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    Writing Just a short story

    The young elf lad stepped out of the chamber of his elder kin. This was not the first time he had been scorn by his forefather, and with the way he felt he was assured it would not be the last. He could not help the draw Liraphyn had on him. She seemed to glow with the moonlight and radiate with the dawn. Her deep green eyes reflected all the beauty of Morivia in them. It would not have been a problem seeing her, if it had not been for that he often neglected his duties to Morivia. Named Syria, after his father Syrina, he followed the same path that his kin had followed for centuries. Under the leadership of head mystic Melphynn, he was charged with a very sacred duty. As the lands of Moriva have served his people for many centuries he was a mystic who served Moriva. The charge of the mystics was to protect the land from the unnatural because it was not expected of the land to protect itself. Ancient tales told the land to endow special powers into those born in it?s lands, thus is why they believe that his people have a direct connection to the flow of mana in their land. They had heard the stories coming from the mountain city, ?The Great City of Fortune? as the humans call it. The stories of a great resource of magical stones being mined from deep within the caverns that they had carved into it?s side. Syria was sure that like Morivia would cry, the mountain cried too. They were worms, unnatural occurances that were devouring the flesh of the mountain. He sympathized, but the elves were peaceful and except for the protection of their own land or Moriva, they were not to take any sort of action against them. As he stepped away from his kinsmen?s cabin he was approached by a taller elf. His ear were elongated with a metallic piece that showed position in the tribe. He was an elven warrior, one of great ranking. He spoke to Syria in a stern tone, ?Caught once again I see. If you keep this up we are going to have to do more than just scold you for your actions.? ?You have no leverage Yyrlnn? Syria spoke back, slightly smug. ?Elder Syrina can only cover for you for so long before Melphynn and Rohwyr calls you to council, and when that happens your position as a mystic will be stripped from you, and you will be cast out from the tribe. Forced to live like those who the humans cast out to the planes of Chezt.? ?Forgive my actions. Sometimes I feel that I just cannot help myself. My heart is so uplifted from the sight of Liraphynn.? ?I know of what you do. No matter how fair your maiden or how sweet her love may be, leaving your post is endangering Moriva. The land that is supposed to be protected by mystics like you.? There was a hint of despise in his voice. ?I know the elders and Rohwyr do not believe in violence and force, but cannot say that I hold the same convictions. Now get going. You are meant to be at the eastern edge of the forest.? Syria bowed before his elder and ranking tribesman before taking off on his nimble feet, easily ricocheting off of trees on his way up into the branches of the trees. He skipped along, his light elfish steps barley bending the branches as his ran through the tops of the forest. That was not his first confrontation with Yyrlnn. Ever since they were both younger it had always seemed that Yyrlnn felt a horrible dislike for him. While Syria advanced in showing his elemental understandings and his powerful flow of mana, Yyrlnn feel behind, only making up for what he lacked in magic with brute force and nimble fighting technique. But in elf society those of heightened magical acuity were more regarded with favor than those of what was considered a more brutish style of combat that should be reserved for rare occasions and the small minds of ogres. He could only guess jealousy or malice was what held Yyrlnn against him. Regardless of Yyrlnn?s purgative, he had been right. He was once again late to his post and would probably be scolded later tonight by his father for this again, rumors travel fast in Morivia. Any treefolk or fairie that he would pass could carry the word along back to the elders. It?s this sort of communication along with