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Golden qeust.


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I thought I do a different one, 'cos no one is intresed in Thepower of one. Fell free to add your own characters...

Neo (Dragon tamer) Black spikey hair and a long coat.
Gomuna (Spell caster) Very long hair. Golden hair.
Rocky (neo's Pet dragon) Red and small.
Setio (Travller) Is tall and has blonde hair.
Mokar (Fighter) He half dog. He got pointed ears and black hair.

These three are on a qeust to find a great golden sword and distroy the king of demons who is killing ever one. It's a time of spells and dragon masters. The mine guy is Neo...

Neo followed setio up the rocks and ever one else followed. Rocky was sulking because he wasn't allowed to fly there. Thay walked on, and Mokar stopped.
"Huh? Whats wrong Mokar?" Asked Setio.
"Sorry. I need to rest...and it's been a whole day since I tasted a fine dinner."
"What are you saying? You don't like my cooking?" Said gomuna. Ever one turned around.
"Your cooking? It kills me!" SHouted mokur. Gomuna grained.
"Don't worry. Only a few more mountains. Then we will arive at the next city." Said Setio.
"Mhhh! I wanna stop!" Winned Rocky. The five warriors set off again. Thay all knew it would be a long and painful journey to find the sword. Thay had to get the sword, protect it, fight the evil king, and thay heard a rummor of the king holding a princess in the tower. None of the fighters knew what would lay ahead. Thay walked along the path. Neo stopped and looked over the mountains. Ever one stopped and looked.
"Look! It's a dragon!" Shouted Neo.
"Er...no I think thats a bird." Said rocky.
"No! Look! A dragon! But...What would a dragon be doing way out here?" The others sheilded there eyes and stared towards the creature. The dragon got closer.
"Grrr! Braice yourself!" Shouted Mokar.
"No, it has some thing for us!" Said Gomuna. The dragon landed and handed a small peice of paper.
"Look! It's an invitation! It's says;
'You have been invited to a traverllers party in wast city. It will take place on 24th of aprill. Hope you can make it!'"
"Woow! A party!" Screamed setio.
"Bet there's food!" Said mokur.
"I'm saying yes!" Neo gave the paper back to the dragon.
"OK! West city here we come!"

Ok, you continue! Add any thing you want!

No one will post...so, would warlock close this?
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