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Yu Yu Hakusho!

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Hello!! And welcome to another one of my RPG's. I know I haven't done one in [i]ages,[/i] and my past RPG's on my other websites have been quite sucessful. I originally posted this RPG up on [url]www.reikitantei.net[/url] forums and we have over 500 posts now.
Since it was so sucessful there, I figured that it would be pretty fun here too and that you guys could probably do a better job, since I know a lot of good writers here *erm*.
So, all I really need from you is your character and your character info, and I'll fill you in on the rest. As I did in this story, I am still sticking with my original characters that were in here, Yusuke and Keiko, since I RP them a lot. I don't mind if other YYH characters are in here, but I figured that most of you would use your own personal character. I won't wait too much longer to post this up in the main RPG forum so we can get off to a quick start. I already have the first part in mind, and all I need you to do is stick your person in and become a part of this! Well, hope to see you there! I will also be starting up a few more RPG's, if this one starts off well. Good luck and have fun![/color][/font]

[color=deeppink][b]As you can all guess, this is going to be at a beach/hotel place. I have set it in Hawaii as a nice vacationing spot. If you read along here, you can see how the beginning goes so you can get an idea of how to start. There's not much to it; Just stick your character in and go along with everyone else.

[i]My Characters[/i]
Yukimura Keiko: Age 19, brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. From YYH.
Urameshi Yusuke: Age 19, see picture below. From YYH.

'I'm so glad we decided to go on this trip! Isn't Hawaii beautiful, Yusuke?' Keiko grinned broadly at Yusuke, who was dragging his luggage lazily on the marble floors of the beautiful hotel they were going to stay at.

'Whatever. Where the hell is everybody?'

'Botan is still trying to get her luggage at the airport. I have my cell on if anything comes up.'

'You're 18 and you have a cell phone.'

'So what? Maybe you should think about getting one too.'

'Gimmie that!'

Yusuke grabbed Keiko's new Nokia videophone from her grip and dialed a number quickly.

*Glad we have reception out here in Hawaii. Hiei better pick up...*

He turned off the flip phone angerily and threw it back to Keiko.

'They're not answering.'

'Ok, so? Let's go check in. They'll come sooner or later.'

They checked in the front desk, Keiko speaking English very well with her heavy Japanese accent.
Yusuke was still learning English and he didn't speak very much, so he didn't know what they said. Keiko was pretty much an expert at English now.

They boarded the elevator with the bus boy helping them with their luggage.

'And what room did you get again, Yusuke?'

'....You'll see.'

They reached the 10th floor which was the second to highest floor in the hotel, and admired the rich carpeted and chandiler lighted hallway they travelled through to their room.

'I tried to book everyone on the same floor. Hiei and Kurama are together, for one, Botan and Yukina are together, and I forgot where Kuwabara ended up again.' Yusuke explained.

'Here we are. Room 415.' The bus boy handed them their key (which was a card) and Keiko unlocked the door to a hotel suite (sweet...whatever. It's where married couples go to stay during their honeymoons, so you get the picture.).

'Thanks. You can leave the luggage there.' Yusuke pointed to a vacant area in their room as Keiko stared wide eyed in surprise.

The bus boy cleared his throat, trying to get a tip.

'You can GO now. Anyday would be nice.' Yusuke said to him forcefully.

The untipped bus boy mumbled something to himself under his breath about 'cheap teenagers' and left.

'So, whaddya think?'

'......I don't know what to say. Where do we...sleep?'


He pointed to only one bed, although Keiko was hoping for another.

'I can take the couch if you really want the bed...' Keiko said nervousely.

That was not what Yusuke was hoping for.

'I'll take the couch.' He said half-heartedly.

'But it's a beautiful room! And such a beautiful view, too.' Keiko admired the huge room with the big open balcony to the gorgious beach down below which was crawing with only a few people.

Yusuke was digging through his luggage with a bunch of 'Air Japan-First Class' tags all over his bags and the US baggage check crap.

'How come the first time I go to the United States they have to dig through all my stuff? Just because I'm Japanese they want to see if I have a bomb or something?? Damn, I sware-'

'Yusuke, just forget about it. They do it back home, too. Anyway, did you remember that old American lady that was getting arrested for having a pen in her coat jacket?'

'That was bull-****. I know good and damn well that wasn't over a pen.'

'The police said that the "pen was too dangerous and caused a threat to others." I guess you missed that part. Anyway, both you and I don't look very Japanese.'

'Well, I do. You got cursed with brown hair!'

'So what! I'm talking about our eyes. It seems like only Kuwabara-Kun and Hiei-Kun are the only ones that look Japanese than all of us. No one would ever guess that Botan was Japanese until they hear her speak. When I first started Elementary school, some girls asked if I was from America. Isn't that weird?'

'Yeah, whatever....'

*Wish she'd stop blabbering so much...*

'Anyway, how about we unpack and see if everyone got here yet.'


'Oh...and if you don't mind me asking....how did you get all the money for these hotel rooms at this hotel? And our tickets were all first class. You never explained that to me.'

Yusuke sighed, not really wanting to talk anymore.

'I won the lottery. 100 billion yen.'

Keiko fell down.

'You did not!!'

'Yeah, you're right, I didn't. KoEnma-Sama has been paying me since I turned 18. Good money, I might add. I figured if I were going to be a full-time Rei-Kai Tantei (Spirit Realm Detective), I might as well get paid for it.'

'Full time?!? Does that mean that you'll never get a normal job?'

