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Too simple for anyone to bother reading...maybe just Phantom's Angel. yea this is 4 u


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A poem

After growing up we all can see it so clear, is it not so?
That 20/20 hindsight, that tool we wish we had at the time?such ironic retrospection.

A life in toil, growing pains, aches and cramps,
Too many things not my way, a life pressured by pinning clamps,

When I feel the past teaching me a lesson, it?s hard to listen?
Bringing memories of poor times, emotional, financial?

But life words his wonders in a game of cards,
Dealing a lesson hand, a teaching supremacy?

Life has his ways; he tries not to give away these mysteries all at once?
No one can really escape his grasp. Life brings out the best and worst in us?

But as if we all didn?t know that?It?s only Murphy ?s Law,
A poem? Or just a combination of words specifically geared toward opening eyes, turning heads?

Maybe both but without the lyrical alchemy of Shakespeare and his passionate beating of syllables.

The moral of this story is that when trapped and wounded, one must never feel pitiful against the odds. Life will bring his teachings always in times of ill fate, and those who have the courage to look up at their fears and stand in the face of turmoil?.fighting what seems a winless parry of crushing blows and hectic evasion?Life brings strength. Strength to move on, and power to prove one?s will.

Do not back down, even if you are dead already.
Do not pass up your chances, you only have so many.
Life is here forever, but time won?t teach if you don?t let it,
Life is something to cherish, love, and learn from?regardless of your mistakes.

Michael 8:46
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Me cherish life? You know to much about me to know why I don't wantto be here, trapped in this termoil, Why does The Goddess test me so? Is it that my faith isn't strong? Is it that I don't trust in her enough to let her sort my problems? Or Is my fate at fault of God, whos sees fit to test me so often trying to tear my life apart.. I don;t know, I'll have to ask them when I get back to Avalon. If I ever get back to Avalon.
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That is just the problem...

The godess is probably telling you that she cant sort out ALL your problems. There should always be a line between your choosing and fate's.

*nods* But your too stubborn. You said once "Yes, I am but you know how weak I am against deppression".

Well Danielle...you are only as weak as you make yourself out to be. I know you have been through a hellish life but there IS worse...you have to try to not take for granted the things you think will always be there....like right now you still have a great chance to make something of your life, but your stubbornness is working backwards and not letting you see it.

I know that I'm rambling but Danielle..try to find SOME value to these words because I dont know why but I think they feel more powerfull as I am writing them...Sorry for this longwinded 'lecture'... just cuz it's over DEFINATELY does not rule out the fact that your' still #1 to me.
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