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[size=1]On this glossy sheet of efferent paper, there?s something to be said. This woman inked on it?she?s smiling serenely. Her teeth are as white as snow. Her face is flawless, there?s not a welt, not a single scripted line or vein. Her skin?s the color of some light mocha, some semi-sweet spice that dots her smile and tones over even more beauty. This is fine, she?s beautiful. But there?s still more to be said on this glossy page.

Now move your eyes down. Down from that serene face, those gleaming white teeth. Down here?s what else has to be said on this simple piece of paper. Down here there?s more of her mocha skin. Much more. Her hands are placed to her side like she has something to hide. Perhaps she does. But it certainly isn?t what she?s wearing she has to hide.

After you pace your eyes over this doll-like mocha queen, go down even further. Just to the very corner of the page. What does it say? It says ?get it on,? does it not? A simple phrase, but is it pointing at something more than it?s trying to say?

Yes, it does have something more to say than what she?s said. But as a whole, this image still is beautiful. From her smile to her bare, skeletal chest. She?s still beautiful. At what price, though? What price does this take to you, too? It may not be on your mind, but perhaps somewhere along the way, this ad and others like it have changed your thinking. It?s like a paper that?s been shoved into your mind, an image that constantly reappears in your head. One that you constantly see as you look in the mirror at yourself.

But beauty?s never perfection. [/size]
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