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Little Piece Of Otaku History! A must read!

SSJ5 Vegeta

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Here ladies and gentleman is the first ever RPG ever posted on the Otaku. Some of the members who posted it you will probably recognize. This is from way back in the day. From the very first Otaku boards. Many of the members, alot of you probably won't even recognize. But they shall be remembered. And if any of them remembers their name, in the story then they should recognize themselves, as participating in the first RPG story on the Otaku.

Shortly thereafter, this story inspired Will2x to create WAR an epic series which many from the Otaku participated in and sprung about 6 sequels. Here it is... Original dates, post counts, and even the time of the posts... All you RPG creators out there... This is where it all started...

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posted 12-09-2000 03:45 PM

well im gona just make up a fight: ( it is important to know that sn99piccolo is made up by me and he got to sn99 by fuseing with every last nemick in the universe) after this tell me what you think of it and maby post a story you made up.

sn99 Piccolo is fighting goku again because of piccolo's intense power he becomes evil again.
piccolo: i will take you and your gay friends down!
goku: you dont have to do this piccolo this can be solved in a different way.
piccolo: yes it can.... give up! or else!
(piccolo then powers up)
(goku cant belive the feirce power in piccolo)
piccolo: dieeeeeee!
(piccolo then atacks head on goku cant move quik enough so he gets hit pretty **** hard)
goku: arggggggggggggg!
( goku then charges up to ssj6)
piccolo: you are nothing! dieeeeeee!
( piccolo does masinko at goku. but goku doges it. then piccolo does it again but it misses again)
( goku does solar flare, then takes down piccolo. goku is now on top of piccolo pinning him down)
goku: lets talk why do you whant to take over the world.
piccolo: i did but now i what to DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$^%&*(9.
(piccolo then shoots a lazer out of his eyes sending goku sky high.)


(plz forgive my spelling for i did this super fast)
HAVE FUN!!!!!!
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posted 12-09-2000 03:45 PM

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posted 12-09-2000 04:35 PM

Then Goku speeds back down at Piccolo and try's to cast Kamehameha in his face but Piccolo easily gets to Goku's side and punches him in the stomach.
Goku: NO we can solve this in an easier way!!
Piccolo shoots a beam from his mouth (I forgot the name) and hits Goku easily.
Piccolo: DIE!!
Goku powers up to full power.
Piccolo flies up to Goku and creates multiple forms.
Goku has his hands full but sends them all flying to the ground and going back into one body.
Goku creates a Spirit Bomb and thrusts it at Piccolo.
Piccolo catches it and throws it back at Goku with a direct hit.
Goku is powerless on the ground.
Piccolo: I have been waiting to do this to you for a long time!!!
(someone else finish)
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posted 12-10-2000 09:51 AM
goku jumps up uses the solar flare
piccolo: mt eyes!!!!!!!
Goku takes his time to charge up a kamahamaha then blasts it at piccolo.
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posted 12-10-2000 09:52 AM

piccolo powers up to give goku the final blow when he falls to the ground. behind him is vegeta. in ssj6 form.
piccolo: well isint it the saiyen prince, who has come to his death.
vegeta: you useless nemick can not defeat a super saiyen.
piccolo: muhahahahaha
piccolo then disapears. piccolo and goku both gasp.
vegeta: arggggggggggggggggg
goku looks up and vegeta has a hand through his chest.
vegeta kneels down on the floor dieing.
vegeta: i should have not come to save you kackorot. (dont know how to spell that)
vegeta then falls to the ground and dies
goku gets sooooo mad that his anger generates energy goku powers up.............. then something odd happens............ SSJ7!!!!!!!! piccolo gasps but then says ill still kill him.
goku: i tried to reasen with you. i tried to make peace with you. but you left me with only one choice..........
goku then charges at him nailing piccolo in the face sending him to the ground.
( continue)
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posted 12-10-2000 02:01 PM
Piccolo jumps back up and starts powering up for a lightning beam cannon. Goku charges but Piccolo fires.
Piccolo: DIRECT HIT!!
Goku gasps for air and falls down but is not dead.
Gohan comes rushing in.
Piccolo charges at Goku pushing Gohan off to the side.
Gohan flies in front of Piccolo and guards his dad.
Goku is back on his feet.
Goku blasts a Kamehameha at Piccolo but misses.
They both take to the air and escape Gohan's vision.
While Goku and Piccolo are fighting Gohan is
rushing around to find them.
Gohan sights them and rushes for them.
They are both starting their blasts and fire with Gohan in the middle of it!!
Goku: NOOOO!!
Gohan is severely injured but holds his own.
Goku and Piccolo start blasting again.
Gohan deflects Piccolo's blast but Goku's is still heading towards him.
Gohans blast overpowers Goku's by a longshot.
He hit Goku!!
Goku goes flying to the ground and dies!
Gohan is sooo mad he turns SSJ6! SSJ7!
Gohan's power is sky-rocketing!
He turns around at Piccolo and turns and icy glare upon him.
Gohan Creates another Masenko and fires at Piccolo!
Miari-Trunks jumps in and deflects the blast with his own!
Gohan creates a masenko and sends ot towards Piccolo with Trunks in its way!
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And now for the second part of this epic: (It was too long for just one post)

