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I hope you dont mind since...


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I know the moderator here won't mind since this is about megaman. Yep, maybe now they will make a forum for it.

But any way the real topic is about the relation between X and megaman, are they the same? Or are they 2 differnt Reploids?

To me I think they are 1 and the same. I get my ideas from what Dr. White saids at the begining of the first X game with the flashing lights and the warning warning. He said sumthing about how robots shouldnt break the rule of robotics, The main one where a robot (Reploid) cant hurt a human in any way. I think maybe Megaman was about to kill Dr. Wily when he was stopped by sumthing, and Dr. Light decided to put him in the Capsule for thirty years to test if he was... cant think of a good word... Umm... so he wouldnt break the rules I guess.

I hope this dosnt turn into a flame war or sumthing if you dont agree, than stat why and maybe you can get me to change my mind.
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