hate it (probably the later) but either way, I'm writing it. I'm just wondering wheter to put it here or not. :D
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