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posted 12-10-2000 04:10 PM

Trunks leaps in front of the blast and attempts to block it but after the blast he is laying on the ground charred to weak to move.
Gohan: Trunks!!! Noooo!
Gohan: (Promises to go get some sensu beans for trunks and leaves.)
(Gohan returns in a couple of hours and finds amazingly Trunks is still alive.)
Trunks: (Laying on ground to weak to get up) Calls Gohan over to him. Gohan what's that immense power I'm feeling.
Gohan: Oh, yeah while I was getting your sensu beans I decided to gather up the Dragon Balls and wish a certain somebody back.
Trunks: This power it can't be vegeta he's dead.
Gohan: (In a calm cool tone.)Well just take a look where vegeta was laying, hes gone.
Piccolo: What the hell? Where could someone with this kind of power come from.
(Piccolo gets an eery gut feeling. As if someone is standing right behind him and watching him.
Vegeta: (Standing behind Piccolo) Do you think you could actually defeat me that easily you idiot!
Gohan: (Shaking with fear and excitement because Vegeta?s intentions are still unknown.) His power just keeps growing it's incredible!
Vegeta: Oh, yes your time has come Piccolo. You may not have known it but you know how I dissapeared without a trace for about five days a couple of weeks ago.
Piccolo: Yeah, but what are you getting at.
Vegeta: I gathered all the dragonballs and wished for the doors on the hyperbolic time chamber to stay open forever. Then I trained for 7 days straight. Yes, Piccolo you've noticed the change in me, but your feeble mind won't accept the fact I am now the most powerful force this planet has ever known! Then I just gathered them up and stuck the dragonball?s in the hyperbolic time chamber and waited a day and they were recharged again.
Piccolo: Get to the point already.
Vegeta: Well during my training a reached a new level, a level higher than Kakarot, but I couldn't sustain it. I could have powered up and kicked your *** today but I wasn't sure if I could because the last time I tried it almost killed me. (Vegeta has flash back of trying to power up to SSJ 7 in the hyperbolic time chamber. Starts growing really tall but then blood starts running out of his nose and he grabs his head and collapses.)
Piccolo: You tricked me.
Vegeta: Yes I let you kill me and thanks to you killing me then Gohan wishing me back, because of my near death experience my power was raised tremendously just like any Saiyan after a battle. No I?m back, better than ever and ready to open up a can of whoopass. So buckle up Piccolo because I'm going beat you to hell and back.
Piccolo: Grrr. How could I have been so stupid. I knew killing Vegeta was too easy! Dammit!
Future Trunks: Hey Gohan. I know we probably won't do much good but power up anyway. Vegeta may still not be powerful enough to take Piccolo.
Gohan: Kay.
(Gohan and Trunks power up to SSJ Level 3.
Vegeta: Well then, is everybody ready to witness a power that not even Kakarot has reached. (Shoots a menacing glance over at Goku then a devilish grin spreads across his face.)
Goku: Well lets see it Vegeta. Let's see if you're not just all talk.
Vegeta: Fine then you will! ( Turns his back to everyone then begins powering up. The earth shakes so hard all the other fighters lose their footing and fall to the ground. A powerful wind seems to swirl around Vegeta. Trunks and Gohan get up and try to stay on their feet and are sent sliding backwards.
Piccolo and Goku the one's closest to Vegeta are sent flying through the air.)
Goku: (Stops himself in mid-air and hovers. Thinks to himself: My god he's actually doing it. He's actually reaching a new level. Go Vegeta you can do it.)