the feel that the mystics get for the essence of the forest that keeps this place so well protected. While running through the branches he lost his balance a little. He had to stop to regain the balance he had just lost. As innocent as this seemed it had never happened to him before. In fact an elf is so incredibly light on his feet it is almost never heard of for one to fall from a tree run. Even the thinnest of branches barely wobbled when an elf delicately tapped its foot on it to continue their dance through the canopy, but this was different. He had not been sick, he would have felt it a lot earlier than this. Something else was wrong. It wasn?t until the moment he had regained his balance completely he felt the turning sensation in his stomach. Something wasn?t right, but what could it have been? It is always possible that one animal was just consuming another and it had been a rather gruesome death for the one of misfortune. But that wouldn?t cause him to lose his balance, what could it be? He continued along his way, patrolling the forest and looking around with sharp eyes trying to catch any glimpses of anything wrong. It wasn?t a few moments later that he lost his balance again, and this time he felt the grind in his stomach while between leaps. His foot missed the light landing on the next branch and he could feel as a force began dragging him down towards the ground. In one quick motion he threw out his hand and gripped it around the next branch he could grasp. Like a knife the raised bits and thin would sliced into his hand and smeared his blood along its bark. He did not stop falling until he nearly reached the end of the branch. With his other hand he pulled himself up and walked up to the trunk of the tree, examining the long bleeding gash that was now forming a red pool in his hand. ?A gift for you Morivia.? Syria said pooring the pooled blood out of his hand and down to the ground below muttering a soft prayer in his native tongue. Then he turned his attention to the throbbing pain in his stomach, one that kept growing with each moment. There was something wrong, very wrong. This wasn?t just him, or something dying. This was a message. Morivia was telling him something, it was in pain. Something was hurting his home, his land, his people. The feeling in his stomach slowly grew as he held it. It?s almost becoming a burning sensation. He never felt this before, but this was what he had to always anticipate. The fate of a mystic, to feel the pain of Morivia. Syria once again began his now stumbled dance through the trees, but the pain turned out to be to great when he finally felt that his foot had hit nothing but air. And it felt nothing again until he struck the ground. As nimble as elves are he was still a great distance up, he could feel the snap of the bone in his leg breaking. The pain caused him to grind his teeth against one another, and the world around him became hazy as the separate pains shot throughout his body. It was a while before he regained any clarity. And when he did it was only because he could feel heat, and could see a flicker not too far away. When he opened his eyes fully he finally understood what was causing him such anguish. Morivia was being burnt alive. He could see entire great oaks go up in flames in mere moments. Living trees were becoming burnt dead coal. His eyes watered from the pain of the flames. Then he saw the cause. This could not have been any natural fire. In fact there was something in the center slowly walking his way. A human, it appeared. Shorter than average with wavey hair and unfamiliar red armored plating. This human?s fingertips danced with flames. Syria could tell that the human kept a constant chant going to call the mana to him for such a feat. This was what was killing Morivia, and worse yet? this human had already spotted Syria. There was nothing more he could do with his broken leg. He shot himself towards the nearest tree and with the slightest touch a green flicker of energy jumped out of him and began running back along the trees towards home. A message for the others, for Syria, it was too late.
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    RPG Project Restoration

