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Writing The story of my game (untitled)


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I will only post a teaser intro, and if enough people are interested, they may/will persuade me to post some of the actual story...

Here it is:

Professor Kedinite, the lead researcher at the local museum, calls Meta, an odd Kedani who just doesn't fit in, to do a favor for the museum. Prof. Kedinite needs Meta to travel across the sea to the Aura Labs, in which there has been a recent discovery leading to the lost knowledge of their country's past. After receiving his boat, and a few other supplies, Meta sets off to the Aura Laboratories, not knowing what may come. As he arrives, he soon discovers he's in for more than he had hoped, as the Lab lay in ruins. Meta must now find and apprehend those responsible for the theft of an ancient tablet, on which there are instructions for some other-worldly army...

The names are funny, but I do have a reason.....
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no, its not an egyptian tablet kinda thing...:D "other-worldly" is more leaning to...the....space-other-worldly perspective......:freak:

btw:Check out the team, My team (MagiPixel) that is making this here game, at [url]http://dreamation.proboards5.com[/url], theres even some screenshots in the bottom-most forum!
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Although i said I would only post more if many people liked the teaser, im gonna post the 1st chapter anyways....here it is:

The Adventure Begins[/center]

On a certain morning, Meta woke up and obtained a message at the door from a courier of the Museum of Kedan Discoveries. The courier said "You must come, Prof. Kedinte says it's vital that you come!" Meta agreed to go, since Prof. Kedinte had done him many favors before, and the professor is Meta's friend anyways. When Meta arrived at the museum, Prof. Kedinte stood inside waiting near the door to greet him. "We have uncovered something that may aid us in understanding our enigmatic past," he told Meta as they walked up the stairs. "We have unearthed an olden tablet, or at least part of one. We believe it is a depiction of an ancient being, but we need the other part to complete the translation", he continued. "All we can translate is something about 'In 500.....return to.......'," "If only we had the other piece to the tablet, we would know what we need to return to. We found this tablet in the Silith Ocean, near our Aura Laboratory. Kedim, the supervisor of the research in that laboratory, couldn't do anything with the tablet, so he sent it to our center of operations, the Museum of Kedan Discoveries." Meta gave Kedinte a very poignant look, then said "And, you want........me to go and help find the other piece?" "Yes," Kedinte said, "I know you are not much of an adventurer, but you have asked me of things such as why are you different from the rest of the Kedani, and well......I'm sure we will find that out while researching our people's past. You must, please, go to the Aura Laboratory. Think of the advances in technology we could make, this tablet could be some sort of guide, 'Return to....," just think what that could mean!" Meta still seemed a little gloomy, but he cheered up a little when Kedinte talked about the possibilities of the meaning that the tablet could have. "OK, I'll go, but I don't have a way to get to the laboratory... Didn't you say it is in the Silith Ocean? How am I supposed to get there; I don't a have boat, and you know we don't go to sea much, so we have no boat shops.... What am I to do?" Meta gave Kedinte a very perplexing look in order to prompt some sort of response, but it was no use, "I'm sorry, but since all my field researchers have been sent to the lab, all the museum's boats and ships are gone, they are all at the lab. But, you must find a way; I'm sure someone in or near Kedan has some sort of boat you can use to get to the lab. You must hurry!" "Well......okay.....I'll try to locate someone that has a boat that is willing to let me borrow it. I won't let you down, professor!", Meta dashed down the stairs after saying this, and then out the doors of the museum.

After meeting with Kedinte, Meta went to the Kedani Store, the only supermarket in Kedan, to find out if there is any information on where he could get a boat of some sort or at least catch a ride to the Aura Labs. The owner of the store, Kedami, was one of Meta's best friends, and because of that, he also wanted to tell him of his soon to be journey to the Aura Labs. Kedami, who is interested in such things, says, "Well, Meta, its your first big adventure; I wish you good luck!" Meta looks at him with a unsettling look, "About that..... You see, I have no way of getting to the Aura Labs, since I have no boat. Do you know of anyone who may have a boat to borrow or one that I might even be able to buy; do you know anyone in or around Kedan who may have such a boat?" Kedami then smiles very suspiciously, "Well, yes I do know of a place from which you can borrow a boat, and with no renting cost at that!" Meta's eyes light up, "Where--who is it?" Kedami laughs, "Why, the very store you are in, currently has a few boats." Meta looks around, a little confused, "Where, I don't see any, please don't joke with me, Kedami, I promised Kedinte that I would start my journey as soon as I can; I don't need any more delays..." Kedami gives Meta a thoughtful look, "They are not in the store for selling, they are my own personal ships for when the time comes that I decide to go on a little vacation." Meta was shocked to hear this, "Is that where you were when you said you were sick those long two weeks that the shop was closed?" Kedami looks around to make sure that no one had heard that, "Never mind that now, you did say you are in a hurry, so let us not waste any more time!" Kedami leads Meta into the "Staff Only" area of the shop. In the very back, just as Kedami had said, were 3 medium sized boats, each equipped with their own Wadan style motors (the best boat motors come from Wadan, by the way!). "Here you are," Kedami stands next to the furthest one to his right, "You can choose whichever one you want from the three here, my favorite is the blue one, but that's just me," Kedami smiles as he says this, "Are you sure that a boat is all you need?" Meta looks a little sad, "Well, no, I do need more, but there's no time to get the other things, a boat is all I need to make it to the Lab at least. I'm sure they have most of the tools needed for my mission. It is a lab, you know," Meta smiled in the same way Kedami had done. "Well, then, you should leave soon if you have no more supplies to collect.....Best of luck, I will miss you while you're gone." "And I will miss you also, but now I must leave. Goodbye, Kedami," Meta starts the engine and begins to propel away at incredible speed.(I did say that the Wadani motors are the best.) "Best of luck to you, my good friend," Kedami says, in a very sad tone. Meta turns around to say the last goodbyes to his friend, "See you later!" "Heh, luck, you will need it, kid...," Kedami sighed to himself as he walked away. Although Kedinte and Kedami aren't the only people in Kedan, they are the only ones that still appreciate Meta as a true Kedani, the others think that he isn't to be talked to, although they don't come out and say it. The others still don't mind Meta keeping residence in Kedan, its just that they'd rather not have much association with him, since he does have a strange look, which is very distinct from the rest of the Kedani.
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