The sound of him powering up is so loud Trunks and Gohan are yelling at the top of their lungs but can't even hear each other. Vegeta starts growing, he grows in size until he's about 8-10 foot tall. His arms and legs have so much muscle on them they resemble tree trunks. His hair begins blinking a bright whitish gold color. His hair grows into huge whitish gold spikes which stand four and a half feet in the air. Then long hair grows down the back of his neck. Until it reaches the middle part of his back. His hair then brilliantly changes hues from a blinking white to yellow then to gold, then to bright red, then to dark red, then to dark orange, then to bright orange, then to a yellowish green color, then to a greenish blue, then to a bright purple color, then to a blue color then finally to a bright blue color which flashes periodically. He turns around and everyone is shocked at what stands before them. Vegeta is incredibly muscular, but the scariest thing is he has no iris or pupil! His eyes are totally white.
Piccolo: (Doesn't want to believe it. The power he feels is driving him insane.) No it can't be.
Vegeta dissapears and the instant he dissapears Piccolo flies into the air then an invisible force from above hits him so hard the instant he's hit he hits the ground. The speed of the attack is incredible, Goku seems stunned and Trunks and Gohan's jaws hang to the ground. Goku would have tried to help Piccolo, but Vegeta moved too fast. Meanwhile Piccolo lays on the ground unconscious and near the brink of death. Vegeta appears standing next to Piccolo.
SSJ7 Vegeta: What a couple of love taps and you're calling it quits, pathetic.
Trunks: (Shocked.) Love taps?
Gohan: (Stands there with his jaw wide open.)
Goku: No! (Rushes over to Piccolo.)
SSJ 7 Vegeta: (Begins floating into the air. Well all that's left for me is to finish this worthless Namek he thinks to himself.)
Goku: (Knows what Vegeta is doing.) No, Vegeta don't do this!
Vegeta: What's done is done Kakarot. Try to get in the way and I'll vaporize you too.
Goku: Well if you're not going to stop for Piccolo, think of your family, think of the planet. Using as much power as you are just a small blast to you could wipe out the whole planet. You don't know your own strength.
Vegeta: Know this Kakarot, after I destroy Piccolo you and me are going to have a little bought and we're going to settle the the score once and for all. (Vegeta dissapears and appears high in the sky. He powers up slightly.) Final Flash!!!
A blast with a diameter of a small island flies at Goku and the unconcious Piccolo. Goku grits his teeth and jumps in front of Piccolo and attempts to block it. Trunks and Gohan are blinded by the light which is so bright people on the other side of the world are blinded too. Trunks and Gohan fly as far away from it as they can and look on at a safe distance of a couple of miles and shield their eyes.
Suddenly the blast is deflected up into the air and sails into outer space it continues and flies off to the other side of the galaxy smashing into Saturn and the blast is so big it vaporizes Saturn and completely destroys 3/4 of Jupiter. The blast is so bright that there is artificial daylight on the dark side of the earth lasting for about 2 minutes. After the blast clears Vegeta looks down and sees a familiar sight, a mirror image of himself. Goku is a SSJ Level 7 and he has bright blue hair and is about 8 foot tall and has no color to his eyes like Vegeta. Standing there in a blocking position.
Goku: (Lowering his arms.) Ready to settle this score.
Vegeta: (Chuckling) Very good Kakarot you really had me fooled. Yes I'm ready.
Goku: Let's go.
Gohan and trunks return just in time to see the beginning of the fight. Goku and Vegeta dissapear from sight, and even though Trunks and Gohan can't see them they are rushing towards towards each other at almost the speed of light.
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posted 12-10-2000 11:50 PM