    [B]Well I've got some bad news for ya my little friend.[/B] They were running along the ground. Vulsar just thought for a moment and then stopped and reared him back onto his hind legs. Like a scout the head of the animal jerked back and forth, looking all around with sharp eyes. Then he spotted them, another group roughly the same size as his... and they also had great animals....
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    RPG Project Restoration

    It felt strange to Vulsar, it was like all his senses were becoming a little more intense in feeling. Sitting in the cockpit of this beast was causing sensations that he had never felt before. [B]Do you think we should get going? It looks as if everyone else is heading out to see what they can do.[/B] Genki said to him in his head. "Well... I'm not exactly sure what to do, but I'll give it a try." With a small urge the great legs of the meerkat, which were puny in comparison to most of the other beasts that his teammates had, began to move. Almost in a quick scurry Vulsar managed to get them out into the sun. It wasn't as blinding as he would have thought. Then he stopped and felt as if he was moving himself. They sat up on their back legs and observed the others coming out.
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    RPG Project Restoration

    "Not really what I had in mind." Vulsar said still kinda feeling like he was speaking to himself. Well he was in a way. He was used to being the shadow of the group. He was quiet, but alert. He faded away more than Cain did. But he was glad to see everyone else was getting along with the creatures before them. And like the others from the fur an plate opened letting out a small his as a cockpit lowered into his reach. Gingerly he stepped up to it and felt the seat. "Whoever built these understands the meaning of comfort." He chuckled a little to himself and sat down in the seat. "Thank you for letting me in." [B]Not a problem little one.[/B] The chipper and meek voice inside his head said. [B]Now who may you be anyways? You may call me whatever you wish, I've had plenty of names but few I've liked.[/B] He didn't want to respond right away, but he knew that whatever it was could read his thoughts, he knew because its thoughts came to Vulsar. "I'm Vulsar... and... if you don't mind I think I have a name I would like to give you..." [B]Out with it then little guy.[/B] "I would like to call you Genki... if that isn't too terrible." There was a long pause before there was a response. [B]You know I was lasted called Meery. Can you believe that? Calling a meerkat Meery. What a dumb name. Yours on the other hand has some sort of personal meaning to it. I like that.[/B]
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    RPG Project Restoration

    Vulsar noticed, one by one they seemed to be drawn to a specific creature. Cain, the Black Panther. Such a majestic creature in it's own right, but also seemed to hold a calm composure dispite its obvious ferocious nature. The dragon, though mythical in reality was a great symbol of many cultures. Something feared by many and believed to burn it's foes, Alta would enjoy it. Ty, the Griffen, was a cool headed creature mixed from two of the mostly beautiful creatures in the world, natural born leaders. Vulsar closed his eyes and walked in with the rest of them. He waited and listened and felt. Then a ping in the back of his mind made him open his eyes and look up. Looking back were the observant and curious black circles easily the size of his head, if not much larger. A snout with small, but perky ears along a slender body. This one was a Meerkat. "You know... in a way. It's rather fitting now isn't it?" Vulsar spoke out loud for the first time since the entire team had arrived. Probably made them notice him for the first time too.
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    RPG Project Restoration

    Vulsar made his marry way into the same area as the rest of his class had been called too. Passing Cain without so much as giving him a look, Vulsar continued over to the other group who was chatting about random subjects and always coming back to the question of why they were here. Vulsar remained silent however. He really hadn't much in common with the rest of them, or so he felt he didn't. He just enjoyed this sort of thing way too much, so the smile on his face did not ever seem to fade. As Ivy and the rest of them continued to chat Vulsar scanned the room waiting to see what may just happen.
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    Sign Up Project Restoration

    Name: Vulsar Age: 19 Personality: Very observant and very reclusive. Has little to say to anyone about himself or anything in regards to him. What he does tend to leak is covered in a sort of mystery because it's mostly clues and riddles. Good/Bad: Good Appearance: [URL="http://www.freehomepages.com/santanada/Xellossecret.jpg"]http://www.freehomepages.com/santanada/Xellossecret.jpg[/URL] Mech: Meerkat Other: Trust isn't one of his best qualities.
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    Sign Up Champions

    Name: Quinten Villious Age: 25 Personality: Appearse agreable and very humble, but can have a bit of a menacing and careless side to him. Appearance: Youthful, kinda of stocky and slender. He is light on his feet, with brunet hair that's a bit fluffy and eyes of grey stone. Origins: Raised in a remote area and given to a cult as a child he was trained in the art of assasination and disguise. He is under contract with a foriegn kingdom to eliminate successors to the thrown. (If you're not happy with this then let me know, I'll change him, though I don't plan on doing any character killing)
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    RPG Asylum M(LVS)

