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RPG Commandoes: In the midst of Evil


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this will be an RPG. Anyone is welcomed. I will start it off then everyone else who wants to particepate can either elaborate on the current story thats going or spin off into your own side story. The important part is to just have fun. this is taking place in the current time frame so do use anything we dont have today. Ill start with the Setting.

2001 AD

September 15: Russians, allied with China have started to seize land in Asia and Asia Minor. Japan is desperatly puuting up a fight against the chinese but it seems they are quickly loosing the battle. The US and British have declared war on the two and a whole naval and marine task force is on its way to aid japan in repeling the chinese onslaught. The British get support from all of europe and start massing troops at the border between germany and what is now part of russia. Truelly World War III is breaking out. The Japanese are expected to fall in 3 days. they task force will not make it untill the 2nd day of those three and then it will be about too late. To slow the Chinese beast down several commandoes unites are sent to strike key bridges, instilations, hq, airfields, and take out leaders. Several teams have been droped in India and North Vietnam. They will both proceed inward to china to start these guerilla attacks. time is limited and they must succeed.

Anyone who wants to participate just pick a team to start with and go from there. Try and keep to the setting. There can be more than one team in each location so either make your own or continue someone elses.
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Thats because Commandoes: BTCD did such a great job at re inacting the real thing. Its about 90% precise on operations and the small details. Plus its a fun game. I was not thinkning of that when I did this though. Well forget it no one wants to do this.]

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