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Metting an Angel (Gundam Wing Fan Fic)

Guest The Mage Prince

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Guest The Mage Prince
This is the fan fic that me the number one rated writer on the otaku's fan fic section :bellylol:

Meeting An Angel

Rating: 13+

A Gundam Wing fanfic by The Mage Prince/Grant Davidson

Bring back some supplies? Trowa Barton's uncovered eye glanced slowly over

the crowd forming nearby. His breath came out in small puffs of steam, which

faded into the air a few levels above his head.

Catherine and the rest of the circus had gone on a few ways ahead of him;

leaving the sixteen-year-old boy to be the one responsible for getting some

much needed groceries. Mainly Java, seeing as how Catherine seemed to run

out of that rather quickly.

The area that had been called Alaska once by the people who lived here was

not an entirely friendly place. Not only did the towns look sterile, but

also most of the people were as cold to outsiders as the temperature was to

them. Of course, one would have to expect that these days, considering that

one of the largest factions that still clung to the ways of war and

conquering was located here somewhere.

Trowa shook his head, bemused by the fact that the ringleader of the circus

had even considered taking a job here. It was to some important person

apparently, an ally to the Earth Sphere Alliance who was trying to diminish

the terrorist faction's hold on the place.

Doesn't seem to be working too much? he thought, glancing over at the wall

of a nearby building. The usual anti-peace graffiti was sprayed on it, along

with some rude comments and gestures.

When are people ever going to learn? It's like they see peace as a threat to

their own existence?

He didn't have time to get lost in thought. Shaking his head again, the

brown-haired boy started sifting his way through the crowd. Most were just

busy trying to socialize, and they stared at him rudely as he pushed past


Suddenly, a hand pressed down against the front of his jacket, and Trowa had

to readjust his balance as a young girl practically fell on top of him.

Instinctively, he reached out and steadied her shoulders before she could

fall backwards from the impact.

"Sorry?" a quiet voice told him, and he found himself staring into the eyes

of a teenaged girl, instead of a young child. Strands of loose brown hair

fell into her face, and her cheeks were red.

Trowa blinked, somewhat surprised by how the snow covering the ground seemed

to reflect in light blue orbs. The girl looked rather nervous, and she

glanced down at her shoulders. His hands were still holding onto them.

Realizing this, he immediately let go. She seemed somewhat relieved, took a

deep breath, and then walked on past him, once again mumbling an apology for

bumping into him like that.

The boy watched her go, then stared down at his hands. He wondered why he

had just frozen like that when he had looked at the girl's face.


Angeline Pierre took in a deep breath, and wrapped the sides of her long

green trench coat even closer around her slight form. The light brown scarf

she had wrapped over her shoulders and neck was somewhat chafing, but she

bit her lip and continued on. At least they weren't numb like her cheeks

were, with being blasted by the cold for almost two hours.

Why did I agree to this again?? She thought, staring at a shop's window,

what was it that Cassidy said? Life in the colonies are over?the only place

left to return to is Earth?

She wondered exactly why her friend had told her that. It didn't make much

sense to Angeline, because Cassidy had decided to stay on the L6-Colony. Her

friend had simply smiled when Angeline had asked why she wasn't coming with


"I have some things to do here, Angeline." she said, hugging her best friend

tightly, "I'd rather you just left now, because I may have to move around a

lot?and I might not be able to make it to Earth for a while."

"Then why don't I just stay with you? I don't really see the point of me

going if you're going to be all alone, Cass."

The dark-haired girl looked around the terminal for a few moments,

cautiously. She then reached over and gently whispered into her friend's

ear, "Listen?this stuff I'm doing is going to be?interesting. I think I'd

feel a lot better if you weren't in any of the colonies. I just have a

strange feeling, that's all."