    I took a chance during breakfast. He told me to, but he is usually right. I mean he has helped me so many times since I met him how could I not trust him? After recieveing the crappy food that they handed out, it was always crappy, I took a seat right next to Yara. I need to be able to talk to her directly, but after the reaction of that one kid I wanted to be sure that he didn't hear me. He agreed. So I took my seat and ate a little, mostly just glad to have my normal clothing and better face paint back. Wow, now I looked cool. Anyways I was only halfway through my meal and Yara wasn't saying anything or listening to anyone else so right now seemed like as good of time as any, since anytime was good enough. I leaned in to get my mouth next to her ear and I began to whisper. "So, demons." I could tell it startled her a little. "I'm sorry I can't say that I see them, I'm sure it's horrifying, but I share a body with a demon of revenge. Don't say anything now, but if you could stay up until the others are sleeping tonight I really would like to talk to you. And if you like I'll let you have my bed tonight so you don't have to share again. I'll sleep on the floor no problem. Just nod if you agree."
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    RPG Military Trade Ship Adauntus (M-VSL)

    Kain probed through some data and looked over some sheets of info. There certainly weren't enough people in the room to be all that was coming, there were supposed to be a few more. This would be the specific team he was going to be working with on the ship. Where could the other's be? They were going to be late if they did not show soon, which means that they are not reliable. Great, he could be dead because of these people. The only thing troubling him was that he still could not locate the cargo in any of the data files, and those that could are completely blocked from him are very suspicious. How important is this mission actually going to be? What is going on?
  11. Date: 458 E.D. 5.4 hours until the schedualed launch time for the Adauntus. Third and fourth system checks are being run on all opperating systems. The crew is nearing their briefing time. Supplies and cargo are being carried aboard the ship under most secrecy. Ammunitions and other sorts of defense items are being loaded in mass quantity. A run of this immportance shall need them, especially for the space sectors that shall be traveled. While nearing the briefing session Kain is still playing with his computer, as he always does. "Come on Gabby, work your magic for me." Kain says as his fingers dance over the keyboard. "Make sure those scatterwalls are still standing too. I don't want to get kicked off of this mission for something as simple as this." He watches as the data passed over the screen. Little digits, bit of information, spiraling around in another world, speaking another language. Fortuantly one that Kain Izzet was fluent in. The little 1's and 0's where as plain as English to him by now. The sequence for the scatterwall programs flashed over the screen before his custom hacker menu's began to pop up. In the corner the words 'IEF Mainframe' were flashing informing him that his target was correct. A few clicks and a firewall was parted just enough for him to step through. Gabby sure was a peice of work that Kain admired. "Ok, lets see... schematics... profiles... maintanence... security... plotting... hmm." He looked over it twice more. "Where is cargo? Perhaps they stuffed that somewhere else." He backtracked and figured that he'd try looking through a few of the encrypted files. "Hmm... lets see... backers... susidiaries... investors, bingo." Another click and a red bar came across the screen, then a door slammed shut in front of him. "What? Gabby, you said nothing about a safe-code style firewall." Kain smacked his head and sighed. "Well I'm not bothering with this now, too risky." He backtracked and looked into the security systems. Then began to open the eyes of the security cameras until he began to find his soon to be shipmates...
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    RPG Asylum M(LVS)

    I ate silently watching the two girls talk to each other. I remained silent only because I really didn't have mush to say. I'm not very good at small talk. Though I could hear him edging at me in the back of my mind to say something I did not want to listen. He was right though, if I didn't say anything I was going to seem unfriendly to them. Considering these were my new roommates that probably was not a very smart idea. What to say though? I've been quiet this long I'm sure they aren't expecting anything from me, and what they were talking about right now had no relevance to me. I could just speak up I suppose, or just... Well they stopped talking for a second, now would be as good of time as any. "You said you're name was Yara right?" I looked at the girl who had been lying on the floor when I walked in. She nodded and then I looked to the other girl. "And Deimonica right?" She nodded as well. "Right, you two can call me Ronin if you like." I paused for a moment to let my speaking sink in, I looked to the floor and kept the emotion out of my voice. "It's kind of a shame... two lovely young girls like you two condemned to a place like this... tragedy really."
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    Sign Up Gundam Wing: New Generation M(LVS)

