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Star Wars: Voyages of the Chu'unthor

Boba Fett

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[CENTER][B][SIZE=3]Star Wars: Voyages of the Chu'unthor[/SIZE][/B]

[COLOR= ORANGE-RED]Before the rise of the Empire, during the Height of the Jedi Order
a magnificent starship roamed the galaxy. The [I]Chu'unthor[/I] was
a ship like no other, a colossal Jedi vessel that searched out force
sensitive children and trained them in the space between the stars.
It was described as a mobile Jedi temple, a welcome sight for those in need.

But after the defeat of the Empire, Luke Skywalker found this majestic vessel
rusting on a distant planet, destroyed and crumbling. What could happen to
cause such an important ship to be wrecked on a forgotten planet without
a single mention in the history books?[/CENTER][/COLOR]

A colossal vessel glides through the star encrusted darkness of deep space. It is long, almost two kilometers and nearly flat. It is four decks high except for the engine compartment and the bridge, which are both seven decks high.

All the small windows of the ship are alight, making the ship look like a building that is lost in space. The ship's engines aren?t active, and sit idle between the V of the Y shaped vessel.

Then, almost all of the ship's lights go out.

[COLOR=green] Abob walked back from the lightsaber training room exhausted. He had been sparring with his class, a rare occurrence, when several of the visiting Jedi Knights and Master came into the room to watch. Then the session had gone from fun, with lighthearted joking and experimental moves, to deadly serious. Everyone in the room knew the importance of the visitors. They all wanted to be selected as padawans. If they weren?t they would be sent to the Agri-Corps, where their Jedi powers would be used to help plants grow. The Agri-Corps was the failed Jedi path. All those who were not strong enough in the force or who hadn?t, for some reason, been selected by their fourteenth birthday as a padawan were sent to the Agri-Corps. Abob was determined not to become one of them.

He knew he was one of the best in the class, and would be expected to win his spar. The instructor knew that as well, and had paired him with another student who was slightly better than him. They had been fighting longer than the rest, and hadn?t been told to stop when the lights went out. Normally spars ended when someone landed a "fatal blow" with their training saber, leaving a stinging bruise wherever the blow had landed. Abob's spar had been ferociously difficult. He and his opponent had fought for two hours without either of them being able to hit the other. When the lights went out, Abob had used the force to execute a nasty trick on his opponent. Taking advantage of his enemy?s momentary distraction when the lights went out, he had used the force to switch off his opponents saber, and slice across her stomach with his training saber. He had won the spar, and the visitors had no doubt used the force to see through the darkness to witness the end of it. He wondered what they would think of his performance. Would they be taken aback by his sneaky and underhanded move? Or would they be impressed? He would find out one way or another in nine months...

With these thoughts weighing heavily on his mind, he opened the door to his room, and collapsed on his bed fully dressed. He quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Yeah! Boba started thr RPG!

IC: Danny looked around. He was far away from were he would normaly go. He would usealy stay in one place. He looked around again.
"Never been here...I need to go explore more..." He smiled. His light saber shone in the dark room he was in. He liked dark, better then light. He then jumped up, as he felt some one come, he looked at the door, as it opened. A small figure walked in to him.
"Huh? What you doing here?" Asked Danny.
"I couldn't find you in your normal place, so I search for you." The figure had to be a boy.
"But...Why?" He asked.
"I need some help. Follow me..." Danny jumped to him and walked out of the dark, cold room and followed the boy.
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OOC: Vicky I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you should read Boba's last post in the Recruitment forum....

[COLOR=darkred]Kel walked the corridors of the [i]Chu'unthor.[/i] He had just seen a very good lightsaber duel that had him thinking. He didn't really want to take on a student just yet, considering his last one met a untimely death. [i]Rotten Huttese[/i] he thought. He calmed himself down quickly and was trying to decide which student he should take on. [i]Young Abob would be a good one,[/i] Kel thought. He still had time to make his decision, so he would just wait for a little while.
Kel continued to walked down the corridors, realizing he had no idea where he was. He used the force and came to a conclusion, he started walking in a direction that would take him to someplace recognizable.[/COLOR]
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Both Xanko and Lucas had been watching the youngling spars with interest. Whereas Xanko watched and kept a keen eye on those that shon, Lucas seemed to show more concern for those who were lacking. Xanko pinpointed it down to a difference in their personalities, as Lucas displayed a lot more care for things than Xanko did. Xanko imagined it was something he would learn in time...

Now, he and Lucas walked along an empty corridor on the Chu'unthor... and Lucas could clearly see Xanko contemplating. He was staring at the floor a few seet ahead of him, a weak smile formed at the corner of his lips.

[B]Lucas:[/B] What's on your mind Xanko?

[B]Xanko:[/B] The boy Abob... he impressed me today.

[B]Lucas:[/B] You did not see his actions as petty?

[B]Xanko:[/B] Not at all. All I saw was a desire to win, to impress. That is something I can relate to.

[B]Lucas:[/B] Why do I sense your intentions run deeper than you are suggesting?

[B]Xanko:[/B] My mind is open to you master. I was pondering if I could possibly take Abob as my first Padawan when he turns fourteen.

[B]Lucas:[/B] Ah... well that would certainly be interesting.

[B]Xanko:[/B] Interesting?

[B]Lucas:[/B] Yes. He is a lot like you Xanko; he is one of the most gifted in his class, and has great commitment and desire. He often reminds me of you... though he was never as isolated as you were. You have been a Knight for almost a year now, and you have not taken a Padawan as of yet. Why now?

[B]Xanko:[/B] I was waiting until I found the right student. I believe that search has ended...

