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  1. Skype also gets my vote.
  2. I would not miss this for the world. Or at least, a fairly significant portion of it.
  3. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]So why am I the first person here making a "Welcome back Warlock" post ? Kids these days, they got no respect...[/SIZE][/QUOTE] Ssssh, you'll blow my cover. ;) But yes, you're right. Where's the parade and the marching band and the streamers? I guess that's the problem with waiting too long to make your triumphant return; no one remembers who you are.
  4. I think my record is roughly around the 36 hour mark. Despite the numerous screwed up sleeping schedules I've had in life, I've always managed to somehow squeeze in a couple of hours before or around that point, so I've never really went any longer continuously. I could actively try for longer, but I don't think my body or my mind would particuarly appreciate that little course of action.
  5. My hobby is studying. :( Well, apart from that I play some tennis, pay closs attention to cricket, as well as Australian football. I like cycling, though I haven't really done any for ages. I'm also a big fan of computer and video games, though I haven't played them lately as much as I used to. I'll have to rectify that. Oh, and I surf the web. A lot. That's pretty much my uninteresting life in a nutshell.
  6. An interesting question. One year ago... Hm. Well, a year ago things were certainly worse than they were today. I was heavily depressed, and for some stupid, stupid reason I'd stopped going to school. I didn't look after my health, didn't get much sleep. Heck, I really didn't do much of anything at all. I've had these sorts of problems for a long time, but last year it all just got too much for me and I lost control. Today? Well, I'm still depressed, but much improved from a year ago. Back in school (well, kinda), and I'm taking care of myself more. Sure, not as much as I should, but I'm working on it. Though I could still use more sleep. Oh, and I forgot! A year ago, I barely visited OtakuBoards anymore. Today, I... well, I still don't really visit OtakuBoards much anymore. But I'm willing to mend my ways! And finally, I'm taller than a year ago. Important thing to add.
  7. Gaming

    Well, the Mad King has now hit the American servers. And as Boo says, he's good fun. It can get a little tiring, but it's still a nifty treat. It's worth it if only for the item at the end. So I suggest people do what they can to catch him throughout the day, just so they don't miss out. He'll be appearing next at 3PM PST, and every three hours after that, I'd imagine. Remember, go to Lion's Arch at the proper times, and be part of something different. :)
  8. Gaming

    Hmm, well it looks like I've fixed the problem which made it impossible for me to even access OB almost all the time, so that's good. Anyway, I've now effectively finished the game with Seth, so I'll probably start focusing more on PvP with him. And I started a new character a few days back, an Elementalist by the name of Miss Thistle, whom I should really get past Pre-Searing soon. And on an un-related note, it'd be great if we could get a get a group together who've got to the Temple of the Ages and try out the Underworld or the Fissure of Woe. Apparently they're both quite the large challenge. Oh, and congratulations on the victory in the second Guild Vs Guild battle, which raised our Rating to 1,040! I missed it though, as I couldn't connect to Guild Wars for some reason, otherwise I would've been there. Oh, well. :(
  9. Gaming

    Well, after a week-long break from Guild Wars (a certain demo interfered) I've finally got myself to Lion's Arch. And I had to do the mission directly preceding it with only one other person, too, thanks to the rest of the group finding they suddenly didn't have the time for it halfway through. Still, there is something incredibly satisfying about been outnumbered by so many nasty critters and yet still winning. Anyway, I've being looking over the Guild Halls, though nothing in particular has stood out for me. I have a thing or two I like about each of them, so I'll certainly have to keep on examining them for a while. And lastly, taking a little tip from Desbreko, here's one or two little things I've got lying about that I'm willing to part with, so contact me, in-game or otherwise, if you'd like something. [COLOR=Blue][B]Necromancer Rune of Minor Blood Magic[/B] [/COLOR] Upgrade Component Improves Blood Magic [B]Earth Wand[/B] Earth Damage: 8-14 (req. 8 Earth Magic) [B]Deadly Cesta[/B] Cold Damage: 9-16 (req. 5 Death Magic) [COLOR=Purple][B]Ram's Hammer[/B] [/COLOR] Blunt Damage: 11-16 (req. 5 Hammer Mastery) Damage 12% while in a stance Two-Handed And I usually have quite a bit more things I'm willing to part with for free, so once again, feel free to contact me in-game if there's something you need. Or if you just want to do something. :)
  10. Gaming