And so, because Cassidy had been the only person she thought of as family,

Angeline had reluctantly agreed to Cassidy's wish. It hadn't really felt

right, though. After all, the two had been best friends since the disaster

that had left them both without families last year, and now Cassidy was

suddenly sending her away? And she had seemed so urgent about doing it too?

Someone brushed past her, and the girl's muscles tightened. A hint of hot

breath came against her cheek as she turned.

Three men were standing behind her, all of them middle-aged or so and with

some kind of uniforms on. She frowned inwardly, not recognizing the outfits

as belonging to the Earth Sphere Alliance or the Preventers, which were the

two main powers here on Earth for the moment.

The man in front of her, a well-muscled guy with stingy looking blond hair

grinned, "What's wrong, girlie? You look confused. Are you lost or

something?" the two men behind him chuckled.

Angeline swallowed hard, not wanting them to see the flush of colour coming

onto her face. She had met men like this on the L6-Colony. They had

practically waited around the orphanage until a girl would come out, so that

they could lead her off somewhere.

"No?I'm fine. I'm just?" her blue eyes wandered over to the shop's windows,


The man raised an eyebrow, "At mechanic supplies? What would you want with

those, sweetheart?"

Something to hit over your head, maybe? she smiled sheepishly, "Well, you

see?my car broke down a few miles away from town, and I need some parts?"

"Why didn't you say so?" his grin widened, and a hand fell on her shoulder,

"Why don't you show us? Me and my boys can fix anything, right fellas?"

They nodded their agreement, and seemed to be eyeing her hungrily.

Angeline's stomach muscles tightened, and she backed up a little. "I'd rather not have you do that?"

"Why not?" the blond-haired man's eyes were glistening over now, "We even

have a nice place you could go to warm up. You know, a soft bed and some

blankets?and you could take that heavy looking coat off?"

He reached out to her again, and something inside Angeline panicked. She

shoved his hand away, and her frozen hand, in a little fist, hit the side of

his face. The blow wasn't a particularly strong one (Angeline didn't know

exactly how to fight), and she regretted it an instant later when he looked

up at her, anger blazing in his eyes.

"?You little *****!" he seethed through clenched teeth, reaching out and

grabbing her arm so tightly that she could hear a pop.

The girl screamed as he pulled her towards him, bending her arm tightly

behind her back at the elbow. A fire rushed through her caught limb, and she

kicked at his feet, finally managing to actually hit his knee.

More because of surprise than pain, he let go of her, and the girl went

sprawling onto the ground. Her arm was still aching, and the immense cold

from the frozen earth didn't help the fire racing through it.

Biting down on her lip, she managed to get herself up again and started to

run. It seemed strange now, but the crowd actually seemed to be moving out

of the way?

Because those guys are in military uniforms. That's why?!

Turning on one of the street corners and heading towards a less crowded part

of the street, Angeline stumbled on a patch of ice. She swore as she lost

her footing and went face first towards the ground.

Something warm suddenly wrapped around her waist, and she was surprised to

find that her body was not once again on the ground. She nearly panicked

again, however, when she noticed that an arm was what was keeping her braced


"Don't speak." a quiet voice said in her ear, and she nodded absentmindedly.

Gently, the person moved off into the shadows of one of the buildings

nearby, still supporting the shaking girl in his arms.

Angeline bit her lip as the sounds of footsteps came clamouring onto the

street. They belonged to the three men that had been chasing her before.

"The faction?" the boy, she was pretty certain it was a boy by now, said

under his breath as he watched them.

"Where'd that brat go?" the blond-haired man was saying, "I thought I saw

her run down here?"

"It doesn't really matter, Chase." one of his companions had a small

computer in his hands, "Our orders just came in."

"You mean?from Ashley herself?"

The man nodded, and he took something out of his uniform's pocket, "Want to

do the honours?"

The man called Chase grinned, "I guess so. This is going to be great?!" he

reached over and took whatever item his companion had and put it in his


"Just press the damn button already, and let's get home." the man who had

been silent for most of the time said.

