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Animal Magnetism

Jesus Chicken

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[color=blue]Yeah, here comes another poem for no one to read. It's about me and a friend of mine, and our group. We had a fight, and he thinks people see things one way, and I think everyone else sees it a different way. But instead of spelling it out, I thought I'd wack things around and talk about animals...OF COURSE!

[size=3][I]Animal Magnetism[/size]

The loin roars and all listen,
But when the eagle rides high, he gets the attention,
A loud voice next to a show off,
Both creatures know that only one will be seen ahead,
People might see it a different way,
But the animals know how it will stay,
Sure we think we know what?s going on,
But most of us don?t want to feel insecure,
So we sit at home, thinking we know about the king of that land,
But the animals know, who knows how it is planned,
Animal magnetism, has taken new heights,
While the lion roars, and the eagle takes flight,
People might want to feel they know how it is,
But something else, chooses how it goes.[/color][/I]
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