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The Beginning of the World...

Rhys Mayiessen

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[color=skyblue]Hehe I'm finally starting this thread after some more people have joined. If you don't remember the plot just go to the recruitment area I forgot to copy it to here^^;;

Oh yes and we all start out at different camps but eventually meet up with each other.

[i]Shayleigh sat in the middle of the Hearth of the Mammoth with most of the Crane Camp surrounding her. She decided that she would Search for animals today, though they were already getting scarce.

She sighed and opened her eyes. The camp looked at her expectantly. She shook her head sadly. She hadn't seen anything around the camp in a 30 mile radius.

One of the men stood up.
Man-[/i]"We cannot stay here any longer! We will not live much longer if we do not find food and there is none to be found around here. I say we go south and find someplace warmer!"

[i]There were mummbles of agreement from the small crowd. Shayleigh sighed and looked at the Headman and Headwoman of the camp. They knew that she was thinking the exact same thing.

Shayleigh raised her hand to silence them.
Shayleigh-[/i]"I agree with you all but I do not know if this is was Mut wants. The Great Earth Mother will not let us die here like this."

[i]One of the women looked at her angrily.
Woman-[/i]"You say that Mut protects us, Mamut, but where was she when my son died? Are you so sure that there is an Earth Mother?"

[i]Shayleigh-[/i]"Fine we will leave our dwelling. We'll see how long we last out there without Mut's aproval..."[/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Sakandre stared out at her people through a slit between fur-lined hood and fur-lined mask. The fringes of snow and fur made it difficult to see, but the shapes of the Sharamudoi were unmistakable. Two thick bundles of long branches were strapped to each elder, making them look as if they had six arms each. It was for quick preparation of shelter.
Sakandre never bothered - her tribe was nomadic, but she stayed stationed in a series of caves splattered around the tribe's territory. Had done so all her life - or at least, as long as she could remember. Her parents were dead - before that she knew nothing but what she was told, and that she never believed.

In her thickly bound fingers lay an obsidian dagger, exquisitly crafted by her father, a man she never knew. Sakandre was whittling away at a carving - a small elk, standing proud and lifting it's antlers high. An expression of her hunger. Since the snow set in, three or so moon cycles ago, there had been little food. She knew it was warmer to the south, but her tribe would not abandon it's territory. Stubborn idiots. She hated them, as they hated her, probably for being so reclusive. She had no value to the tribe, and she wouldn't be sorely missed, which was why she planned to head off on her own in a couple of days. In the night, when no one would know.

Her chances of survival almost nil, Sakandre was scared, but anything was better than sitting on her own, day after day, wrapped up to make herself look twice her size, leaving carvings of her dreams behind her to rot in the snow. [/i][/color][/font]
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[color=skyblue][i]Shayleigh walked beside the Leaders of the camp. She shuttered as a cold wind wipped her cloak around her and pulled it closer. Mammoth fur was warm but it seemed that this wind could penitrate anything.

The camp had been walking all day and Shayleigh was trying to figure out a way to tell the Leaders that she must set out on her own for a little while. She finally got the courage to speak.
Shayleigh-[/i]"I know this might surprise you but I must leave for a while. I don't know where I'm going but it came to me in a dream, you know how important dreams are to the Mamuti. I'm sure you'll be fine without me."

[i]Headwoman-[/i]"But you know its bad for a camp to have no Mamut! We'd lose status if you went now!"

[i]Shayleigh-[/i]"I'm sorry but I have to. Its the wishes of the Great Mother Earth."

[i]The headwoman nodded her head slowly.
Headwoman-[/i]"I understand. Go quickly and my brother and I will tell the camp for you."[/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Kredon stomped angrily into the shallow cave, grunting with dissatisfaction at the lateness of his order. Sakandre had been making a quill of arrows for him, and she should have finished by now. Where the hell was she?
The cave was empty save for two things - a quill of seventy perfectly fletched arrow shafts, and a carving of Sakandre impaled on a post. The carving was rather graphic, and Kredon recoiled at the sight. The statue was about a foot high, and he decided to leave it where it was. He understood what it meant. Sakandre was not coming back.[/i][/color][/font]
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