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  1. That sounds great. I've been looking forward to PSO for a long time. It will be my first time playing online so it's gonna be a change. I always thought that GCN would probably be the last system to be online, lol. The split screen sounds interisting. Although I wouldn't see the point of playing online if everybody's sitting in the same room. I really hope that the customization is as big as they say it is. I have yet to see a game that would let me make a ssj Gohan, and a super deformed version of my brother, lol. Have you heard anything about the price? The only reason I'm not really looking forward to FFXI right now is probably because of the $100 plus price I'm gonna have to pay including the price of the network adapt and such. Any info about it would be greatly appriciated.
  2. That sounds really great, but I'm the kind of person who likes to see it rather than hear about it. Could you post a link? Hopefully this will be like Final Fantasy 7 of megaman, revelutinary and even has the same number. I think the cartoony/anime look was what capcom was always after, cause whenever you see art he looks like an anime robat more than some hightech realistic bot, and hopefully the cell shading will improve this image. I just hope by transitioning it to 3D it won't affect the gameplay, which megaman has always been about. BTW isn't megaman zero supoused to be a couple hundred years into the future after the X series?
  3. Hmm... was that remake about the UK towards me? Yeah, I live there, but I'm really an american living overseas, who just happens to be moving this mouth and having everything packed up on sunday. So you won't be seeing much of me for like two mounths. (Long story). That's good to here though, I'm glad their taking the story in a new direction, but the least they could do is finish the first story. I think it sounds intresting. I like the idea of it playing like X and Zero, I could never decide which I like better in the X games. I know I'll by X6 in the end, I'm a pretty hardcore megaman fan, and have played about half of the original ones and all of the X ones, it's just I'm a little skeptic about it. Anyways thanks for the info.
  4. I'm really looking forward to this game. From the screens it looks a lot like the X games, does it play the same too? I hope it's better than some of the current X games, I don't think they're doing that great, I still havn't gotten X6, but I heard it isn't as good as the other ones, I'm hoping this one will be better. Also the A button did the dash, when you get the boots.
  5. Hmm... you confuse me, you say that it near tolbi and on the map, and then you ask where it is? Just look around Tolbi on the map, but if you must be exact I think it's on the west side of the mountian range west of Tolbi. I think you heard north towards Altmiller cave then come southwest and you should be in the rihgt area. Ok, now I have a question that I need answered oh mighty Kuja! *Bewarned some may consider this as a [B]SPOILER[/B]* Ok, I got to the bottom of Crossbone Isle dungeon, and there's this beat up ship. Is there anything else there other than a pretty hard knight boss guy and a chest? I think the door to the captain quarters is open but I can't get down there. I would explore more but that was my second time getting though most of the dungeon, and I was too bored.
  6. I got three friends, two that havn't played anything eariler than Ocarina of time. One of them's played Oracle of seasans though. Ok, my point is one of them hates the new look, he says it looks gay and kidde. The other ones more opened minded and is going to get it anyways, he just hopes they make some slight altarations to Link cause he thinks he kinda looks like a girl. My other friend loves it, he Like me and has played link to the past and Link's Awaking, not DX. I'm borderline on people playing those games cause where 13, Link to the Past would have been released when we where 3 or 4 so I don't blame them. Ok my point is that I'm inviting them over for a sleep over, so I could pull out my SNES and show them how great linkt to the past was, and doing this I'm hoping to convince them that the new one's gonna be good. Wish me luck, cause the one that hates it is as stubborn as I am, so it might be a little hard. I'll tell you what happens in the morning after.
  7. [QUOTE]Originally posted by slasher: [B]i would hate for that to happen. i would say to your uncle,"plese step away,i am going crazy."then go ballistic. i read your sig and here is my respond: YES! Were all in it! [/B] [/QUOTE] lol:laugh: Yeah I was like 9 and so I don't really remember what happened, I think i started banging on it and then asked if I could play Megaman 6 lol. I basically got my sig from rat race Look! It's a drifter!:laugh:
  8. I havn't read all the posts so don't blame me If I say something weird. Anyways, I have to say Spansh is easy! I used to speak it better than english, also my dad says he used to be able to type faster in spanish than in english. Ok the thoughest language to learn, from what I heard would be Navajo. We used it in world war 2 for a bunch of codes and for years the japenese could not crack it, I think it took them longer than it took us to crack the enigma (another world war 2 code). If I remember right I think that they tried to make a unified european language but it wasn't a popular idea. Could anybody confirm this? If it's true what was it called?
  9. I'm gona be in the Los Angelas area a week after E3, you feel bad not being able to go, I feel worse knowing I'll be there a week late. Sigh... Anyways I wouldn't give anything to play it, but I would give anything to play the original or have a remake on GBA or something, cause I know I'm going to get it. Some people are lucky enough to have it, but everybody's gonna have a chance to get the new one. Sob story: My uncle has the first zelda and when I knew I was going there the first thing I thought was "Yes, now I can play the first zelda!" We arrived and then I asked if I could play it. He said yes so we pulled the nintendo out of the closet, hooked it up and poped the game in. It didn't work. We tried for an hour but it wouldn't work. You wouldn't know how pissed I was.
  10. About Links uncle in Link to the Past, I think it's possible that he could have died, because it says that the triforce makes the world in the holders heart come true (something like that). That why the dark world exists while Gannon has it. So link wants a perfect world and in that world his uncle exists so he was brought to life using the triforces power. Ok now back to the subject I think Links (the one in OoT) dad was some kind of General or great knight during the war and was killed. His mother knowing he had some power hide him in Kokirki forest and the enemy's knew he had this power to so that's why she was wounded. I think Link's dad knew the king well or was good friends with him. My theory is kinda on a shacky foundation because the only thing I have to support this are his mothers wounds and the fact that Link is a hero and he got it genetically from his dad. Somebody will probably blow this theory out of the water thouogh, but I think I got his uncle being dead right.
  11. Cecil

