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Pokemon STorie! !11!!!!! it roxxors!!!


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?Pokémon must be destroyed. Those who created them are idolaters. They worship something that is not God. Destroy them, Azrael. Flay their skin, burn their organs. Impale them upon their own horns. Make them feel the wrath of me, the LORD.? The Lord God spoke unto his angel, Azrael.

?It shall be done, sire.? And with that, Azrael flew out of God?s chambers in Heaven and down to Earth, seeking out those Pokémon whom the children worship. He knew of the island on which they live, an island in the South Pacific. An island that shall be leveled by him, the servant of Lord God.

As he flew through the air, the people saw him and exclaimed, ?Oh my God! What is that?? Azrael saw that these adults were some who had supported the Pokémon insanity by purchasing toys and playing cards for their children, and thus swooped down to enact vengeance.

?Fear me, mortals, for I come with your doom.? He said. ?You have been condemned to die by the Lord. And by my flaming sword of Heaven, you shall meet your end.?

?No!? They cried. ?Please spare us! We didn?t mean to insult God! We just bought toys for our children! Please, don?t kill us! We want to live!? They sobbed.

But ?twas no use, for Azrael was to punish them. ?No! You shall not live.? He said.

And with a hawk?s dive down, he flew into the crowd. The crowd cried and begged, and screamed mercy, but Azrael would give none. His fiery sword sliced through those humans as a knife would through butter, and he did not care. His mission was to punish, for he was the angel of death, and to serve God and God alone. He knew this, and was making sure the mortals knew as well. ?Feel the pain of holy judgment!? He screamed as he flayed one man of his skin. The man?s skin burnt off as it fell, leaving only bone and organ and pus. The man?s shopping bag fell, as well, and burst open. Azrael ignored it, though, and continued with the holy retribution.

He took a woman by the throat and sliced her in halves, and saw her blood spurt on his armor. He paid it mind for an instant, only an instant, mind, and then broke another?s skull.

He ripped limbs from their torsos, and swung his sword about, immolating those who fell in its graceful and destructive arc. As he killed, a smile crept upon his face. I?m enjoying this. He thought. I?m a servant of God. And I?m executing God?s will. This is my duty. Though he did not realise it, the crowd was now killed, and his time at this place over.

He was about to leave when he heard a faint sound. Was it whimpering? He thought. No, it is not whimpering. Then what can it be?

As he asked this, a small, yellow, furry, mechanical creature emerged. It was not living, sadly, but this was no matter. This creature called out to Azrael. ?Pikachu!? it cried, and began walking towards him. Azrael smiled. A prelude of things to come. He thought, and brought his heel down on this pitiful creature.

Not before long, the authorities arrived, and though Azrael could very easily annihilate them as well, he recalled that it was not his mission. ?Farewell, mortals.? He casually said as his wings spread. ?Do not sin, or else you shall meet the same fate as these unfortunate souls.? With that Azrael flew off, headed west.

He flew, and caught sight of an airplane. The passengers were staring out at him. He sensed that something aboard the plane was not right, and flew in closer. And there, as he looked in the window, he saw a young woman holding a package, wrapped in Pokémon wrapping paper. This enraged him, and he thus ripped the hatch off to gain entrance to this aircraft.

The passengers were screaming, and were pleading for God to help them. God would help them, Azrael realised, but God would not help the woman he was about to kill. He smiled and began walking down the aisle. Flight attendants ran up to him and screamed. He paid them no mind and brushed them aside like ants. Some of the male passengers got up and attempted to stop him. He saw they were obstructing him, and thus obstructing the will of God. Thus, he took hold of her skulls, and snapped their necks. It was glorious to hear the sound of a neck snap he thought.

The wind was being sucked out of the aircraft, and his keen ears could hear the pilot radioing the air field. They were requesting emergency landing and all the law enforcement ground control had. Azrael smiled again. He would be out far before they would land. He continued walking down the aisle and made eye contact with the young woman. She realised who he was after, and could not do anything but sit there.

Azrael reached her and lifted her up out of her seat. She was paralyzed with fear, and did nothing but stare wide-eyed. He carried her down the aisle, over his shoulder, not exactly sure how to dispose of her. He decided that a drop from one mile would do nicely, so he began carrying her to the gaping hole in the wall. His long, blonde hair was whipping around, and he loved the feel of the air. He was about to jump out when the woman became active and started to fight. Azrael was not prepared for such an occurrence, and lost his grip.

The woman flew out of the hatch, and into the turbines of the jet engine. A massive shudder rocked the plane, and blood was turned into mist. Azrael smelled the air. ?Ah, how I love the smell of blood in the air.? He declared.

He decided to examine this package the woman was holding. He tore open the box and saw the same yellow creature he stepped on. ?Hm?this creature must be quite popular.? He said and then sliced its head off with a small dagger. Another shudder made itself known. The plane was going down, now. The loss of the engine was enough to do it. Was he about to let these people die? He asked himself. No. That would not be God?s will, and God would punish him if he let massive death happen.

