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Dragon Warrior

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Well, I have told some people about this, but barely no one. If I have, it was not much information, I must say. This is the longest chapter book I've written so far. At this time that I am posting this, I have completed 9 chapters within 40 pages. I have a good feeling I may finish this one.

For now, I shall post 1 chapter per post. Since I have 9 already, i am heavily backed up and ready to post another at any time. If you want to really know what this is about, here's a short summary:

Orono the warrior finds himself in the world of Ruingarth after getting lost in a powerful mist and seeking shelter in an old ruin castle. He doesn't remember how he got to Ruingarth, but he is immediately sent on a quest by the King to save it. He has no choice for the same man that threatens Ruingarth has captured his only friends.

To complete his mission, he must first do a few other quests such as get Lokken the Sword of Ancient Ruingarth that is locked within the Temple of Lokken guarded by the Warrior of Tribe. He also has to become fluent in the art of magic by training under the sorcerer Kadar.

With a wide cast of characters with different and odd personalities, I believe this may be my best yet. There's plenty more in store for Orono so if you want to learn about his misadventures in Ruingarth, read on!


Our tale begins in a far away land where kings lived in castles and the sun set on the horizon of medieval warfare. There were many kingdoms, but two in particular were under fierce combat over land. They were Lirese and Paragala. These two kingdoms wanted the land so much that they tore up their own in the process of getting it. But it must be stopped.

The King of Lirese, his most trusted knight Orono, and their two warrior friends Marak and Peers set off on horseback to Paragala?s kingdom in hopes to sign a peace treaty and share the land.

They had a successful ride and an even more successful agreement. And so, the treaty was signed. The King and his three companions celebrated at the Paragala Kingdom that night, but left early in the morning. They rode with some new provisions and a new companion by their side. Little did they know, they?d never make it back to Lirese Castle.

[B]Chapter I[/B]

You could hear the rapid hooves of their horses on the hard, dirt-covered roads that colored their way back home to Lirese. The king was a head of the rest of the group closely followed by Orono and sure enough, Marak and Peers after. It was a peaceful trail and shadowed by the canopy above made from the treetops.

Orono had no choice, but to admire the healthy leaves of the trees for it was beautiful and pleasing. The King?s horse sped up now and then and it forced Orono, Marak, and Peers? horses to keep up. It usually broke Orono from his spell of looking out into the beauties of nature.

?How much farther, Sire?? Orono found himself asking.

?We should be in Lirese very soon.? The King rose a hand up and pointed to the distance. ?See that mountain over there? Behind that is Lirese so it?ll be a few days still if we keep such a pace as this.?

?I hope we keep our previsions in good stock then.? Marak worried. ?It seems like we?re running low.?

?Then we can?t snack on anything anymore.? The King announced. ?We shall only eat during meals.? Peers looked at the biscuit he was choking down and tossed it back in the sack on his horse?s side like nothing had happened.

?Agreed.? Orono said.

?Agreed.? They all repeated.

But that didn?t last long. They found themselves hungry and weary after the hours of riding through burning suns and harsh terrain. They were tempted to reach into their sacks and pull out something good to eat, but they didn?t give in. Of course, when dinner time came around and they set up camp for the night, they jumped the food and feasted viciously.

After they were done, they went straight to sleep so they?d be ready for what the next day brings. It wasn?t a good rest since it got cold fast and a wind picked up, but somehow they managed.

By morning, they were hungry again and ate plenty of food from their vittles sacks. Even the King didn?t watch his intake. It could lead to trouble later on.

They rode on and on down the dusty trails and went straight through into another dark forest. At least they were shaded from the heat and burning sun. But the sounds that came from within this forest were unpleasant ones and sent chills down Marak and Peers? spines. Orono readied his hand on his sword?s hilt by his side just in case something flew out at them at a moment?s notice.

The King, still leading the pack, kept a watchful eye on their surroundings and grew rather cautious as they went further into the deep, mangy forest. The shade from the sun grew to be a problem. They couldn?t tell the time of day and therefore, they didn?t know when they could camp or not. They didn?t dare eat anymore, but their hungry stomachs told them different.

Orono couldn?t take anymore of it and reached into his vittles sack. The only thing he pulled out was an apple and a bottle with a trickle of cordial left. He had eaten all of his food.

Marak and Peers did the same, but they both had even less than Orono. They all turned to the King who held his sack. The King frowned and sadly turned his pack upside down to show nothing was left of what he had. All hope was beginning to slip away like water through their fingers. But they still edged on in hopes they would get back to Lirese alive.

By what seemed like nightfall, an opaque mist spilled into the forest and blocked the four warriors? vision. They rode near one another so they wouldn?t lose anyone, but when the King?s horse stopped at a tree that had fallen in the path, they noticed there was no sign of Marak.

?Marak?s gone?!? Peers exclaimed. ?But he was just next to me.?

?The mist is getting worse. I can hardly see my hand in front of my face.? Orono said, holding up his arm.

?Keep calm,? the King soothed, but they all knew it was no time to be calm. They had no provisions, they lost one friend already, Lirese is still days away from where they were, they were lost most likely along with all hope.

They all sighed.

?Let?s keep riding.?

The King looked up to see who said it. It was Orono, but he couldn?t see him. ?Why??

?There?s got to be some place around here we could stay or keep safe until we find our way back.?

?But what about Marak?? Peers whimpered.

?It?s no use searching for him in this. We?ll get lost just the same. If we find some kind of civilization, we can search for him after we get provisions and such.?

?Why not,? the King agreed. ?It?s not like we have any other choice.?

