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    BLA BLA BLA i dont care and if i dont u should'nt
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    School ................thats my job lol
  1. Wow... It absolutley amazes me at how greedy/stingy some people are. Absolutley incredible.... :animesigh But anyways, I would spend a good majority of it on my friends/family. THEN.... I would spend the rest on BS. Also, just dropping this in quickly.... it's been about a year literally since i have been on the forums. If any new rules or anything has come about please send me a private message (somebody) and let me know.
  2. Ok, well I knew this girl that wore them all the time and she looked really good!!!! Well, come to find out she liked me and I didn't know it. So, I broke and we started talking and I think i've given a little too much detail........................ lol i'm one of those people who follow the rules. LMAO
  3. [COLOR=blue][I]Ok, for basketball (yes i play and im damn good. so hah!) my names are Spyder, Xero, the white Michael Jordan (and yes im white!), dark and white chocolate. the names my dad and uncle dubbed me.............. ahhh i hate these......... Snagel, chung weigh, sally, BooBoo, and beavis! ahhhhh fell the love!?!?! I sure as hell don't!!![/I][/COLOR]
  4. 1. I Mountain Bike. When you go and rush off a 30 ft. cliff and land on a 45 degree angle and hit a 40 - 50 FT. DROP....... all I can say is WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  5. I give my condolences.......... but I, as like you, have the same exact problems......... I don't even have to give detail because you have already. If I can give any advice at all, it's to just make sure that life is like a deck of cards........... you have to play the cards your delt. Also, this is life. It may take a while but sopon enough you will grow out of it! If you need some one to talk to you can reach me on AIM- Jaymanjump23
  6. [COLOR=blue][I]I too study martial arts............. Go-jaru, Ninjitsu, a little Tae Kwon Doe, and my own combination of moves. My dad right now is teaching me what Ibelieve is called Tai-chi. I'm not sure though. And I have been at this for almost 7 years now.[/I][/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=blue][I]I'm going to have to agree with Valen. I mean this is reality and while it might be sad it's LIFE!! Get used to it because like Valen said, "Unless the whole world turns vegetarian then it won't stop."[/I][/COLOR]
  8. Not bad at all................. I give it about an 8 or 9 out of 10! only because it's not perfectly balanced. But then again im not perfect either........................... O.o;; ::Starts drawing::
  9. [COLOR=blue][I]OK, I need some major advice on how to get decnt playing cards on this game. No matter what I do I can't get a card with an attack factor above 2000! I beat Heishin and got a TEC A Rank. I received a Flame Swordsman. Someone help me Please.[/I][/COLOR]
  10. OK, flat out if I had the money to have this monkey kileed i gladly would ::starts saving money:: Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching:: :: As for the molesting part, if it was me i would have.............. yeah.... ya know......... :: starts paying the hired hitman and sneaks off into the bushes:: Well, I just flat out, straight up hate the guy!!!!!!
  11. I know this goes against the rules, but I give my condolences.
  12. [COLOR=blue][I]Well... Damn I think I have all of you beat!!! First off my great uncle is.................... Al Capone. Yes people............ that's right Al Capone. Also take a wild guess who my cousin is! Marie Capone. My mom keeps in touch and she tells me storys about him. It's really cool! Also I don't think this counts but several times i've been invited to play BasketBall with Tracy McGrady and had the chance to meet Michael Jordan. Cool, huh?[/I][/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR=blue][I]This has got to be the best RPG EVER!!!!!!!!! the graphics are great, body characteristics and movements are actually pheaseable (dunno if i spelled that correctly), it's a little farfetched but great story plot, and on top of it those are some big tits for video game characters!!!! I give the game a 10/10. Any Opinions!? [/I][/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR=blue][I]Ok, for girl it would probably have to be...... BabyGirl definitley!!!! Because *thinking how to NOT hit* DAMN she is FINE. As for a guy, it would probably be James or meteora. James because I would love to be in control of everyone on OB's and Meteora because I think he is just flat out cool.[/I][/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=blue][I]WTF?!! Wow *coughs- what self expression*. No really though could you please tell me where to get psp7. I need to learn how to do this stuff! But yeah, going back to what Meteora said, it's just something about light effects and stuff that I too think are cool!!![/I][/COLOR]
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