    Name: Leroy McDougal Age: 23 Gender: Male Personality: Though a slightly psychotic at times Leroy is generally well composed and a ladies man. Flirtatious, but still very distant and mysterious. Apperance: A boy of midhight stature, about 5' 7", and is built like an acrobatic. His hair is long and sweeps back over he shoulders and down to the center of his back. It is a lovely blood red that compliments his emerald green eyes. He is normally found it a black tight leather jacket with a white beater underneath. Casual jeans and brown boots. Bio: His father was a very strict man and was accustom to using physical violence whenever something didn't go his way. That did not stop with his wife or children. Leroy's mother left his father when he was only 7, then he was left to take all of the beatings. Leroy, full of hatred towards his father, trained in a dojo secretly and continued to maintain his helpless appearance to his father. Once his training had entered it's 5th year and he was now 16 he turned on his father, killing him. Since then he was recruited as one of the militaries top young members and has been hand selected to pilot a Gundam. Gundam of choice: Heavyarms Custom Weaopn of choice: Double barrel chain gun.
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    RPG Military Trade Ship Adauntus (M-VSL)

    Kain patted Gabby and slowly began walking towards the breifing room. He wasn't sure if the other two were coming or not, but that really wasn't any concern of his, though now that he has seen their faces he is going to have to do a little prying later to see if there is anything that any of them doesn't want him or anyone else to know. It's good to know things about people when your life may be depending on them. Stepping into the briefing room what nice, looked a lot better than most of the halls that he had been through on this base. After finding a chair he unfolding Gabby and began to do a little searching while waiting for the briefing to begin.
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    RPG Asylum M(LVS)

    Though I could not blame them for putting me in here, it did not mean that I could forgive them. What sort of right does one have to condem another for something totally out of their hands? They don't, or that's the way I saw it. Still, there was not a thing I could do about it. As long as I am still able to wear the paint on my face I know that I can keep my sanity, even though he sometimes tests it. I slipped back on the grey shirt they had given to me when I first came here. Since then I had torn off the sleeves just because they bothered me. I walked to the door where the security man was waiting for me. I stepped out and followed him as he showed me towards what was going to be my new room. They stopped at the door and pulled it open. They never shoved me, they knew better than too. Besides I was almost always cooperative. No reason to start a fight that I couldn't win, there were too many of them. I stepped through and stood there as two girls looked back at me. I kept my face still and continued to walk into the room. I made my way over to the single bed and I just sat on it and remained there, not speaking a word.
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    RPG Military Trade Ship Adauntus (M-VSL)

    Kain took her hand a little cautiously, but still kept a firm grip. "I'm Kain Izzet," his speech wasn't the same as he spoke to Gabby. He had to conduct himself differently with people around. "So, Ojo. You're medicle. A very impressive resume I will admit. Sorry for peaking into your profile, but I get board and knowing about your team can be very important." He was worried by the look on her face that maybe he was creeping her out. "Uh, don't worry about the sneeking up on me thing. That would be slightly my fault. You see when I get really involved with what I am doing I tend to pay attention to only my computer. Everything else is just white noise to me. So you can trust that whenever missions take place I will always be on task, ma'am." How else to carry a conversation? Kain held Gabby in one hand and began to rub the back of his neck. He twisted his face a little thinking of what else there was he could talk about. "Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any, but after the breifing, that's going to begin soon. Uh, want to go together? It would be easier..."
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    Sign Up Military Trade Ship Adauntus (M-VSL)

