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  1. [quote name='TOTALIMMORTAL']I also was told that AC/DC is recording right now, but I doubt that's true.[/quote] I've been hearing rumors of that for months now and I just recently got around to checking it out. There are reports of a 'definite' confirmation floating about on various fansites, but I haven't found out exactly where and when this was said. Hooray for poor sources. Apparently though, the album, if it is in fact being recorded, is coming out late this year, with a world tour scheduled to accompany its release. [url][/url] Back on topic, there really aren't many albums that I'm anxiously awaiting now that I've picked up both Beck and Steve Vai's latest bits of work. :D And oh [i]yes[/i], they are wonderful.
  2. My favorite Japanese song would have to be Aoi Hitomi. Y'know, that one from Escaflowne. I find it very peaceful and soft, yet sad and filled with longing. It makes me think, smile and hold my breath, somehow all at the same time.
  3. That song is awesome, and that commercial is one that I can watch repeatedly for hours with no problem whatsoever. Alright, so that was a major exaggeration. But you catch my drift. And yes, that is the girl from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I know the song title, but I can't remember it for the life of me. .-.
  4. I'm really not much of a hardcore Metallica fan by any means, to be honest. Although, I've been listening to them on and off for a few years now. Before that, I have cousins who would constantly blare their music whenever I was around. So I'd like to think that I have been at least properly exposed to make proper judgement when it comes to my favorite albums/songs. So, album-wise, I'm mad about Master of Puppets and the Justice album. :D But I can't really narrow it down to any one song. So, I'll just list off a few of those I like most. Battery, Orion, To Live Is To Die, Stone Cold Crazy.
  5. The following is a list of Britty's top five favourite guitarists, in no particular order. Jimi Hendrix - My god, this man was a musical genius. Creative, inspiring, and full of soul. Everything he did sounded like a dream. This is a man who would go far outside of the box to get 'just the right sound.' He gave birth to the image of a musician completely destroying his equipment. And yet he did it with skill. The destruction was the noise that brought it all together. Would Hendrix be the same without all the 'odd' noises in the background? Not only that, but [b]damn[/b] he could sing! Steve Vai - While he may not have the soul or the popularity of some of my other favorites, Vai is a technical mastermind. Just listening to 'For the Love of God' or 'Erotic Nightmares' is enough to give me the shivers. I luff him, oh, so very, very much. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Seriously. Where else would you hear such a catchy rendition of the little old poem 'Mary Had a Little Lamb?' No more needs to be said. Jeff Beck - He's Jeff Beck. If you've ever actually listened to his work, you know right off the bat what I mean. Words aren't enough to describe him or his style.
  6. Unlike most people, I never bite my nails. But that's probably because I keep them short in the first place. On the other hand, I have a horrible tendancy of chewing on my lower lip, which chaps it pretty bad. I also crack my joints, especially my knuckles, all of the time. Then there's the fact of how I ramble. Once I start, I go on for hours.
  7. My ideal superpower would be teleportation. What would be even better is if there were absolutely no hinderances on the use of the power! Imagine being able to disappear and reappear all over the world, whenever you want, with no extended amounts of time in-between. I'd never take the bus again, and I'd follow the rain whenever possible. Oh, the fortune I'd save on airline tickets! :D
  8. I have a habit of eating too much. I love my food, and the odds are that I'm going to Hades for being a glutton. I've grown into skipping a meal or two simply because I don't have the time, and I splurge last minute when it comes to supper time. Of course, I do my best to keep a regular schedule of 3 healthy meals per day. I'm actually kind of proud to say I'm getting there. Heh.
  9. [QUOTE=elfpirate][b]Well... I thought that honesty was the best policy, and I was as straightforward as I could be with this latest one, but he's [i]still[/i] being persistent. ... So- as long as the guy is somewhat normal (and not bizarre like this one) I'd have to say that honesty is always best. But if he's a little strange and doesn't seem to be bothered by rejection at all- then it may not work... in which case, I'm not sure what to do...obviously...:animeswea .[/b][/QUOTE] Two words, elf: restraining order. :) Like most people here, I've always found honesty to be the best policy. Although I admit I sometimes go overboard. I mean to say "I'm not interested, sorry," but something along the lines of "CRAZYPSYCHOGIRLSAYSNOROAR" usually comes out. Isn't it just great being a spaz?
  10. Sign Up

    Sorry about the incomplete sign-up here, but I saw this RP and suddenly decided I really wanted a word in before it started and I was too late to join. I'll try to complete/edit this tomorrow, because right now I've got to be leaving. >.> Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Personality: History: God: Realm: Magic/Weapons: Weapons (max 3): Spells (max 6):
  11. If you're looking for a good female vocalist, there are many different bands and individual artists that I could reccomend to you. Firstly, go for the classics that have been tested and true. I don't know what kind of music you like exactly, so I'm not sure if you'd appreciate Aretha Franklin or not. But I do reccomend looking into her music. She has such a powerful and beautiful voice, and it's captured generations. Also, I'd like to mention Clatter. I honestly haven't heard much of them, but from what I have heard, I really like. And I couldn't forget The Birthday Massacre. I absolutely love these guys. Their music can be tough to find, but you can listen to samples of most of their songs straight from their website. Though, in fair warning, the website can take a while to load.
  12. [color=darkblue]Love metal is what the title's referring to, I'm pretty sure. And yeah, I guess I have found love. A friend of mine really likes HIM, and he's constantly forcing me to listen to them. They're okay, but not real favorites or anything. Nothing very remarkable. That's just personal opinion though. Heh.[/color]
  13. [color=darkblue]Currently, I have "Soul To Squeeze" playing, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I've enjoyed their music for quite a while, but I find the prices for their CDs are ridiculously expensive around here. But during a post-Christmas sale, I managed to pick up their Greatest Hits album for $16, compared to the $31 it was originally selling for. Mind you, it's Canadian money. So the prices are a bit higher than they would be in America.[/color]
  14. [color=darkblue]Living in a small town, I don't really have to deal with that very often. Traffic is pretty light where I am, but there's always an impatient jark-arse at one point or another. I think the worst I've dealt with was when some guys made their engine roar and threated a few times to run me down. It scared me quite a bit. I've never had anything like that ever happen again though, so I'm a bit sheltered in that sense.[/color]
  15. [color=darkblue]Will You Be My Girl, by Jet. A friend of mine absolutely loves them, and he's got me hooked now. Such an addicting song, and so fun to play. >.>;[/color]