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[color=sky blue]Well, here goes...i've posted on here with my story that in my sig, but this is my first poem...so just tell me what ya'll think.[/color]

The Maze

I think that i love you
but how can i tell?
is it crying when you go away?
or wishing you well?

I never like to see you go,
i want to be with you always
between love and like, i go to and fro
i seek an answer at the end of a maze

And oh, how this maze is overgrown
there is no visible path
but i cannot be shaken, will not be thrown
i'm at the mercy of my own mind's wrath

Occasionally, i think that i'm near
but i want you to help me through
i want a certain answer, but the opposite i fear
and i can only find the right one with you

I've never felt this way before
everyting is so new
i've walked right through the prettiest door
and the hardest obstacles i am to go through

if we are to make it to the end of the maze
by helping each other the whole way through
then maybe, just maybe, i can spend all my days
with you.[/color]
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