    Alrighty people, signups are over with. On with the RPG.
  18. The universe has slowly, but surely become a dangerous place to live and travel. Space has become the playground for bandits and pirates who plunder and pillage all that they can get their greedy hands on. Communications between planets and station-colonies has grown distant. Some people can not even return home due to the fear in their hearts. After several years of development the first experimental strategy and solution for his crisis that is being caused by the lack of trade and travel has been worked up by the Intergalactic Earth Federation?s developmental sector. The first military trade ship has been produced for a test run. The Adauntus is a heavily shielded and armed to handle the threats of Pirates and others who may want to get their hands on the items that they may carry. Only the unsuspecting crew may not understand exactly how important their cargo may truly be or what perils lie ahead. The crew is being assembled from a group of volunteers. Only those who are of the highest standards are accepted to full crew. If you feel you are one such person we ask you to please fill out the application below and we shall review it. You could very well become one of the members of the Military Trade Ship Adauntus. [I]This message is direct from the IEF?s Head Officers.[/I] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Age: (18 to 28) Gender: Weapon of Choice: Specialty: (Only One) Bio: (The only requirement is that you must be a military academy graduate) Appearance:
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    Sign Up Military Trade Ship Adauntus (M-VSL)

    Well I'm nestolgic, anyways. Hmm... one of my Spirit Investigators Clubs perhaps? I think that may have been it.
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    Sign Up Asylum M(LVS)

    Name: Ichi Ronin Age: 21 Appearance: Long black hair covering a pale face which he somehow manages to decorate with black ink in the form of triangles above and below his eyes, as well as black lips that have lines running from the corners up his cheek in a devilish smile. When he was not in the asylum he would wear a large black overcoat and a black beater with black leather pants and thick black boots. Reason Admitted: Diagnosed with split personality, but claims he shares his mind with a demon. Bio: After finding an old sword in his grandfather's attic he noticed a voice bothering him. Something that was coming from his own mouth and would sometimes move his body. He kept quiet until he woke up to find himself being walked out the door with his grandfather's sword. After he was found like that he was admitted to the asylum. He was only 12 at the time and since then has come to terms with the demon in him and has learned to work with it. He claims the demon is not evil and actually treats him well.
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    Sign Up Military Trade Ship Adauntus (M-VSL)

    Name: Kain Izzet Age: 19 Gender: Male Weapon of Choice: Switchblade (stored in back pocket) and a Colt Magnum Specialty: Intellegence Bio: Graduated with highest honors and was working fulltime 6 months before his actual graduation. Though a kind soul he tends to get caught up in his work or just his computer. He'd chace people away at times when he would talk to his computer. Computers had become his life and proving his skills has landed him a chance at the first Military Trade Ship. He does not fear a fight, but prefers to stay away from it. He finds that supplying his teammates with what they need to survive and succeed his number one priority. Appearance: Imagine Kaji from Evangelion with large glasses and a white coat.
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    Anime I'm looking for a specific anime.

    Hey, thanks guys for your help. I'll check out Roujin Z. Inuyasha190236, if you remember what you are thinking of please let me know.
  23. If anyone can help me with this I would much appreciate it. I can't recall the name of this movie but if someone knows it by this description would you please let me know. It's really good. There is an old man trapped inside of a machiene that has been keeping him alive. Some children come across him and they try to help him out of it. They want to get him out because it is also putting him through a lof of pain and he wishes to stop it. thank you.
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    Sign Up 8 Bit Theatre <PG-V,L>

    Character Name: Black Mage Evilwizardington Character Class: Black Mage Affiliation: wait... this guy can go either way. Weapon: Dagger Appearance: [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a3/BlackMage.PNG]Click Here[/URL] Biography: Black Mage is a chaotic, egotistical, power-hungry and murderous wizard who has a pathological hatred towards almost everybody, especially Fighter, who he keeps around to use as a meat shield because he just can't seem to be killed. A wizard proficient in Black Magic, he is generally incapable of any beneficial or non-destructive spells. His most powerful spell in his arsenal is the deadly "Hadoken" which he can only cast once a day. He also has a massive crush on White Mage. (yeah I know I stole your bio, but you did such a good job at it :animesmil ) Extra Notes: Has amnesia dust which is really gunpowder.
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    Sign Up Metropolis: 2038 [M- L, V, and Gore]

    Ok I finished my profile. Looking forewards to playing.