at the same time they blast which forces them to to hold it. while their holding blast. the soul of kami deep inside of evil piccolo comes out making kami super he looks incredibly young and stronger.
goku:what this.
vegeta:i cant belive this.
kami:three weaks ago me and dende were working on a project to make me and piccolo stronger unfortunately it made piccolo since he was the body evil. he inhaled only a peice of the power possed inside of us. he was so evil that he hid me deep inside and the evil took over. now that hes dead my soul is whats left. i know posse the full power of every Namek ever born. I?ve split from piccolo and his soul lies in hell now.
gohan: NO! its not true piccolo was my trainer he cant be dead.
kami:im sorry gohan.
gohan crys*
vegeta:stop your whimpering saiyans dont cry!
vegeta unleshes a ball
vegeta:there, you cant cry with the blind ball.
the ball grows and shines powerfully.
gohan: ahhhhhh
vegeta: wait thats the artificial moon!ahh
each saiyans tail burst from their backs and they all turn into monkeys.
kami h no fortuntly im still stronger.
vegeta: hahaha i will destroy you all.
kami:except vegeta. his power has pumped to much.
gohan trys to walk and the earth quakes!
goku: gohan try to control your power. be as weak as you can be,
trunks:ahhhhhhhh this is too much.
goten: it hurts.
vegeta: you fools youve never experienced such great power.
To be continued..............
What's your fantasy.
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And finally for the last part:

SSJ5 Vegeta
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posted 12-11-2000 08:40 AM S

