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Okay guys were going to need a lead guy (that being me), 2 guys to walk along with him (they can be trainers, breeders, or whatever), a rival for EACH of these, 8 gym leaders, and the elite four! You don't just get involved when I show up at the gym, you can follow your own separate story's!

Name: Craig
Age: 14
Height: 5'7
Starting poke's: Eevee (my starter) Growlithe (leaving present from parents)
Bio: Very sad about leaving his parents ,they caught him a Growlithe as a going away present, and bought him a fire stone.

We're starting from new bark town!
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I'm a guy. My character is a girl.

Name: Sandra
Age: 14
Height: 6' (that means long legs, mini skirts)
Starting Pokemon: Hitmonchan, Mr Mime(a pokemon handed down to her by her father)
Bio: Knowledgeable about pokemon. Likes flying type. School dropout. Parents think second ambition is good enough(poke trainer). Meets Craig ater getting her first badge(Craig will get some help from her). Walks with him forever.
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