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(US/CAN) General thoughts and ratings for .hack//SIGN 11, "Party"


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[size=1].hack//SIGN - "Party" - Episode 11 - May 10, 2003

1. This is for your thoughts AFTER you've seen the episode. Don't post advance spoilers here, or your thoughts about such spoilers.

2. Please rate the episode from 0 to 10. Please put your ratings at the top of the body of your post and in BOLD.

3. This is for your ratings and general thoughts, comments, and impressions. If you have specific thoughts or comments on specific issues or points, a new thread would be more appropriate.

4. Normal spoiler rules apply: spoiler tags are required for any spoilery statements. Very vague "I liked it" type comments don't need tags.

5. If you're going to mention any spoilers for future episodes, please use spoiler tags correctly.

6. Please try to keep this thread on topic.

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[B]RATING: 8[/B]

i thought todays episode was awsome! it was tense and was reely cool hearing about the human world at that point in time plus there were lots of flashbacks. also at then end when [spoiler] they turn someones life support system off in a flashback (tsucasas?) it starts to get intresting!! [/spoiler] all in all i thought it was a great episode, even though it didnt add too much to the storyline it was fun and entertaining, and i hope to see more episodes like it in the future!
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one of my fav's... ill give it an 7 though, cause its not my favoritee and im cheap on points.
anyway i found this episode quiet good but i dont really like the view of the outside world... its too bulry, i know this is how it suppose to be but its just doesnt really fit i think, the show being very colurful, and though i know that this has a meaning, the IRL world is blury no faces appear... didnt like that, though i really liked the advanture in the episode...
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