    Woo, finally. After a month of waiting for more copies of Guild Wars to come in so I could actually play the darn game, I'm in! It was a painful wait, I'll admit. After sampling the game at the E3 alpha event last year and once or twice in the beta, I've been wanting to get my hands on the full thing for [i]ages[/i]. Anyway, I'm playing as 'Seth Orion', Warrior/Monk. Just got past the Searing so I'm just at the start of Old Ascalon, but I'll do my best to try and catch up. See you all in there!
  11. Melbourne, Australia. World's most liveable city apparently, though with some unpredictable weather. And, coincedentally, I live not but five minutes drive from James (heh, how many times have I said that at threads like these over the past couple of years?). And no, before you ask, I've never actually met him, because I keep imagining him as Willy Wonka, inviting me into his Chocolate Factory... I'm excited by the offer, but I can't help but feel there are going to be many strange, small, singing men inside, along with many other oddities.
  12. Ah, the traditional 'back-in-the-good-ol'-days-thread'. Been some time since I peered into one of these. Well, since everyone seems to be doing it, and I love to be doing the popular thing, I guess I might as well give a bit of history into my on again, off again, love affair with Otaku Boards, and how I've went from a tiny bit of a recognised name to 'Warlock who?'. Let's see, I registered to these boards at the beginning of April 2001, after a bit of nagging from an old member called Amioc who I knew from school (and coincedentally lived in my street 'til recently), though I'd actually been keeping an eye on the site for a while longer. My first post was in Games & Stores, in the thread of one Final_Flash, who'd made an RPG called Dragon Ball: Battle Field (posted alongside DBZman, who's now Rampage, and good ol' 'PyroDragon' too). From then on I was regular visitor to the site, making RPGs with Flashy, posting all over, ect. In fact, I was such a regular visitor I quickly became the Moderator of Games and Stories. And so life continued, only briefly disrupted by the Hacking incident. I made my name as a bit of an RPGer, but for some reason, eventually my trips to that forum, and indeed the Boards in general, began to thin... Soon I was rarely around, only posting in an RPG or two I was invested in, and eventually I began to stop posting there too. I gave up my role of Moderator, and kind've disappeared. And that's how things have been ever since. I still make the very occasional visit here, though, sometimes for a few days at a time, [i]and[/i] I'm always on AIM for those who want to chat. Heh, I've still got to make that promised Second Coming one day... [QUOTE=Kane][size=1] Warlock (whom I still idolise though rarely speak to) [/size] [/QUOTE] I'll have to make sure to change that then, now won't I? :) ...Um, the rarely speak to bit, not the bit about you idolising me. ...Though I guess you speaking to me more often would kinda make you stop idolising me too. Quite a condundrum. :D
  13. Gaming

    [QUOTE=Shinmaru] Bots by themselves would not make any difference, I agree, but bots in combination with other people [i]would[/i] be a significant difference. [/QUOTE] Hmm, true, hadn't thought of it with that edge before. But yeah, with Live and System Linking and all, Bungie at least has a pretty good excuse. :) Also, Frankie (from Bungie.net, the official bungie site) posted a little rumour debunking list. [url]http://www.bungie.net/News/TopStory.aspx?story=rumorbuster&p=676412[/url] Bots is in there, down a bit. Interesting just to see a Bungie member's take on it.
  14. Gaming

    Eh, the lack of bots doesn't really faze me. If you don't have Live or friends to play with, well, bots really aren't going to fill the gap. At all. Single player AI wouldn't work for multiplayer, and it would take a [i]lot[/i] of hard work to program AI that could move around the maps, using vehicles effectively (and switching in and out of them), stealing flags, ect, and even then the end result wouldn't be fully worth the effort. Bungie are great, but I doubt they could pull off something hardly anyone's done well, and that's good multiplayer bots (even Unreal Tournament 2003/2004's bots, which are arguably the best, have faults). And of course, they have enough as it is to fit on that single disk, too. Hmm, I 've got to stop rambling on in these half-asleep dazes. [QUOTE=Semjaza Azazel]I know some people were asking about this in the past, so I figured this was the best place to put it: [url]http://halo.bungie.org/oldnews.html?item=10511[/url] [/QUOTE] And speaking of good ol' HBO... [url]http://halo.bungie.org/oldnews.html?item=10500[/url] Guess who pointed out the first bit of Gamespy's Halo 2 Reader Feedback Followup #2... (Gotta squeeze all these little bits of publicity for all they're worth.)
  15. A little note about Metroid: The company that John Woo works for has merely gained the rights to negotiate with Nintendo of America to make Metroid into a movie. Production hasn't started, nor has it even been officially decided yet. At the moment, it's simply in limbo. So, it isn't a sure thing that we'll get a Metroid movie, let alone next year, but it has a reasonable chance of happening. We'll just have to wait and see.