SSJ7 Goku: That's where you're wrong Vegeta! There's another great power that equals yours. Mine!
Vegeta Oozaru (Giant Ape): (SSJ7 plus power his power has been multiplied x100. Vegeta looks surprised.) Kakarot how come you didn't go ape too!
SSJ7 Goku: I've learned to control my transformation Vegeta, I did it during my spirit and time training after getting killed by Cell!
Vegeta Oozaru: But why would you want to stay a normal Saiyajin? You're a fool, my power has increased to much for you to defeat me in my current form! Why?
SSJ7 Goku: Because I'll show everyone I don't need to use some stupid power boost to get the job done!
Gohan: (Flies down next to Goku in SSJ 4 form.) I also have learned to control my power Vegeta, my father taught me! And I'll show you why I don't need a stupid power boost to get the job done either.
Vegeta Oozaru: I see you and your sons point, very brave Kakarot, but if it's one thing you should have learned about me is I don't always play fair. Fight in whatever form you like, I'm staying Oozaru! And Gohan you actually expect to have some kind of chance against me. Sorry kid, but you don't stand a chance in hell, but tell me when and how did you suddenly decide to go SSJ4?
Gohan: Because you're beginning to make me mad, and you of all people after being on Namek, and seeing me fight Cell should know what happens when I get mad.
Vegeta: As if I care. The most you've ever been able to go up is to acsend one level of SSJ. Oh, wow theoratically you'd go SSJ5. You'd still get slaughtered, (Suddenly sounds sympathetic:) Chi-Chi's about to lose a husband, don't make her lose a son too.
SSJ7 Goku: I hate to say it, but he's right Gohan you stay out of this. Fine then Vegeta let's go, but before we do I'll tell you what I told Frieza on Namek. I'm the ally to good and a nightmare to you! You can't win Vegeta because good will always prevail!
Goten Oozaru: (Powers up.) Come on I can take him. (Although he doesn't understand how foolish he is Vegeta and Goku do.
Vegeta: Ha, ha, ha, ha. Aww, you're killing me! I?ve come to a conclusion. I will be fair to you Kakarot. Only because I know I?m still a lot stronger than your foolish mind can comprehend and because although 100 times stronger in this Oozaru form, I wouldn?t be able to keep up with you because I?d be bulked down. (Reverts from SSJ7 Oozaru back to Super Saiyan 7 normal form.)
Goku: No, Goten, stay out of this. (Goten returns to his normal Saiyan form.)
Goten: But daddy.
Goku: No stay out of this or, or I'll knock you out! (Trunks, Gohan, Goten and even Vegeta are shocked by what Goku just said.) Now I'm going to destroy you Vegeta, you can't win!
Vegeta: Whatever! (Punches Goku sends Goku sailing into mountain and Goku hits the mountain so hard he goes in one side and comes out the other! Goku stops in midair and floats down towards the ground then falls to his knees.) Told you that my power has increased to much for you Kakarot.
Gohan: Daddy! (Looks at Vegeta angrily. Vegeta smirks at him.)
Goten: This sucks!
SSJ7 Goku: (Thinking to himself: It may kill me but it's a gamble I'm going to have to take. I should be able to overpower Vegeta! I'll only be able to keep my power up for a little while, but it'll still be worth it if I can make it work!) (Goku gets an intense look on his face he begins powering up and a red flame surrounds him and grows to huge porportions. Kaio-ken x100! I'm okay Gohan, just do as I say stay out of this! Vegeta, we'll destroy this planet fighting, so wadda ya say I teleport us to another planet without any life on it to fight.
Vegeta: (Amazed) Uhhhh. What power. (Goes back to a calm look.) Although my senses still indicate I'm still about twice as strong as Kakarot is! Yes, I guess we can go to another planet to fight
SSJ7 Goku: Ready to leave Vegeta!
Vegeta: (Yawning) Ready as always.
(Goku dissapears and appears in front of Vegeta. Then puts two fingers to his forehead and places his other hand on Vegeta.)
Goku: You stay here Gohan, Goten and Trunks. I'm going.
(He begins to flash.)
Trunks: I'm not going to miss this! (flies over and grabs onto Goku.)
Gohan: Me neither. (Joins up with group. They all dissapear.)
Goten: Me too! (He grabs onto the group.)
They all appear on a different earth-like planet, however there's no life on it.
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Goku: Gohan, Trunks, Goten I told you not to follow me. Oh if it's one thing I've learned mainly from Vegeta, it's the only unstoppable force is Saiyajin curiosity. Well have a seat on the sidelines and enjoy the show. Ready to go Vegeta.
Vegeta:(Balls up fists and grits teeth.) Ready.
They both rush at each other so fast Gohan has trouble sensing their power level much less seeing them.
Trunks: Incredible!
Gohan: But I can't tell if my dad's winning or losing. Uh oh Trunks move. ( The two get the hell out of dodge and about a hundreth of a second after they fly into the sky suddenly the ground quakes from an impact and part of the ground explodes sending rocks and dust everywhere. The crater is about the size of a small island. Goku comes walking out of it still glowing red.)
Trunks: There's your answer as to who's losing.
