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  1. hiachi

    Gaming Fable

    I have been looking forward to this game since it was first announced, then by the name 'Project Ego' at E3 I think...
  2. Candies are for kids, yet we eat them all our life...just a thought on the "I'm too old thing"
  3. But its not voice acting ;) its just text-to-speech technology, which means it can (if it is actually pronounceable) say your name too, like my name on there is Igeryu (EE geh REE YUU), but it just calls me igeru...its trying, and I give it credit
  4. The Knight guy......dont know name..., and the spinning scarecrow thing..:-,
  5. I used to have my eyes set only on Nintendo, since this was post-'Me-owning-dreamcast' and I had only played o so few SEGA games, actually.....Sonic many times, and I'm sure I remember playing NiGHTS when I was younger...But now, SEGA and Nintendo are my two favorites, SEGA because of the sheer crazy-zany-(but most of all)creativly original games they make, games (as mentioned by Shinmaru...) Seaman(First virtual-pet simulation with voice-cognition), Space Channel 5(first music-based game that doesnt follow the 'copy the pattern on the screen while your character stands there' formula, instead she walks, shoots, and explores!), Samba De Amigo(never played it, but it has one of the coolest perhipherals ever...digital maracas!), Jet Set Radio(innovation popping through the seams, with great dance moves, fun and vivacious music, good game-play mechanics, new style game never tried before-taking real life stuff people do, like graffiti, skating, avoiding cops, competing with other gangs--and turning it into one hip game), Shenmue(one of the most realistic, living-breathing games ever, and it takes place in my favorite country too!), Phantasy Star(instead of going the way of the standard medieval RPG settings so very accustomed to games of its era, this game defied all odds and became a Sci-Fi, futuristic RPG), roomania #203(never made it to the states...yet...but it was yet another gameplay never tried, a sim that you neither were in the simulation, nor overhead with your god-like abilities, instead you just stayed in a small apartment building, with its cozy lil college student, and you basically either help or hind-no, destroy his entire life), and more that I cant currently think of yet
  6. I've always wanted an online simulation game, one in which consists of an entire world, and complex city systems (players can be bankers, car salesmen), and very few NPC's. Also it could have RPG-ish stats to allow some adventures in the unexplored areas of the world...that would be my ideal game
  7. As for absolute funn-ness (which to me is the finalizing factor in choosing my favorite game, over all else), Soul Calibur II is my favorite fighter as well, but for gameplay, I would have to say Virtua Fighter IV would deserve a lil more hype, seeing it requires more skill with the actual exectution of moves and a little more developed dodging system other than just timing...
  8. Well, you can still do multi....I stand by my statement that PSO Episode I&II is the best overall multiplayer on the GCN...
  9. Every time I see screens from FE, I cant help but think it looks a lot like Shining Force back on Genesis.....O_o
  10. Ack.......i have the beta game, and only have been able to play bout 2-3 times......was fun while it lasted though!
  11. Its more of an action/platformer similar to Shinobi, but very much different! Here's some screens to show you (although they are somewhat small) what the game looks like [img]http://sega.com/images/gametitle/otogi/ss_otogi_xbox_2_lg.jpg[/img] [img]http://sega.com/images/gametitle/otogi/ss_otogi_xbox_3_lg.jpg[/img] very nice textures there! [img]http://sega.com/images/gametitle/otogi/ss_otogi_xbox_6_lg.jpg[/img] you can see the air battles that you can initiate in the game! [img]http://sega.com/images/gametitle/otogi/ss_otogi_xbox_7_lg.jpg[/img] I think that is awesome lighting effects! [img]http://sega.com/images/gametitle/otogi/ss_otogi_xbox_10_lg.jpg[/img] Not only can you upgrade your weapons (for a RPG-ish feel too!), you also get magic in the game!!
  12. I recently played the demo for this game at the local EB-World, and absolutely love the game. The power you have in destroying the environment, the controls (you can 'fly' somewhat) and the fact that you can slam the bosses (if they are small enough....but it IS possible) against wall's/floors/other obstacles. It also looks and sounds very nice, with very good lighting effects, great textures and character/enemy concept, for what I've seen. Also, one note that doesnt affect the game, I just like the fact that all this killing demons business is called 'cleansing' which gives you seens in which you see the boss, and the voice that guides you tells you you must 'cleanse' it, but you know you really gotta waste it, no saving this helpless being!
  13. Looks very cool, much like Shinobi.....although I only played the one on PS2 about 2-3 times.....all in the first level, but all in all, it was great!
  14. *Refuses to understand how great graphics and character characteristics makes an RPG great..* but yes, the graphics are nice, though ive seen a lot of characters in there that have low quality, mainly the NPC's which [to me atleast] standout from the PC's....thats how i know who i'll play with soon ;) EDIT: Now that I think about it......this should really go in the SquareEnix forum, not this one...
  15. Also, some people only tend to accept the Japanese style rpg, whereas you play through a set story, which is normally good, yes, but you have very little freedom; American RPG's seem to be more open-ended, like Morrowind and KOTOR, yet some 'avid' RPG'ers dont understand that the japanese style RPG didnt define the genre, (infact, RPG's originated over here in the states with games like D&D!), they are just one style...
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