    Gaming GCN Price cut

    Last time I checked no, but I'm a special case. I live in the uk but own an american everything except a house. Don't ask me why because if I told you I would have to kill you, but I'm going back to the states on June 9th (Yay for me). Anyways I still think it's $200 for console and a single controller. *edit* Now that I do the math I think 129pounds is just a little less than $200. So its equal, after the price cut at least.
  12. Probably V.2 or V.3 I first joined like a mounth before V.2 ended, and the thing I remembered the most was the star rating system. I remember I had a rank of 5 and In my sig I put "Wow! I only have 7 posts and I already got a 5! Oh wait now I have 8 and 9, Dang I'm gonna have to update this sig everytime I post. I liked V.3 because I really started getting into it then. I think for a while I averaged about 20 posts a day. Then I guess I kinda lost intrest and came off and on during V.4.
  13. First of all I'm gonna protect anime_gurl with a quote I heard who knows where. "A person's character can be decieded on how many times they can contritect themselves in one conversation." I honestly think the pictures I've seen are crap. Could you put a link, cause I'm still thinking of the video and pics that came out around spaceworld. Anyways I've played Link to the Past, but I'm not old enough to have played the first two, but I would give anything to play them. The only thing I don't like about the pics are the horrible quaility of them. What they do? Take pics from 50 feet away (I wouldn't be surprised). I like the new look just give me some better quaility pics. The only thing I hope is that the new graphics could improve the gameplay and if they can do that then I'll be happy and have no reason to argue cause it would make the game perfect.
  14. For me it's a two way tie between realistic and the 2d sprites... Weird. Honestly I've always like old-school better so I voted 2d. I don't like the deforemd ones, I though they looked stupid, but ff7 was still a great game and the fmvs were really cool.
  15. Cecil

    Gaming megaman x games

    I think the Megaman X games are great, I like how they have kept it 2-D. Honestly I don't really care about the story line as much as I would in other games. I really like to play the game and nothing else. I remember I used to play the first one so much that I got so good I could just about beat it in a one hour sitting. I don't know why but I just like the challange, but the newer ones don't have it as much as the ones on the snes, although they usually have some pretty intresting stories. Also like the rest of you I really think they should work a little harder on the seris. I'd also like to know how the first seris is connected to the X seris. I'm quite curious.
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