Vegeta: Told you Goku, you can't touch me.
Goku: Oh, yeah. (Dissapears. Goku uses his full speed.)
Vegeta: What's he doing I can keep up with him fine. (Goku invisible to all except Vegeta circles Vegeta.) Kakarot you can't out run me, give it up. (Goku suddenly rushes at Vegeta. Goku coming at Vegeta from the front stops in front of him. Vegeta punches but his fist goes right through Goku and Goku's image fades out of sight. Instantly Goku appears behind Vegeta and delivers a full-force kick to his ribs so hard it brings bile up in Vegetas throat and he feels as if he's going to puke.)
Goku: As you were saying.
Vegeta: (Stumbling, trying to regain his footing.) Good one Kakarot! Now I've got one for you. (Dissapears.)
Goku: Where'd he go?
Vegeta: (Appears above Goku.) Up here. (Goku turns and looks up but by the time he does Vegeta has dissapeared. He hears a voice over his shoulder.) Behind you Kakarot. (Goku looks behind him. Then suddenly with a very clever idea anticipating Vegeta immediately turns around and punches straight in front of him. Vegeta appears flying through the air away from Goku from a well delivered shot to the face.)
Gohan: Go dad.
Trunks: Somethings not right. It seems that it's all to easy for Goku.
Vegeta: (Stops himself in midair. Vegeta has a familiary coppery taste in his mouth. He wipes his lip off with his gloved hand and finds blood on his glove.) Well enough playing around I guess I'll have to go to full power.
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Goku: Huh?
Gohan: (His excitement turns to dread he turns and faces Trunks.) Trunks you were right! I should have known it,this is just like on Namek with Frieza! Vegeta was only toying with Goku, using a fraction of his power.
Vegeta: (Powers up.) Ready to taste true power.
Goku: Yup.
Vegeta: (Dissapears from sight. Goku can't see him. Goku suddenly flies up into the air, then sails towards the earth then flies back up into the air.)
Gohan: He's batting my dad around like a tennis ball and there's nothing I can do about it! (Grits teeth, begins powering up. An golden aura bursts around him and his SSJ4 fur turns a bright gold and begins flashing, his turns gold and stands up like a Super Saiyan as he goes Super Saiyan Level 5.)
Trunks: Amazing.
Goten: Cool!
Goku: (Thinks to himself. Amazing, just like that. Come on Vegeta just keep pushing Gohan, just like Cell.)
Goku: (Starts fighting Vegeta although he once again is knocked into the dirt, but once again gets up, and comes at Vegeta again. Vegeta is just too fast and with one swift roundhouse to the chin Goku is sent to his hands and knees.)
Vegeta: Haven't you noticed the futility of your effort. Give up now and I promise I'll give you a proper death, I'll vaporize you!
Goku: (Beginning to get weak from staying at Kaio-ken times 100. Suddenly out of no-where a new wave of strength surges through Goku. He rushes at Vegeta and starts fighting him with such ferocity Vegeta is shocked. The fight is actually even now, Vegeta and Goku are fighting at an intensity beyond comprehension. They're dead even. Vegeta punches at Goku, Goku blocks then kicks at Vegeta. Vegeta ducks as Goku's kick misses him by about a centimeter.)
Vegeta: (Thinks to himself: Whoa, I'll have to keep my wits about me. That one was close. Goku punches at Vegeta but Vegeta counters and delivers a well aimed punch on Goku's face, Goku is sent sailing backwards but as he's flying backwards he lands a beautifully placed kick right between the I eyes of Vegeta. Trunks, Gotenks and Gohan cannot see the fight, but they know that the fight must be even because both Vegeta and Goku look tattered and torn.)
Goten: Whoah look! (Points at Vegeta. Vegeta has blood running out of his nose.)
Trunks: Goku got in a good shot there no doubt.
Gohan: Yeah but did you see our dad Goten.
Goten: Aww man.
Goku: (Has a cut on his right cheek, and his lip is bleeding.)
Vegeta: I think you broke my nose Kakarot! Now I'll break your face.
Goku: (Knows Vegeta's weakness is his anger because when he's angry he loses control and becomes a sloppy fighter. Goku thinks to himself: Come on you stupid bastard! Just keep coming! The two start fighting again but the others suddenly notice somethings wrong about Goku.)
Trunks: Can anyone feel that. Goku's losing power and fast. At this rate he'll probably only last about 5-10 minutes at the most fighting at this intensity.
Gohan: That Kaio-ken attack is zapping his power, but using it's the only way he can win unless he goes Oozaru!
Goten: Go Oozaru dad.
Goku: No, I refuse to! Vegeta may think he can win by doing this but we don't have too!
(Vegeta and Goku stand staring at each other and appear to be taking a quick breather.)
Goten: (Being his normal childish over confident self.) Well we all know who'll take Vegeta down if dad goes down, me!
Gohan: Shut up!
Goten: No you shut up. (The fight begins again and the two forget about their insignificant arguments and try to watch the fight. Goku suddenly flies downward from the sky and smashes into the ground.)
Vegeta: Give it up Kakarot, you've lost two much energy already, you can't win.