?Then let?s go.? Orono reached out a hand through the mist. He was satisfied to feel the King?s hand and Peers? quivering hand placed on it. Once they knew where one another were, they began to ride again.

Orono was wise to think of this for as they rode, the mist cleared a bit giving way to the shadows and shapes of the forest. They were coming more out of the forest. Peers looked up and saw a shape of a bird flying through the air.

?Look!? He pointed up. The King and Orono stopped their horses and squinted at what Peers was so happy about.

?A bird?? Orono questioned.

?Yes. But not just any bird.?

?A seagull!? The King finished for Peers.

?That could only mean we?re near some kind of sea.? Orono lit up. ?I knew we?d make it.? They began to ride faster and the farther they got, the less mist there was. They could soon smell the salty water of the ocean. The suspense was killing them. They just had to make it to the sea.

Orono looked off into the east and saw a light out of the mist. He squinted at the light, but it?s clear image didn?t come in. ?A lighthouse?? He asked out loud, more to himself than the others.

The King slowed to a stop and looked at the light. ?Maybe.?

?I bet it is.? Peers hopped up and down. The mist was still too thick to see for sure.

?Let?s go find out.? Orono started off again, taking the lead instead of the King. The two others followed behind as the raged Orono rode closer and closer to their destination. The mist began to clear even more until he saw what was suppose to be their lighthouse. He gasped and halted to a stop. The King and Peers did the same.

?What is it, Orono?? Peers asked. He then looked up and gasped as well. It wasn?t a lighthouse. On the cliff in the distance that was on the border of the sea was none other than a massive castle.
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I already have the next chapter out. I have 10 done at this moment. I just wanna keep you peeps in suspense and whatnot. Here ya go:

[B]Chapter II[/B]

Orono immediately began galloping towards the large building in the distance. It called out to him; the echoes of it?s cry whistling through his hair. Time and time again, mirages played tricks with his mind, but he was sure this was no mere illusion; he could tell this one was real. The King and Peers tried to keep up, but Orono left them in his dust of excitement.

They came to the base of the cliff that the stronghold sat on and looked up. It wasn?t steep. In fact, it was a simple grassy path that the horses could take. They began to ride again along the hillside and up the cliff. The thrill kept Orono going and without tire. The same could probably be said for the King and Peers. Most likely not with the horses, though. By the time they reached their destination, the horses collapsed to the ground of soft grass. Sweat dripped down their sides near their tangled masses of mane hair.

Orono petted his horse and picked up his sack and sword from the saddle on his horse. The King and Peers did the same. With that, they walked the few paces that lead to the castle doors. Taking hold of the knocker, the King swung it and it made a loud thud on the wooden gates.

Nothing came.

The King tried again. This time, shortly after he had knocked, there came a laugh and then a whole bunch of laughter.

?A celebration!? Peers announced with glee.

?Maybe.? Orono said. It was his turn to try. He took the knocker and slammed it hard against the doors. The sound of it smashing as it did was like thunder across a quiet plain. Whoever was in there was sure to here it.

And like assumed, someone began opening the door. It was a tall man; a bit bigger than Orono. He held an axe in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. ?Yeah?? He bellowed.

?Ahem? I am King of Lirese, King Mortana. May we seek shelter in your humble abode??

The rather large man swished his drink around, looked into it, and gulped down the last bit he belched rudely and answered in his usual manner. ?Yeah! Why not? We?re having a feast and anyone could join us if they wish. Come on in!? The King and Peers entered cautiously with Orono following.

?I don?t like this.? Orono mumbled as the hefty man closed the gates to the castle. They were in and this was it.

It seemed nicer inside than outside. There were probably hundreds of people gathered around tables and laughing as they drank ale and other fine wines. The man held out his empty glass to a servant who poured more in for him. He waved the newly-filled glass and shouted, ?Everyone! I?d like you to meet the King of Lirese and his two other friends!?

Suddenly, everyone held out a glass and said toward the three, ?Greetings, King if Lirese and friends!?

The three of them barely had a chance to reply for they were rushed to their own seats by many people. Orono found a glass in his hand almost as quick as the large gate guard could drink it.

There was so much food and delights served up on the table and it was all for them. They could eat as much as they wanted. Peers, of course, dug in. The King gently started feasting. Orono stared down at his food. It looked clean, but could he trust strangers. He looked up at a drooling man with a wicked grin on his
ugly mop.

Orono peered back down at the chicken leg on his plate. It looked appetizing and the King and Peers seemed not affected so he picked it up and took a bite.

It was great!

He feasted on more and more and began enjoying himself. Peers put down his chicken and edged near Orono. ?Are you sure we should be having this good of a time when Marak is out there??

Orono swallowed and swung his pork at the small Peers. ?We have nothing we can do for Marak if we are famished and tired. Let us rest here and then we can begin our search for Marak tomorrow.?

?Time for the celebration cordial!? a crazed man shouted. Two doors swung open and men walked in carrying large barrels of what must be the celebration cordial. New glasses were passed around. Orono inspected his when he got it, just in case it was lined with poison. It wasn?t, as he assumed. These people were good people. He must learn that. But yet, he still felt uneasy.

?Let?s pour!? the same man shouted and so people got their glasses filled. Orono looked at the saucy liquid, purple and delicious-looking. He took a swig of it and winced. It was strong, but the flavor was unbearable. He had to have more. Same went for the King and Peers.

They had several glasses until they lost count. The party was raging and the entertainment was great. The three of them were up there dancing like the rest of fanatical bunch.

They don?t even remember going to sleep.
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