'Why should I? This is great! And just to make you happy, I'll go to college. I finished High School with you with good grades. That proves I'm not stupid and I could get what you call a 'normal' job. I just like what I'm doing.'

'So, you think you'll get into Tokyo University with your history at Sarayashiki? They look at how you did with Junior High and Elementary you know!!'

'So? Are you going there or something? I could get in if I wanted.'

'I have a scholarship to go there and get my Masters Degree to be a teacher. You have to be accepted there first before you can even think about getting in.'

'Ok, so I'll apply!'

'If this weren't Summer and this wasn't our summer vacation, I'd be studying right now. But the acceptance tests aren't until Christmas.'

'What, you a Christian now or something?'

'Oh, shut up, you know what I mean. Both you and I like Christmas anyway and I should know when it is.'

'Yeah, so can we stop talking about school? This time is supposed to be headache-free and school gives me a headache.'

Keiko opened her suitcase and grabbed the first swimsuit she could find.

'I'm going to the pool. I'm taking my cell phone in case Botan calls. They should be here soon anyway.'

She hurried to the bathroom and locked the door while Yusuke rummaged through his suitcase to find his own swimsuit.
Keiko rushed out and tied her wrap (of the Japanese flag) around her waist to hide herself. She was one of those girls set on telling herslef that she was fat.

*God, I look so bad! I should put some pants over this or something....* Keiko stared at herself in the mirror in disgust, wishing that she were thinner, although she was perfect.

'Ah! Here it is!' Yusuke pulled out a pair of black swimming trunks and went to the bathroom to change also, obviousely going to the pool with Keiko.

Keiko was still griping at herself in the mirror when Yusuke came back looking for his flip-flops.

'Hey, where'd you pack our shoes?'

'Right here.'

'Hey, why don't we go to the beach instead?' Yusuke added, putting on his shoes.

'It'd be better if we waited and went with everyone, since it's a ways walk from here. I need to start on my sun tan anyway.'

Yusuke rolled his eyes, feeling that he was going to be very bored. If only some interesting people would come. At least his friends.[/font]
[color=firebrick][font=arial]There you have it, just the beginning jabber. Hope to see you in the RP forum!

((Yusuke: 'I can't believe she's going to do another YYH story. AGAIN!
Kuwabara: 'Yeah, she's probably going to make it with you and Keiko getting married or something.
Lauren: 'No I am not! It's just an RPG guys, not a fanfic...'
Yusuke: 'You better not make it all mushy and romantic-like, otherwise I'm leaving.
Kuwabara: 'Yeah, and I better be in it!'
Lauren: 'I'm not putting you in Kuwabara-kun, sorry. And I'll try my best not to make it all romantic-like, but it's just so sweet! ...blah blah blah......
Yusuke/Kuwabara: *Major Sweatdrop* -.-0))[/color][/font]
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This should be fun.

Name: jacen miramax

Age: 18

Discription: 6'9, blue eyes, orange sun glasses, red shirt, white pants, black hair tied into A pony tail, purple bandana, white shoes and tan skin.

Character info: Jacen likes to play games and meet people. He is willing to do any thing for A friend. Since his grand father died when he was young he does not realy like to see his friends or family get hurt so he will risk his life to save others. He can see things that normale people can't like spirites, demons or things with strange energy. When his grand father died A ring with A purple diamond was found with A note stating that jacen would get the ring. Jacen found out why the ring was given him when he got into A fight against A group of people who wanted the diamond because it was rare. He had A poket knive with him that turned into A spear and then he grew wings. Some thing told him what to do to win the and he won the fight. Of course he doesn't tell any one and lives his life like normale. When he travels he looks for people who might know of the ring but never finds any one who does but he doesn't mind. Over the years jacen has learned to copy any attack he sees. He will work for koenma some times and he is given orders to follow yusuke around to make sure he does his job so he has A good list of spirit attacks.

When will this rpg start?:cool:
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Ok, seems to me like not many people want to join....maybe I should just change the title?
If not, just you and I can do it ourselves in the Fanfiction/Literature forum! If not that, than I'll do it myself.
Alrighty then, it's just to just me and you now, unless more people sign up.
It can start whenever we decide on.[/font]
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I want to join!

[b]Name:[/b]Mikhail Sergei Gallitinov


[b]Description[/b] A tall young man at 5'11", his unruly black hair often gets in his eyes, which are a remarkable shade of emerald green. He has a well defined physique, but is not overly muscular

[b]Charactor Info[/b] Born in russia, he later moved to Japan, and than America. He met Yusekei and kept up a semi-penpal relationship. He was thrilled when he was invited to join him in Hawaii for a vacation. He is a happ-go-lucky person who loves to play practical jokes, and alway enjoys laugh, even if it's on him.
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i'll join, i'm a slight Yu-Yu fan.

Name: Aorashi
Age: 21
Description: long white hair pulled back into a pony tail. he wears kahki pants witha white under shirt, and a tan over long sleeve over shirt with the sleeves roled up to the elbows. and a pair of dark blue sunglasses that cover his light, almost white, eyes.
Character info: belives in honor above all else, is very polite to everyone. his martial arts background helps him from hurting rude people. he also belives chivalry is not dead.

question, is this like Yu-Yu, were they do there spirit thing or just a RP story. either way i'm in.
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Great, sounds like we finally have SOME people....
We can start as soon as you guys want to, I guess.
Oh, and yes, this could be classified as a YYH RPG, but on the other hand no, because I am just using Yusuke and Keiko as my characters. You can use the other characters from the show if you like to. Just say so.[/font]
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