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Yoshiki Okamoto resigns.

Guest Musahi

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Guest Musahi
[quote][size=1]Jun. 27, 2003
[6.27] Former Capcom producer to form his own game development studio
By Glen Bayer

Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto, departed from the company on June 20. Okamoto - known for his work on the Resident Evil series and also Nintendo's Game Boy Zeldas - said the reason for his resignation is that he disagreed with management regarding the future direction for the company.

Okamoto said he plans to now form his own game development studio to open in July. He will serve as the company's chief operating officer, while also being closely involved in software development. Okamoto is also recruiting programmers and artists to become partners in the venture through a stock benefit program.

Okamoto orginally planned to call the new company "Gamers Republic" but decided not to after learning an American game magazine had already used the name. At the moment, the company plans to focus on multiplatform game development. No specific titles have been announced.

Source: PolygonMag.com[/size][/quote]

[color=#003399]This is actually something that someone posted up on another forum, but I thought that there were enough Capcom fans to bring it here. It kind of pisses me off he is leaving, Capcom is in a big enough slump as it is. Now one of the most important people in the company (who created some of their most popular series mind you) is leaving. I really hope Capcom can pull through this, P.N.03 has been selling poorly in Japan, so has Dino Crisis 3. I heard that Viewtiful Joe is doing quite well, which is nice to hear, but it can't pull the company.

Of course in another way, I'm exited to see what kind of company YO will bring us. Hopefully he will bring us a new re-vamped horror/survival game, and not an RE clone.[/color]
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Capcom is held afloat by many other franchises, some small, some big.. I don't think PN03 was ever expected to do amazingly well, but it was certainly below expectations. Viewtiful Joe sold about 70% of its stock in one day, which was only about 30,000 units. Still, not bad at all for a day.

From what I understand, the guy just wasn't getting what he wanted... which winds up happening quite often. I think he was actually the head of Flagship. Flagship did the Orcale Zelda and did the storywork for the RE games... They are actually pretty close with Nintendo as well, so I imagine Okamoto will be as well.

I think he did a lot of arcade games way back too... like the 1940 shooters. Was a good guy, and hopefully he'll do some better stuff in the future.

And isn't the Gamers' Republic magazine gone now?
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Guest Musahi
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
And isn't the Gamers' Republic magazine gone now? [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=#003399]I have no clue what-so-ever. I didn't even know it exsisted, but I personally think that would be an idiotic name for a gaming company. They need something, short, simple, and with weirded out capital letters.[/color]


[color=#003399]Now that is trendy.[/color]
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