Gohan: Dad! (Yells, not caring if Vegeta hears him or not) VEGETA YOU'LL PAY!!!!!! (He?s surrounded by a brilliant gold light that blinds Goten and Trunks.
Goten: (Goten and Trunks hastily shield their eyes.) Not again, I don't how much more abuse my eyes can take.
Trunks: I hear what you're saying.
Vegeta: Whoa, your kid looks mad, Goku, I'm scared.
Gohan: (After the light clears Gohan is in the familiar form of the SSJ Level 6. His fur is still gold and his hair is in long golden spikes like a Super Saiyan 3?s. It is a bright whitish gold that pulsates out light from the energy he is putting out.)
Goku: (Thinks to himself: Just keep pushing him.)
Vegeta: Rushes at Goku and unloads a barrage of kicks and punches which sends Goku into a mountain which collapses on him.
Goku: (Raises his energy and the rocks on top of him shatter. He stands up with a calm look and walks towards Vegeta.) Nice, Vegeta, nice, but my grandma hits harder than you. (Goku is now really trying to piss Vegeta off so he'll really beat on Goku and cause Gohan to snap.)
Vegeta: What, why you insolent, (Before he can finish his sentence Gokus fist is in his mouth. Vegeta flies back and grabs his jaw. He pops his jaw back into place then notices his lip is bleeding again.
Goku: (Appears above Vegeta then begins flying away in the air from Vegeta.) Catch me if you can dumbass!
Vegeta: (To say Vegeta is furious now is an understatement, in fact he's beyond furious. He dissapears and appears right in front of Goku. He begins pounding on Goku with no mercy. Goku is smashed into the ground. Vegeta shouts out) Big bang!!! (up until now Vegeta and Goku had not used any energy attacks for fear it might destroy the planet and leave them to suffocate in space, but Vegeta's anger overrides his common sense, and he knows only one thing, he must make Kakarot suffer! The blast from the big bang attack is huge. Goku tries to get the hell out of dodge and barely catches a bit of the blast. Trunks, Goten, and Gohan are sent sailing about a mile through the air and land in a large body of water with a splash. They lazily float on their backs on the water staring up at the sky.)
Goten: Whoah that was big.
Trunks: Amazing.
Gohan: How can you say that Trunks, amazing that my dad probably just got incenirated!
Trunks: No I meant the power of that blast.
Vegeta: (Looks down upon the seen and doesn't see Goku. The crater is huge, about 2 miles deep and 10 miles in diameter! Vegeta doesn't see Goku and suspects him to be dead.) Ha, I knew the weakling wouldn't last much longer! (Floating high in the sky suddenly spots a small figure with his hawk-like vision. He flies down for a closer look.) Kakarot actually survived but is unconsious. Well I'll finish him now! (He points his hand palm open at Goku and an energy ball appears in it.) Goodbye Kakarot!
(Gohan appears in front of Vegeta in his SSJ6 form.)
Vegeta: What do you think you're doing.
Gohan: Killing you!
Vegeta: Don't you understand, you're a weak blooded saiyajin just like your stupid father! You actually have the guts to take me! You're nothing but a little weakling why don't you go cry to your mommy.
Gohan: SHUT UP! (Snaps. He goes SSJ7 and grows 8 foot tall. His muscles on his arms and legs grow to ridculous sizes, his hair on his head and body turns a bright blue, which pulsates and glows, and his eyes turn all white. Then to everyone's amazement, and much to Vegeta's horror he begins to ascend to the next level. He actually shrinks back to his normal size, although everyone knows size doesn't matter. His muscles however stay the same size and then start growing at a rapid rate. His hair turns Royal Blue, which glows and pulsates and grows into long whispy spikes. His eyes turn a bright blue color. Electricity and energy ripples around him. He's surrounded by a dome of pure energy miles in diameter. The sky grows dark as clouds appear in the sky above. Lightning begins lighting up the sky around the energy dome, flashing like crazy.)
Goten: Way to go bro.
Trunks: Yes, Gohan you can do it!
Vegeta: (Vegeta is going apeshit at the power he's sensing. He's determined to stop Gohan. He charges up to full power and then attempts to hit Gohan with his most powerful attack!) Final Flash! (He yells. But the blast is just deflected harmlessly off the energy dome surrounding Gohan. The dome grows into a huge mass of bright white light which is so bright if you were in another galaxy it would still blind you. After it slowly subsides it has Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks seeing spots. Everyone else is freaking out, but Gohan stands there, a stone cold, expressionless look on his face with only one mission take revenge for his dad.)
Vegeta: (Scared witless.) No it can't be, it's impossible.
Gohan: You're right it is impossible, impossible for you to win!
Vegeta: But how? Just a second a go you were a SSJ Level 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, now 8?
Gohan: I'm just like a twig, it can only take so much before it snaps.
Vegeta: (Begins to realize how futile fighting Gohan will be, but decides that if he goes down he'll go down fighting. He powers up to full power.) Ready.
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Now for the finale:

