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Warrior Breeder Arena

Guest firemac

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Kaiuyu raises his hands above his head and forms a blue icy energy ball.
He sends his hands forward and the ki goes flying towards kinjro.

Kinjro dissapears and is not hit by the blast.

he reapears behind kaiyu and right before he is about to kick kaiyu in the back of the head kaiyu ducks and grabs his leg and smashes him into the ground.

kaiyu flys to the sky and and yells poison beam!!

he shoots his poison beam downward at kinjro and the green kai in gulfs him.

kaiyu:hahahaha now your energy will slowly drain into my own power.

kinjro reamins on the floor twitching.

what do you think firemac?
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Suddenly, Kenjiro's eyes go completely black! He levitates off the floor, high into the air!
"Psycho attack"! He yells out.
Kaiyu is thrown back into the wall! Kenjiro then charges at him, smashing his elbow into his chest!
Kaiyu flips over Kenjiro, and shouts out ICE BEAM! Almost simoultaneously Kenjiro shouts out LIGHTNING BLADE!
A beam of Ice comes out of Kaiyu's sword, and a lightning bolt comes out of Kenjiro's! They meet in the middle and cause a huge explosion! Both fighters are injured!
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While the warriors are down, a new warrior enters, named Zero, he waits for them to get back up then fire's a triforce at Kenjiro! He dodge's, and starts slashing away at Zero! However, he senses Kaiyu behind him, so turns around and fires a psycho attack, this time using his sword! A black beam fires at Kaity and hurles him across the room, ending in a huge explosion!
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SS Trunks I don't cal it the Tri-Force for nothing.
*two beams hit SS Trunks from the back and the front*
It send SS trunks to his knees but he quickly recover.*
Zero charge at SS TRunks with his sword but SS Trunks block with his own sword. It quickly turn in to a sword fight but Kaiyu does a Ice Beam at the to warriors.
Zero and SS Trunks attack Kaiyu. It has turn in to a three way fight.
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Sorry man!

The warriors are in a grueling 3 way weapon fight, suddenly, Kenjiro shouts "Bolt charge"! All of a sudden, his sword turns blue and electricity flickers around it, this has also increased his power and speed! Using this, he knocks Zero's weapon out of his hand and is about to finish him when Kaiyu hits him with an ice beam!
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They throw punches vigoresly at eachother then kinjora drops to the ground.

kaiyu:hahahah, the poison is starting to take its toll.hahahah

zero:what the?

as zero looks in astonishment kaiyu drop kicks him and sends him doing a back flib but he regains his stance. they both charge and lock hands, kaiyu smashes his face into zeros and he lets go then kaiyu punches him in the stomach.

they get back in fighting stance and a star down.

then they here a voice.

kinjro: hey guys!!!

he then shoots a gigantic blast at both of them.

it explodes and with the smoke in the way they cant see anything. when the smoke dissapears zero is shot by a blast that goes right through his stomach. blood and guts fly every where onto kaiyu as zero falls down and takes his last breathe, he is dead.
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Great you destroy a perfectly good double. As I pick up my sword. A blast knock me to the ground. I saw that my left leg was frozen. I blast the ice off and return to the battle.
Have a taste of my Execution Cannon.
*the blast hit SS Trunks to the ground* But Kaiyu counter with a kick.
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"We finish this now" said Kenjiro.

Kenjiro and Kaiyu continue to fight with their swords, but because of Kenjiro's new speed he manages to stab Kaiyu in the stomach!!!
Kaiyu drops his weapon! With the sword still in Kaiyu, Kenjiro shouts out "Lightning blade", Kaiyu gets charged with Electricity and sets on Fire!! He then explodes from the Electric charge!! Kaiyu is dead!!

"Your turn", said Kenjiro
"Psycho attack", yells out Kenjiro
"Tri - force", yells out Zero

Zero gets thrown against the wall, and Kenjiro gets hit by the Tri force! Kenjiro is extremely injured, but manages to keep Zero in place with psycho attack!!
He charges at Zero with his sword held high! Just as he is about to attack Zero, he holds up his staff and it stabs Kenjiro! Kenjiro then swings his sword at Zero and cuts off his head!!!
Shortly after Kenjiro dies from the stab wound!!

Okay guys I win because I died last! My new attack will be Tremor Scyth!

Why don't you guys battle each other on your own!
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