So, Azrael spread his wings and flew underneath the plane. He laughed to himself as he did this, because it was done so many times that it became a cliché. ?Superman. I?m a Superman.? He said. His wings began to flap greatly, and the plane began to steady. He set it down in a grassy field next to a highway. He felt that should be good enough and flew away.

He flew for some time, and began to see lights in the horizon. ?What is that?? He said. ?I must investigate.? He flew closer to this glorious light, and saw great letters. HOLLYWOOD they spelled. Ah, this must be the motion picture location. He thought. ?I must check to see if there are sinners amongst them.? He began to see individual buildings and advertisements.

He knew what he was looking for, though. He was looking for the Pokémon film set. He did not want to attract attention just yet, so he landed and folded his great wings behind him, hidden underneath his coat. He walked through the back lots, hoping for a sight of these Pokémon, but found them he did not. It seemed like he walked for an eternity, and he could have covered much more ground had he flown, but he found it. The screening studio for Pokémon.

He was there, and smiled. ?I will destroy the idolaters.? He said. He was debating on how to go about entering this building, and decided that a path through the front door would not be as artistic as the one he had in mind. I must find the back door. He slipped through, unnoticed, as there was no guard. Probably on a donut break.

The door had placed him in a long hallway with a large projection screen on the left. He walked in front of the screen, and knew that his shadow would be cast upon it. He heard the movie executives exclaim.

?What in the hell is that thing?? They cried. He decided to frighten them further by spreading his wings as an eagle would. He heard their desperate shrieks. They were marvelous. He decided now was the time to reveal himself, and drew a tiny dagger. He cut open the screen and stepped through.

?Who are you? What are you doing here?? The executives demanded.

?I am here to punish you.? Azrael replied.

?What? What the hell? Someone call security!?

?That won?t be necessary.? Azrael coldly stated as he drew and threw a dagger at the phone, destroying it. ?You are to be punished for betraying God.?

?W-W-What?? The executives stammered. ?You are idolaters. You worship the dollar and these insignificant creatures, and ignore God. God has ordered me to execute you, and that is what I shall do. Prepare yourselves.?

And with that, Azrael glided up to the back of the theatre and slaughtered the executives. He stabbed his sword into their soft, warm flesh and tore it from their bones. He made their eyes bleed and their skin melt, and made sure to engulf their hearts in flame.

Their screaming was heard throughout the studio, and the passersby were horrified of the deathly wails of pain that were heard emanating from the room. As blood sprayed on the walls and on the floors and on his armor, Azrael laughed. ?Die, demons!? He screamed. He hacked and swiped and spun his mighty sword until all of the executives lay dead at his feet. ?My job here is done.? Azrael said and exited.

He folded his wings into his coat and walked down the street. The lot police were running around. Some might notice the blood stained into my hair. Azrael noted. I need to find a way to get out of the public area. Azrael noticed a dark alley. This should do nicely. He thought. He turned down into this alley and ran a few fingers through his hair. My, my, my, God will be pleased with my work. I am truly God?s servant. He removed his coat and noticed nicks in his armor. He was not amused at this. Blast those humans! They deserve to die, for they have damaged my beautiful armor! Curse them to Hell! And then Azrael spread his wings and rose up into the air. He hovered there for an instant, then made his ascent, ever flying towards his goal, an island in the South Pacific.
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Guest Pegasis
This is my version of your story:
And an angel came to the Lord and asked: "Are these people evil?" And the great and powerful Lord said, "No, it is just a game. Some people need to get a damn life."

In other words, **** you.
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[COLOr=royalblue]Good manners cost nothing Pegasis. I will thank you to be polite to him. And if you even think of harassing me like you've done that to him, I will mos likely ask Charles to kick your sorry behind over the bandwith and into hell.[/COLOr]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Pegasis [/i]
[B]This is my version of your story:
And an angel came to the Lord and asked: "Are these people evil?" And the great and powerful Lord said, "No, it is just a game. Some people need to get a damn life."

In other words, **** you. [/B][/QUOTE]

This is the second time I've seen you flame someone. Your total disregard for the rules has inspired me to write a story about you.

Pegasis came to OtakuBoards. He either didn't read the rules or simply didn't care about them. That's when a magical beast known as Charles used his magical powers to ban Pegasis.

You can't say I didn't give everyone a happy ending.

[b]Edit:[/b] I've also banned your SuperMaxSonic account. Cheers.
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Okay, I know this was probably none of my Buisness, but why was SuperMaxSonic banned? I see nothing wrong. All I see as wrong was what Pegasis was doing.
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[COLOr=royalblue]Of course he's sorry. He wants to say and make life miserable for those of us who follow the rules. *grimace* It's useless coming back. Especially when he can just look at your IP address and get rid of you again. And agin. And again.[/cOLOR]
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Those really have nothing to do with you behavior. Sure, Shakespear could write like nothing. But if he was a jerk, most people would hate his guts.

And it is not only PoisonTongue who you should apologise to. Raiha also finds you...annoying, among other things.
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