Gohan: I couldn't be more ready, to deal you the most crushing defeat you'll ever experience. I'll take that little thing you call Saiyajin pride, which is actually your oversized ego and snap it in half. Not to mention I'll pound you till you snap in half!
Trunks: Wow Gohans powerlevel is millions of times bigger than Vegeta's. I just hope he doesn't kill my dad!
Goten: Don't worry, he'll just teach Vegeta a lesson. Trunks you know how when Vegeta and Goku were SSJ7 they moved so fast we couldn't see them, and we could hardly keep up with their energy and how strong they were?
Trunks: Yeah, so.
Goten: Imagine how fast, and how strong Gohan's going to be.
Trunks: That's mind boggling. I think that's beyond our comprehension, and I don't even want to think about it!
As the two face off one question remains on the minds of the other warriors. They already know Gohan is way stronger than Vegeta, but will he actually go through with is threat and kill Vegeta, or is his heart to soft. Find out on the next action packed episode of DBZ!
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Insane Poster

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posted 12-11-2000 11:29 PM

Gohan starts the beating on vegeta with blast and kicks.
Vegeta just as i thought i have no chance of winning. what are thoose fools looking at. and my own son the worst of all is just going to watch me die! or maby i can get throw to him.) Trunks help me im hurt!
goten: is he talking to you trunks?
vegeta lease trunks(with a bright saiyan tear in his) please.
Trunks: hes crying he never crys! nooooo. faaaaaaaaaathhhhhhheerrrrrrrrrrrr!!! i wont let this happen. trunks goes to super saiyan 9 in a blink.
goten: what the hell is this.
Gohan: no trunks stay back i must do this.
trunks:no you cant do this. i wont let you.
trunks calls for a new attack* majin sun.
everyone is blinded and feels sick.
Kami:whats this that attack is too strong even for goku gohan and vegeta together. the boys a fool just like his father.
kami then teleports to the planet they are on.
kami:you must call it off you can destroy existance itself. oh sure it may look like an ordinary attack now but once youve used it i will develop its own mind.
vegeta:hes right trust me it will go into your mind first and then the minds of the world. everyone will see holucigens of everything they fear.
gohan: trunks you cant do this!
trunks: just watch me!
all: noooooooooooooooo!
as a horible deaise move is being used you have to wonder what they are thinking now.
-- TheOtaku.com
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posted 12-10-2000 09:51 AM
goku jumps up uses the solar flare
piccolo: mt eyes!!!!!!!
Goku takes his time to charge up a kamahamaha then blasts it at piccolo.
The One with the Sword
IP: Logged

Thats me!!! I remember that! i remember that name to (SNJ99 PICCOLO) when he first joined. Are you reall the same SSJ5 Vegeta that perticapted in WAR??? heheh i remember you and Will2x were friends too...

I can ever remember the way i mis spelled "my" i remember spelling it "mt" heheh. thats awedome! did you save it on your computer???
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud [/i]
Posts: 500
Registered: Aug 2000
posted 12-10-2000 09:51 AM
goku jumps up uses the solar flare
piccolo: mt eyes!!!!!!!
Goku takes his time to charge up a kamahamaha then blasts it at piccolo.
The One with the Sword
IP: Logged

Thats me!!! I remember that! i remember that name to (SNJ99 PICCOLO) when he first joined. Are you reall the same SSJ5 Vegeta that perticapted in WAR??? heheh i remember you and Will2x were friends too...

I can ever remember the way i mis spelled "my" i remember spelling it "mt" heheh. thats awedome! did you save it on your computer??? [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah I saved it on my comp. And yeah I'm the same SSJ5 Vegeta from way back when! It's awesome that you're still around dude! Finally I've found one of the Veterans of The Otaku that can relate with me. Awesome!
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hey i rember that. boy was ssn9piccolo mad when i made war, he thought i was riping off his idea. its amazing that you saved that.
that story got wacky didnt it? it was indeed the first rpg as far as i know of. i think other than adam and hbomb mysterious and char char mandar have been here the longest.
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*Cough* [b] ME [/b] *cough* I was here 3 or 4 months before you Will! And King Kai back there. he was here a bit before me...
And didn't snj99piccolo join WAR in the end???
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mstyrios WX [/i]
[B]I'm still here,remember?King kai?(Not sure if I was him of Mstyrios Warrior when I joined)Sup my friend?How long has it been since WAR?Oh yeah,I'm making a fighting game about WAR,but don't expect it any time soon,I've only gotten up Zack(Older),I serching the internet for files I can use though. [/B][/QUOTE]

What's up man! It's been awhile. This is awesome. Another Otaku Vet!
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