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Yu-gi-oh: Virtual Simulator

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[i] In Kaiba Corp. teens came in and entered the pods. Then put in their cards. and began the program. [/i]

Announcer: Welcome to Kaiba Corps.'s new game simulator!!!!! You can watch this live or go on the internet to witness this! Here how the game works!

[i] There are 6 worlds. Each one holds a monster so powerful it'll nearly knock your socks off!! ( quiets the audiences ) Ahem, the players will conquer each one in groups. They'll be obstecles that'll stop them. Some of them may destroy a player and eliminate him or her. Like Duel monsters, they'll all have lifepoints of 8000. The one who drops to 0 will be eliminated. They have to work together to survive. Are you ready??? BEGIN!!! [/i]

[i] John and the others land on the forest region [/i]

John: Alright. Time to survive!!!
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[COLOR=red]Ki left the group and came to a cliff.He was the migty Lord of Dragons!

Ki:Go Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

A white dragon with blue eyes came.Koe then got on and flew off.He came to a desert.

Ki:So this is were my adventure begins.The Lord of Dragons can protect them from magic and traps,but he is weak with attack points of 1200 and a deffence of 1100.

Ki looked at his Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Ki:That's why I have you and your brothers,Blue-Eyes.Plus the Dark Magicain and my traps and magics,I'm all powerful![/COLOR]
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Maria looked around. Everything seemed so real. Nothing any of her father's engineers and designers could make would ever compare to this! She took a step towards Seth, then decided to leave him alone. She stood there, looking at the others around her, with the proper disdain for someone of her status.
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Seth, in the outfit of Giltia, the Dragon Knight, looked through his deck one more time.

He sighed as he watched Koe ride his Blue Eyes. "Show off....ten pounds says he's the first one out. Not like it matters....I'm going to win this competition, with or without the others."

He began to whistle to himself as he walked around, examining the surroundings.
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Sakura was the Toon Blue Eyes.
She felt so different compared to the others.
She was much smaller then everyone too.
Sakura shrugged and waddled and tripped.

Sakura:I'm going to have to get used to this....

Sakura stood again and walked next to the Dark Magician Girl.

Sakura:Hi.I'm Sakura.I don't look like much but don't mess with me!
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Kuske flies overhead and sees Seth, a short funky dragon, and a cute girl. Kuske(Gaia:DC) lands and walks over to them.

Kuske: Hey. What's up? I guess everyone just left.

The two just stare at him. He sits down.

Kuske: It's gonna be a long time.
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John: Hahahaa, you guys lost?

[i] Kusuke, Maria and Sakura looked at JOhn [/i]

John: My father made this game so I know almost everything. I know all 6 worlds. I'm going with all with you so I can guide you.

Sakura: Lucky us....

John: Theres 3 big monsters around here. Some of the bosses here may be made up... because my dad doesn't know EVERYTHING about duel monsters.

Kusuke: Adults hate duel monsters. They hated the Battle city Tournament even more.

John: Err, anyways we need to find just 1 boss and we can get out of here. Only the group that defeats a boss can get out of here. Once all bosses are destroyed, anyone can leave this world.

Maria: ONe Question, what are the worlds???

John: Toon world, Sea World, Mountain World, Volcano World, Medievil Land, and Mechanical land. After all the bosses are defeated in each world, a new one appears. Thats where everyone meets and fight each other to the finish until theres only one. Well, only the ones who survives though.
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Seth scoffed He knew it.

"What you're basically saying is this," he said to John. "We should all work together now, but in the end it doesn't matter how we work together, because we're just going to end up turning on each other in the end anyways. So any alligences we form are a waste of time."

He laughed slightly. "It's a wonderful set up we've got, but it's also a bit typical. We help each other when it suits us and are then ready to turn on each other at a moment's notice. Whatever. What do we need to do first?"
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Sakura:What if everyone thinks about what World they might be good in.I'll be good in Toon World because I am a Toon Blue Eyes.

Sakura flapped the small wings on her back to get some air and look around.Everyone started to think about what World they would be best in.No one else was a Toon Character so they would be quite bulky and stand out.Sakura flapped onto the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon's head and continued to look around.
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John: Hmm... most of us are warriors and dragons. We'll be safe in either Medievil land and Mountain World. I'd sa we go to Medievil land first. Talk to people what going on. First we need to cut through the forest. We can't fly out, the trees too thick.

Seth: Ok, I think we'll be closest to Medievil land if we cut through the west.

[i] As they used their powers to cut through the vines something weird happens. [/i]

John: Hey look, we reach the graveyard.

[i] The eerie screech of the graveyard freaks everyone out but then a giant pumpkin appears... [/i]

Seth: PUMPKING!!!!

John: This is probleby the 1st boss.

Sakura: How you know?

JOhn: Look at him. Theres a screen that says it.

[i] Sakura looked at the bottem left of the pumpkin and saw the attack and defense points. And a yellow colored word that says BOSS. [/i]

Kusuke: What are you waiting for kill him!!!

John: Wait... He has 2800/3000. He's way more powerful then the original. And his zombie gang is here.

[i] 3 zombies appear ot of the dirt with vines in them. There were Dragon Zombie, Clown Zombie, and Warrior zombie [/i]

JOhn: Guess it applies the same rules too. Ectoplasm energy is flowin in them. With 1000 more attack points then original. Its hard to kill!!!

Sakura: Let me at em!!!!

[i] Sakura attacked the Zombie Warrior but the Warrior regenerated with 500 more attack points and it flung Sakura back. [/i]

Seth: WHOA!!! The warrior's attack is 3000 now...

JOhn: Got any ideas?
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Seth scoffed. "This is nothing."

He searched through his deck. "Here we go, the combo that will wipe these buggers out. Watch the skills that marveled Europe!"