"All right, all right?" taking in a deep breath, Chase held his hand up

high, the gleam of light reflecting from the metal object he held, "Let's do


The colonies?? Angeline's eyes widened at this, and she felt the boy's

muscles tensing behind her.

A large sound, like that of the shuttles when they were taking off, could be

heard from somewhere in the town. A bright flare of light followed it, and

something exploded nearby them.

She closed her eyes, feeling a new kind of pain rip through the side of her

body as the wind nearly threw her back against whoever had saved her.

Something hit onto her head, and she was aware of being flipped over against

something both strong, but somewhat soft as well.

Two hands were wrapped around her shoulders as the boy kept her pressed up

against the wall. Angeline looked down, seeing what looked like something

sharp and metallic embedded in her skin. Blood was covering her trench coat

now, and she had to turn her head away from the sight before she retched.

Her blue gaze drifted onto the green eyes of a boy who seemed strangely

familiar, and then she felt the world spinning, and everything went black.


"They completely destroyed the shuttle area?" Trowa's lips thinned as he

gazed at the black smoke rising up over the ruins of the town, "I wonder


The news crew had already come out and did their stories on it, saying that

the attack on the Alaskan town had been the work of the faction that had

proved itself to be untrustworthy towards peace negotiations. However, Trowa

himself was not too sure if that was the case or not. The faction had a lot

of supporters in the area, and it wouldn't make sense to do such a thing?

But the men who had rigged the explosives had shouted out something about

the colonies beforehand. And the majority of the bombs they had placed were

along the areas where public and private shuttles were taking off to head

towards the colonies.

A groan sounded from behind him, and he turned towards the tent he had put

up an hour or so ago. It sounded like the girl was awake.

He headed in the tent's direction, casting one more wary look out over the

ruins of the town before stepping inside.


The first thing Angeline noticed when she came to was the burning pain in

her side. She groaned, and tried sitting up. This caused the pain to worsen,

and a new stinging sensation came about the side of her head. She winced,

lying back down again.

Where am I?? She thought, as her vision became less of a blur. She could see

the flaps of a tent, and the smell of something burning?

"So?you're awake now,? a familiar voice said from the front of the tent.

She looked up; noticing that it was the boy who had saved her earlier. As

she stared at the hair in front of his face, an odd memory came to her. It

had been when she had first stepped off of her shuttle, and the cold had

blasted into her. The colonies did not have weather changes, and so she had

been caught off-guard and just stood there.

Someone behind her had pushed her forward, and she stumbled and her body had

started to fall. Reaching out, she grabbed onto something warm and soft. It

was the front of a boy's jacket?

Blue eyes widening, she said, "Hey, you're the guy that I almost--" while

trying to sit up.

He was standing over her in an instant, his hand pressed against her

shoulder gently, "Stay still. You're going to hurt yourself a lot more if

you move around." he advised.

Her gaze drifted down to her side and she saw that her green coat had been

torn up and wrapped around her side. Slowly, she started to remember what

had caused her to black out earlier. That thing sticking out of her?

"Shrapnel. From the explosion. Some of it hit your head as well." he moved

towards the fire he had built in the center of the tent.

Angeline moved her hand up slowly, feeling the side of her face. Near her

right temple was what felt like cloth, and the second she had pressed down

on it, a stinging sensation went through her skull. She gritted her teeth

and lowered her hand.

"A doctor should come soon. Right now, they're fixing up more critical

patients." the boy looked outside for a few moments.

"?What happened?" she asked slowly.

He shrugged in response, "One of the factions decided to display some

fireworks, I suppose."

Factions? Angeline looked down at the ground, a wry smile on her face, And

Cassidy, you thought I'd be safer here than if I stayed with you in the


"Do you think you could drink something?"

Angeline nodded in response to his question, and the boy's eyes turned back

to the fire.

"How about hot chocolate?"

