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i have a huge problem. over the school year, i became really close to this one guy. for most of the year, we were just friends, but then i began likeing him alot. he already had a girlfriend (who he had gone out with before, and hurt him really bad) and i was kinda jealous. on the last week of school, he began acting really mean towards me, and my friend said that he was talking about me behind my back.

i figured that he had found out that i had liked him. when i tried to talk to him, he began cussing at me and told me to go away. later that day, i was talking to some of my other guyfriends ( who were also his friends) and he came up and did the same thing.

i have not talked to him all summer so far, and my friends say that he is still mad at me. the only thing is, that after all of this, i still like him. i want to be mad at him, but i just cant. i want to know if you guys had any advice on how to save our friendship and if not, how to get over him.
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T_T *sniffs* Darn it, you went and made me cry.....

Well, I kinda had something like this ahppen to me, but it wasnt as serious.
1. I think you need to try to find out how he found out you liked him or if he really knows at all
2. If he doesnt know you like him, go on and tell him. Yes, its very difficult, but it may be the only way to save him
3. If he knows you like him and thats why he is amd at you, ask him why he is mad at you?? and If he starts cussing at you, act like those words arnt coming out, and keep asking until he tells you.
4. You'll want to wait for someone else to reply to this thread because im only 12 and i havnt had much experences like this. Just to be on the safe side.

Well, I hope this helps, or gives you some ideas on how to handle this. I hope you and your buddy become friends again.
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I'm thinking that you may want to try to figure out why you still seem to like this guy, because it certainly isn't because he's nice to you. Here are some possible reasons that i think might be why you still seem to like him....

*You have liked him for awhile, and when you were friends he was kind to you and THAT is the person you like, and you can't believe that he is so mean...it just cant be true...

*maybe you're telling yourself that he's going to change again, and be back to normal

And there are reasons that he could be acting this was for
maybe he's having a hard time at home, or with some of his friends...maybe he thinks that if he doesn't get you to leave him alond, then he'll have to hurt you, because he may not feel the same way...

I think you should talk to him and find out the things that K.K.C. suggested, and then go from there...good luck!
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