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[I]Note- I haven't even completed the first stage, so this review will be updated later.[/I]

I just received my copy of the first game in the "Capcom 5" series, and I just finished playing it.

First of all, I have to say this: [B]Do not play this in Normal the first time![/B] In the half-hour I played, I managed to lose all my continues, and get my butt blown up by some small flying robots. This is SNES difficulty we're talking about.

[B]Graphics[/b]- The game doesn't break molds by any way, but it manages to hold a constant frame rate (I believe it was 30, but I forget), except when you die. The models are very well done, showing big poligon numbers. However, the textures are not as good as they should be. Also, there are too many areas with the same white colors. Stylish and solid, but could've been a little better.

[B]Music-[/B] The soundtrack is mostly Techno/Trance, which is perfect for this game. Even if you don't like the genre, you'll like it here.

[B]Control-[/B] The setup is decent. However, it doesn't work as good as it should. This is a game that requires some time to play correctly (I still suck:P):
[i]A button[/i]- Shoot (with the first weapon, you have no automatic or semi-automatic fire)
[i]B button[/i]- Jump (very high and fast. Perfect for dodging)
[i]X Button[/i]- Nothing as of now, but I guess you'll get more abilities later...
[i]Y Button[/i]- Crouch (mostly useless, except a few times)
[i]Z Button[/i]- 180 turn (turning here is Resident Evil style, but much faster")
[i]R/L buttons[/i]- Sidestep in the corresponding direction by doing a cartwheel/spin (very cool, and I suspect that I'll get an ability to fire while sidestepping.
[i]C Stick[/i]- Camera
[i]Analog Stick[/i]- Movement (RE style)
[i]Digital Pad[/i]- Special abilities

[B]Gameplay-[/B] The game is a cross between Devil May Cry, Space Channel 5 and Gun Valkirie. Vanessa (the heroine) seems to enjoy dancing, as every single move (except running) she makes is basically "danced". For example, when standing still, she begins making small taps on the ground with one foot, while slightly moving her head to the rythm of the music. I actually makes for some interesting scenes.
The stages are set in "rooms", which can be interior or exterior. They greatly vary in size, and there are plenty of them. At the end of every room, you are given a total of enemies killed, time spent, and total number of rooms entered in the stage.

In the end, I find it to be a good start in the Capcom Five, but I hope the other 4 are better.

PS- The Viewtiful Joe Trailer makes the game look better than before!
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I really don't know if I'm interested in this game anymore. No one seems to think it's bad, and you obviously liked it... but I don't know. It just doesn't seem worth buying once it comes out here.

How long did it take you to complete it?
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I haven't completed it yet, but I seem to be in the halfway point now, and I started playing it 3 hours ago.

During the first few stages, I started getting bored, since they look the same (some even have the exact same layout!). The characters look excellent, but the areas have been mostly plain. However, the stage I started playing has very detailed areas, and right now I have an amazingly powerful suit.

Here are some things which I didn't explain in the first post:

-You have an assortment of suits, which you buy and upgrade. As the game progresses, you gain access to more powerful (and expensive) suits. The suits have four ratings: Energy (for special attacks), Hand Blast (normal attacks), Shield (defense), and Automatic (speed of shots, and maybe Vanessa, but I have to check). You also buy the Special Attacks.

-With the digital pad, you can make combinations which result in the Special Attacks I mentioned above. You have to use them a lot, but wisely too. These moves can usually target multiple opponents, and render you invinsible while performing them. Unfortunately, the game is very sentitive about the combinations, and it can take a few tries to pull it off.

-The best way to earn points (to buy stuff) is by chaining combos. When you kill an enemy, a countdown appears. Every enemy you kill while in the countdown add time and points. The combo system scores in the same way that the Tony Hawk games (Enemies killed multiplied by total points). It is possible to finish each room with a perfect combo.

This game is leaning more into a "rent", but I have faith that future stages will keep getting better.
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