"Thanks." she smiled, somewhat surprised at the mention of her favourite



The girl was rather quiet as they sat together. Trowa, not much of a big fan

of talk, was somewhat glad for this.

As they finished their hot chocolate, she finally took in a somewhat ragged

breath. He looked up then, the fire reflecting in his green eyes as he saw

her wince a little. Could the shrapnel have caused a rib to brake? If that

was true?

"?I don't think I should have come here,? she said slowly, after a few

moments of hesitation.

Trowa said nothing about this, until he saw her looking at him. The softness

in her eyes made him a little less tense, "If you didn't want to come, then

why did you?"

"A friend of mine?she said I needed to come here. That everyone who lost

their families when the?disaster happened?needed to get a new start in


Disaster?? He raised an eyebrow; "You're from the colonies, then?"

She nodded, "My parents were killed a year ago. I was living on the streets

of the L6-Colony until now." the girl turned her attention onto the ground,

and her eyes seemed to waver for a moment, as if she were holding back


"?I'm sorry." he said it in a quiet tone of voice. A lot of the OZ soldiers

at the colony that had been destroyed were newly recruited from the colonies

themselves, and they had left many family members behind when Gundam Zero

attacked the colonies. And besides, he knew the person responsible for the

colony disasters?

"Its all right." she smiled somewhat at him, "You've been through more pain,

I think. I can?kind of tell it in your face."

Trowa looked away from her then, seeing both Catherine and Quatre in the

girl's eyes. He brought his attention back to the hot chocolate in the cup

he held, and drank down the rest of it.

"?My name's Angeline Pierre." she told him quietly after a few more minutes

of silence.

He set the cup down on the ground, "Angel." he murmured under his breath.


"That's what Angeline means in French, isn't it? Angel." he said simply,

looking away at the tent flaps.

She nodded, blinking somewhat, "I?suppose so." she muttered under her


Trowa said nothing afterwards, and simply stared at the dying fire. In the

back of his mind, he was somewhat curious as to whether or not Catherine had

panicked yet because he hadn't come back. She'd have half the circus up and

looking for him within the hour, probably. An amused smile almost twitched

at the corner of his lips as he thought of that, but he remained


"What's yours?"

"Hmm?" he turned his eyes back to the girl, who was now staring at him


"What's your name? I would kind of like to know?that way, I can thank you

properly for helping me out." she smiled somewhat, and a sigh nearly escaped

his lips.

I have no name? the thought came into his head unbidden, but he did not say

it out loud, "Trowa Barton."

"Trowa?" her eyes glistened, "That's sounds nice. What does it mean?"

"?It doesn't matter." he stared down at the ground, tracing a finger over

the cold earth.

Angeline blinked, the expression on her face one of confusion, "What do you

mean by that?"

"?It doesn't matter." Trowa repeated, then glanced over at her, "You better

get some rest now."


A moaning sound came into his ears, and Trowa blinked, shifting his body

even closer to the edge of the sleeping bag Catherine had given him earlier,

before the circus had left. The temperature had been getting colder, and

puffs of steam rose up in circlets as he let out each breath.

For the moment, this was the only way either of them could actually survive

the night, at least not without getting frostbite. He had waited until she

was asleep, of course, before actually even attempting getting into the

sleeping bag (she had been attacked before, and he knew how unwanted

someone's touch was after that). And, he kept himself turned over onto his

side, with his back to Angeline. His body ached somewhat with the stiffness

of his muscles, which he had retracted enough to keep the two of them apart.

He had no intention of causing the girl to panic and start screaming, which

was what women tended to do if they found themselves being touched


His mind slowly drifted back to the explosion that had caused this

predicament. Why did the men shout something out about the colonies in the

first place?and why would it only be the shuttle areas of the town that they

had been after??

We've been so worried about all the factions here on Earth that most people

have forgotten about those on the colonies. To most of the people here, the

colonies are all pacifists?

