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Now for a strange intermission


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I was listening to the Champagne Polka yesterday, and two questions popped into my mind;

1. Why do people make this music? Does anyone really enjoy it?
2. What would a movie shoot-out set to polka be like? Seriously, imagine this. Two guys in a wherehouse, and they start unloading on each other. Then the polka music kicks in. Bizzare looks on movie goers faces ensue.
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Hmmm...I like question number 2. I imagine a polka shoot out to be 2 guys in polka uniforms bouncing up and down while shooting the wall(ok so i'm just really puzzled when it comes to that one). As for question number 1 I'm sure a lot of people like it. I mean look at Weird Al, doesn't he put polka music on his CDs? He has a lot of followers these days. I'm just glad i'm not one of them anymore.

Edit: Oh wait...what?
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