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Boba Fett

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I was 13 years old. We had just finished our Sunday breakfast, and I was contemplating going outside into the courtyard to play dodge ball with my friends, never mind my father said we shouldn?t go outside to play in such a rough neighborhood, when echoing words began to fill the neighborhood. Then the sounds of a brawl began resounding through our apartment, and my father yelled for us to get on the floor, and stay there. I was scared, and a little jealous. Everyone else was in the kitchen, which had a balcony that overlooked the courtyard, which was were the fighting seemed to be taking place. I debated crawling into the kitchen to see what was going on, but knew that my parents would be furious with me if I did. So instead I waited, listening to the voices outside grunting and groaning in agony. I heard the swoosh of something cutting through the air like a sword, then the thud as it made contact with something hard. Most likely it was a turf war. There was simply no other explanation for such a large fight.
My attention was diverted to the kitchen, as I heard a strange noise, and muffled cries of pain. I placed my head on the floor and looked under the closed door of my room into the kitchen. Where, moments before I was sure had been my family, was an empty kitchen. I got up, and looked through the keyhole of my door, terrified. I heard the pounding of several pairs of shoes as someone else walked though my house, down the back stairs, and out the door into the courtyard.
I couldn?t take the suspense any longer. I opened the door and nervously peeked out. Seeing nobody, I walked over to the balcony and looked down. I couldn?t believe my eyes.
In the courtyard below was a pile of men. They were all jumping on top of each other, as if trying to cover something beneath them. Stranger still was that all the men were wearing the exact same clothes. On a closer look, they all [I]were[/I] the same. Like identical twins, only there were about a hundred of them. I blinked and pinched my arm, but the dog pile of human clones remained.
A muffled voice spoke from deep within the pile, and I didn?t catch what he said. Then the others started echoing him, in a malevolent and gleeful way. Then silence filled the courtyard for the first time in what seemed like years. Nobody in the pile moved.
Then a cry came from the middle of the pile. A scream of rage so loud it pierced the mound of bodies it was enveloped in. Then the mountain of clones exploded.
Men in business suits went flying in every direction, one straight up into the sky for fifty feet before plummeting back to earth. Then a different figure caught my eye. One man, who would have struck me as very cool because of his sunglasses, if I hadn?t been completely scared, looked around at the clones. He did not seem worried, surprised or scared that he was surrounded by a mob of identical men. He knelt down, and the pavement beneath his feet rippled like water. He slowly raised his head to look up, and then flew away. I was shocked. He just flew away. Just like superman?
Then, in perfect unison, the clones looked up after him. They watched him, as did I, until he was no more than a speck in the distance. Then the clones began dispersing. They exited the courtyard though every available exit, all one hundred of them, in just a few seconds. I began to worry that they might come into my house, but my curiosity got the better of me and I stayed to watch. One of the clones had stayed in the courtyard. Just one. Just like all the rest, but different. He began to walk towards the main entrance to the courtyard, a door behind the bench. He opened it, and was about to leave when he stopped. He raised his head and looked straight at me. He stared into my eyes, and I stared back at his completely expressionless face. Then he left.
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Wow, really cool story! And the dude who was walking away in the end souds like he'd make a great super hero or a really cool friend. I love it, and the group of identical men in the fight that was great. ^^ And the sceen it's perfect for this story.
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Well it's a good one so that means your still good at fan-fics. I only watch horror, fantasy, Sic-Fi movies so I'm not going to get it, and I don't remember any move with something that could have a tie in. So since you like Star Wars, I'm guessing *looks at row of Star Wars movies*

Um...Star Wars: Attack of the clones

Yeah I know it's worng, but it was just a guess. Reasone I thought this because of Baba The Fett's son. Yep, I'm wrong!
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[COLOR=darkblue]I liked that, it was very good!
I hardly read fan-fics because the ones I have read weren't very interesting so they sort of discouraged me but, after reading this, I guess I shouldn't loose all hope of ever reading good fan-fics. ;)[/COLOR]
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