Obviously, at least one group wasn't. His lips twitched into an accustomed

frown, and he closed his eyes. He'd have to contact the other Gundam pilots

as soon as he could, just in case more of this had happened elsewhere?

For some strange reason, the thought of being dragged into a fight again did

not weigh so much against Trowa's mind. He supposed it was natural to him,

but how would the others feel?

Heero would fight no matter what, because it is his nature to?Duo and Wufei

would also see it as a duty, to protect Earth and the colonies from another

threat, but Quatre?

His best friend, out of all of the Gundam pilots, was the most sensitive and

caring one. Most people thought of him as nothing more than a hopeful

pacifist nowadays. He had already been through a lot with fighting?and it

had probably taken its toll on him. But he would, as they all would, agree

to fight to protect the people the cared about. But would the strain of more

fighting be something he could handle, especially if more people die?

In war, people always die. Quatre, you have to be strong for them, but you

also have to keep your gentle side?the part of you that everyone knows.


Trowa stiffened instinctively when he felt something move across his back. A

soft whimper came from the girl, and she said something under her breath as

she slept.

?Angeline had lost her family because of Quatre. His emotional turmoil after

his father's death and his sister, Iria, becoming wounded had caused him to

attack the colonies. A lot of people had lost everything because of him.

However, Trowa knew now that his blond-haired friend would die to make up

for what he had done. If it came to fighting, he would protect the colonies

as best he could.

Even if it means?giving up that kindness? Trowa shivered at the thought. He

would have to make sure, then, that didn't happen. Quatre was who he was

because of his innocence, if something happened to destroy that?

It won't. I'll make sure of it.

"Papa, Mama?where are you?" the voice that was speaking was strained, and

Trowa knew she was in the middle of a nightmare. He had those himself every

night, practically, "?I thought you said you were right behind me?"

The whimpering started to become soft sobs, and sudden warmth filled the

boy's body. Angeline had turned around, unconsciously draping her arms over

his back. Pale skin glinted as they hung limply across his chest. The girl

had buried her face in the back of Trowa's jacket, and was crying in her


The sixteen-year-old listened for a few moments, feeling the trembling form

next to him. He was somewhat surprised to find his heart beating faster at

the girl's touch, and, very slowly, he rolled over onto his side so that his

eyes were looking directly at her face.

Angeline's face was wet, and something else happened in the moment he turned

around to face her. Moaning something under her breath, she moved in closer

to him, the front of her body touching his. Her leg went over his own, and

Trowa's eyes widened.

Their faces were just inches apart, and the steam that came from both of

their mouths seemed to mingle into one cloud as it lifted upwards. For the

first time since he had actually met her and stared into her eyes, the boy

seemed frozen. His heart was beating quickly, and he didn't know exactly

what to do.

"Where?where are you?" her voice was soft, and she whimpered again, her arms

suddenly finding enough strength to wrap around Trowa's body tightly. Tears

fell on the sleeping bag's fabric, and she shook.

Trowa hesitantly reached out with his own hands. In an unaccustomed manner,

he awkwardly brought one of his arms over her body and pulled her close into

him, so that her face was buried in his jacket. His other hand pressed down

against a silky mass of brown hair, and he ran his fingers through it. A

strange scent, like that of some kind of fruit, filled his nostrils.

"?I'm right here. Don't worry."

The comforting motion seemed to be working, and the girl's sobs started to

lessen. Her breathing was more normal, and her hands tightened against

Trowa's arms, as though, unconsciously, she was afraid he'd let go.

A new kind of warmth entered his body, and Trowa's lips almost twisted into

a smile. The feel of Angeline's heart pulsing seemed soothing to him, and,

for the moment, he was content to just lay there, her head resting near his.

The matter with the bombing seemed so far away, and the tenseness in his

body relaxed?

"Angel." he stated under his breath, his fingers trailing her cheek. Her

skin was soft, and it warmed his hand.