He pulled out a Magic card. "Luminous Spark!"

A bright light filled the area. "Now, time to get charged up. Ready, boys and girls? Sanga of the Thunder, come out to play!"

He raised the Monster card over his head, and the light Gate Guardian piece arrived.

"With Luminous Spark boosting his power, Sanga is at 3100 attack. Sanga, take down those zombies!"

With a mighty flash of lighting, Sanga electrocuted the three zombie.

"So...anyone want to finish the big pumpkin off?"
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[COLOR=red]Ki:You idiot.

The others looked at him.He had his Blue-eyes near him.


They looked as the three zombies came up.

Ki:You have to kill the Pumpking first.I'll do that for you.Blue-Eyes White Dragon Attack!

Ki's Blue-Eyes White Dragon attacked the Pumpking.It was destroyed.

Ki:I then attach Ekibyo Drakmord to Dragon Zombie.In two turns he will be killed.Then I play Dragon's Gunfire,and destory Warrior Zombie because his deffence points are 0.That is all I will do.[/COLOR]
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John: And I'll finish with Shield and Sword!!!

[i] JOhn raise his magic card up in the air switching their offense with deffence [/i]

John: And I'll finish off this clown!!!

[i] John as the Black Luster Soldier, raised his Darkness powered blade up and slammed it creating a blade wave that destroyed the Clown. Then the Dragon Zombie was destroyed. [/i]

John: To remove the effect of Sword and Shield, I'll play Giant Trunade!

[i] A Green vortex appeared and destroyed the effect. Then it started to suck up the whole Graveyard which changed into Grassland. [/i]

Sakura: How did you change the whole field??

John:??? The graveyard must've been a word of a magic card.

Seth: There's a town up ahead!!!

Ki: That must be the Medieval town.

Kusuke: well lets go!!

[i] Everyone ran towards the town [/i]

[i] Meanwhile outside the Virtual simulator... [/i]

Announcer: Congratulation to their team work!!! Their momments away from a surprise that they're going to see according to a resource. Stay tuned everyone!
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Seth muttered to himself. "Show off, just like I said; wouldn't have been able to even touch those zombies if my "Luminous Spark cards didn't power up his dragon, too."

He sighed. "It's just like I sai: temwork's for the birds. Hope this next town is better..."

He continued towards the new town, but stayed towards the rear of the group by himself.
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Kuske:[I]I'll have to work harder than that if I want to survive this GAME. That's it, it's only a game. It can be cheated. Figure out it's secrets and you c caan screw the rules and make your own.[/I]

Kuske pets his Curse of Dragon as he walks with it toward the town, but he sensed something evil nearby.

Kuske: That's not good.
Sakura: What?
Kuske: Nothing. It'a nothing, [I]I hope.[/I]
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Ki: Well we're here.

Seth: This is really odd.

Sakura: What?

John: My god, this is totally out of wack!

[i] Toon monsters were in the medieval town scaring the living heck out of the people there. Warriors like Gaia the Fierce Knights tries to attack the creatures but they keep on missing [/i]

Sakura: YAY TOONS!!!

John: I have an idea. Anybody drawn a Rageki magic card yet? Dark hole will destroy everyone in this town. Rageki will annhilate all the toons here.
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[COLOR=red]Ki:This is not good.

Ki thinks.He doesn't have dark hole or thunderbolt.He has only one card that can.Jowgen the Spiritualist....but that would destroy....no he won't.All toon monsters have a weakness,that is the magic Toon World.

Ki:Were is that...Sakura summon your toon monsters.
Sakura:But I don't have Toon World out.

Ki pointed to the middle of the town.There was a pop-up book.Sakura smiled.

Sakura:Go Toon/Manga Dark Magician Girl!
Ki:I'll summon Dark Magician.Your Dark Magician Girl gets powered up.
Ki:We have to work together on this.Keep my life points and monsters safe,so we can go to the Toon World.Then leave it to me.
Sakura:Ok lets go![/COLOR]
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Seth stepped forward.

"Hold up. Do we really want to destroy the Toons? I mean, they're causing trouble, sure, but it's really not their fault. They're not malicious, they're just out of place. Shouldn't we try to get them to leave before we up and wipe the buggers out?"
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[COLOR=red]Ki stoped.Since he got here Seth has annoyed him.He turned to him.

Ki:Do you know what Toons can do?
Ki:They are able to attack your life points,if you don't have aother Toon to help you.

Seth looked at him.He then looked at Sakura.Sakura smiled.

Ki and Sukura ran to Toon World.Ki keep checking over his back to see if anybody well follow then.He hopes,because it won't be that easy.[/COLOR]
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Seth didn't follow the others. Instead, he approached some of the Toons.

"If Toons are so bloody dangerous, why would you attack them if you could avoid it? Just because you don't know how to solve things peacefully doesn't mean that I can't. Toons are childish and simple-minded. They're easy to control."

He drew a monster card from his deck.

"I summon the light dragon Hyozanryu!"

The dragon appeared in front of Seth as he continued.

"This dragon was formed from the heart of a giant diamond. So, when sunlight shines through it..."

As the sun's rays hit Hyozanryu's wings, it created a beautiful sparkling effect. Several of the Toons stopped fooling around and watched, captivated.

"Now, if I lead Hyozanryu out of the town, the Toons will follow. See? No one got hurt."
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Kuske hops on his dragon. He watches Seth attract the toons to him.

Kuske: I hope you're right.

Kuske races over to the Toon World. He sees a lot of Toon Aligator down there waiting for something.

Kuske: I've got it.

Kuske runs as fast as he can over to Seth.

Seth: What's up?
Kuske: I've got it. If we bring all toons to Toon World. We can use a DimesionHole to send them away from here. I have a dimension Hole but I would have to get sucked in with the toons.
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