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Wow, I haven't posted here in a long time...


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Er, well. I can't find too much worth posting. But here's a few I wrote up not long ago. Enjoy 'em 'n' all..

[u][b]Every Time[/b][/u]

Do you know what love is?
Do you know how it feels?
I do.

Every time he holds me,
My heart races.
Every time he caresses me,
A wave of pleasure washes over my body.
Every time my dear-heart kisses me,
I blush, because words cannot express how I feel.
Every time he tells me how beautiful he thinks I am,
I wish I had the words to tell him how perfect he is to me.
And every time he's with me,
I fall in love all over again.

[u][b]Frozen Fire[/u][/b]

Frozen fire, trapped in water
Angels reaping death on high
Silent music
Weaving murder,
Death is screaming
One last lie.

Long-gone heroes lost their battles,
My hope is dying;
What is love?
Here I lay,
A dying dove.

Are you my savior?
My one true lover?
Come to me
In pale moonlight.
The one last hero,
All I want.
Show me love,
And show me life.

Sing to me of my rebirth,
Sing to me an end of strife.
Sing to me of my new world,
Sing to me of our new life.
Teach me once again to love,
And let me soar,
A mended dove.

Frozen fire, flowing water.
Forests green;
The world's rebirth.
Now we lay,
Dear heart and dove,
One forever with the earth.
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