He traced over the feeling of fabric on her temple, and Angeline winced at

the pressure on the makeshift bandage. He immediately brought his hand down,

placing it on her shoulder.

As Angeline relaxed, he took in a deep breath, and closed his eyes. The last

thing he remembered was his own body relaxing as he fell asleep. Both of

them stayed in the other's embrace, almost unaware that they were comforting

one another throughout the whole night.


It wasn't as cold as it had been before. That was Trowa's first thought when

he slowly came back into reality. He felt strange warmth next to him, and

the boy let out a deep, relaxed breath. As he did so, the smell of fruit

drifted into his nostrils.

When he opened his green eyes, they widened at the unexpected sight that he


Wrapped up tightly against him in his arms was a sleeping Angeline, an

almost pleasant look on her face. Dried tearstains were the only thing that

remained to show of the nightmare she had the night before. She smiled and

turned her head slightly, so that the dim light from the dawn outside of the

tent wouldn't penetrate her closed eyelids.

Her arms were still wrapped around him as well, and the warmth they gave off

now seemed to be burning his skin. Trowa hadn't really changed sleeping

positions all night, save that his head had lowered so that it had been

resting on hers.

He stared at the top of her head for a long moment, and he almost found

himself smiling again. This position?made him feel content.

But if she wakes up? he sighed, knowing that was true. There was no telling

how Angeline would react if she woke up to find them both entwined. She'd

probably scream and cause people to come running?

Reluctantly, and very slowly, Trowa moved his arms away from her body, and

gently pulled himself away from her grasp. Angeline groaned, and drew her

hands in next to her body in response to the lack of warmth.

Trowa turned his attention back outside of the tent flap, and he could see

the glint of light on the cold ground, it's dawn. I have to leave now before

Catherine and the others get upset?


He kneeled down over the sleeping girl's form, somewhat reluctant to just

leave her there. A doctor was sure to come around soon, and it would be

better if he wasn't seen, but part of him didn't want to leave. After all,

she was injured?

When she slept, her cheeks were no longer flushed red anymore. They were

very pale, and strands of brown hair laid against her face. A small puff of

steam came out from the thin line of her lips, and he remembered the warmth

he had felt the night before. A part of him wanted to feel it again, even if

it wasn't a very wise thing to do.

"I have to leave,? he said to himself quietly, unbuttoning the grey sports

jacket he had been wearing.

Gently, he pulled the sleeping bag up around her shoulders, and then draped

the jacket over it. He stared down at Angeline for a moment, and

unconsciously traced a finger along her cheek as he had done this night

before, "?This is goodbye, Angel."

Getting up, Trowa quietly lifted the tent flap and stepped outside. He could

hear voices nearby, which were probably the doctors. They would be there to

take care of Angeline soon. At the moment, he had to worry about getting

back to the circus, and then he would have to contact the other Gundam

pilots and inform them of the bombing.

The wind blew sharp and cold as he started walking down the road. His brown

hair seemed to dance in it. However, with a slight curving of his lips,

Trowa Barton continued on his way without complaint.

?The memory of the warmth he had felt earlier seemed to allow his body not

to mind the cold so much....END....
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[size=1]That was the first submission I received. ^_~

It very well written, as least from what I remember.

It would be nice for you to put the same sort of effort into your posting here, though. Your general grammar leaves something to be desired. [/size]
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I don't care much for any of the Gundum serise, frankly I find most of the feats that the charactes pull are hard to believe. Unfortunatly gundum kinda digusts me.
Unlike the gundum serise the story was extremly well done. I liked ever aspect of it. Unlike most people I enjoy a deeply involved story of love and folly. The sexual tension and loving detail was all that that story needed to fight out the fact that it was a gundum fanfic.
(I'm sorry if I sound rude. I don't mean to insult anyone.)

********* 9 stars of 10.
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