[B]Lucas:[/B] I see. Your realize that becoming a mentor will require a great degree of lenience on your part. Remember your first years as a Padawan? If you are a harsh teacher, then the child will not respond to you. However, they must also feel as if they are being pushed, or you will not gain their respect.

[B]Xanko:[/B] I understand master. But I feel as if I am ready.

[B]Lucas:[/B] Well, I suppose we shall see... there are still nine months before Abob is able to become a Padawan. See how you feel then.

[B]Xanko:[/B] I shall not change my mind...

[B]Lucas:[/B] No... I know you too well to even concept that. In that case, perhaps a talk with Abob would be beneficial, to see how he feels about it.

[B]Xanko:[/B] Yes master. If you'll excuse me.

[B]Lucas:[/B] Where are you going?

[B]Xanko:[/B] All that sparring has given me a thirst. I think I shall go and train for a while.
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[COLOR=green]Abob awoke early the next morning, before the sleep cycle had ended. He stumbled around his room for a few minutes, not having the concentration to use the force to see his surroundings through the darkness, because of his tiredness. He showered, and dressed in one of his three identical sets of learner?s robes. Abob's robes are a plain textured brown, with his age group symbol and his name affixed on a patch that is hand sown over his heart. He often wondered if the rough scratching material was used on purpose because he knew that many of his fellow students had complained that their robes were uncomfortable, and their complaints had fallen on deaf ears.

He attached his training lightsaber to his belt, and walked over to his dresser. Abob opened its top drawer and pushed the neatly folded clothes aside to reveal a silver lightsaber. As he took out a rag from his pocket and began polishing it, he couldn?t help but think of his mother. Jedi weren?t supposed to have family attachments, so he had only seen his mother three times before his death. He often wondered what had happened to her. Nobody had ever told him how or why she died, and he hadn?t been able to see his father since her death because the Jedi Council feared this would lead to further dangerous feelings. Sometimes he didn?t understand the council?s decisions, but he would have to accept them. For now...

Once the lightsaber was gleaming again, put it away and left his room. The corridors were almost always empty at this time, because the sleep cycle was almost over. Both the crew of the ship and the students were both in their quarters, the first changing shifts while the second were preparing for the days lessons.

Abob walked through a maze of corridors until he reached the portal room. The portal room was a relatively small room made of clear durasteel on all but one side. It looked out into space, and Abob found it conducive to meditation. He walked over to the wall, and opened a small locker. He removed a dozen of the small plastic cubes and placed them on the floor.

Then he sat a few feet away from them, his legs folded and his arms crossed over his chest. He began to concentrate, finding the blocks through the force and focusing on moving them up into the still air.
The blocks floated up into the air and began to circle, slowly increasing in speed, around his head. After several minutes of this the blocks were a white blur racing around his head.

Then the soft hiss of the door opening impressed itself upon Abob's focused mind, and he froze the blocks in the air before letting them drop to the ground with a clatter. Finally, he turned to face his visitor.[/COLOR]
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"Who's that meditating before the sleep cycle has ended?" came a voice from the doorway.

"Abob." came the reply. Abob stood up.

"Don't let me interrupt you, I'm just grabbing something from a locker." said the Jedi, walking over to the same wall Abob had just minutes before. Abob, for some reason, could not clearly see the Knight.

Abob sat back down and continued his meditation and, soon enough, the blocks were whirring about his head again. From within his meditation, Abob thought he sensed probing of some sort into his mind. The feeling was gone in an instant.

A couple minutes later Abob stood up, the sleep cycle had ended and the others would be getting up soon. But where had the Jedi gone? Abob had not heard the door's hiss of opening, nor had he detected any movement from the Jedi Knight. Puzzled, he exited the room.

After the boy had left, Lennod relaxed. He had been concentrating hard on maintaining the thought that he was not present. By doing so, the boy was unable to determine his presence either. [I](O.O.C. Basically it's a maintained "Jedi mind Trick")[/I] The boy had gotten up early today. Always before, Lennod had arrived in the chamber first. Then, when the boy showed up, he would shiled himself from detection. He had been doing this since the day the boy boarded the ship. Lennod needed the practice to maintain this ability, but he thought the boy would benefit from the exercise as well.

[I]"Soon."[/I] thought the Knight. [I]"He may see me."[/I]
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[COLOR=green]Abob was puzzled. There was a Jedi...then...no Jedi. Again. The most striking part about his feeling was one of violation. Like someone had entered his mind. It had only been for an instant, but it was like someone had been able to access his thoughts. Every secret, every fear, everything beneath his calm composure had been exposed. He shuddered. He would have to work on his mental technique. He had been trying for weeks in that room to seek visions through the force during his meditation, and he had been getting this feeling ever since. It had gradually increased over the two weeks he had attempted this. Could this be the start of a vision? He would have to ask.

The dim lights suddenly changed, getting brighter over a space of a few seconds so that it wouldn?t shock your eyes with the increased light. Abob looked up at the chronometer on the wall of the corridor, and thought that it would be advisable to leave so that he could be on time for his first lesson. As he walked across the ship to training dome three, his mind wandered. He decided not to return to that room until he had answers. He also wanted to bring a friend next time; it would help his peace of mind if he were able to determine that he wasn?t the only one who could have this vision.

He entered the training dome deep in thought, to find the instructor preparing the lesson...[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=royalblue] What!? My names for the speakers aren't showing up. What's going on!?


Kw'iak sat in a rather large spacious room with windows on one of the walls. Within the room where many Jedi, no not warriors, but toddlers and younglings. He had been asigned by Yoda to care for them and help teach them with Jedi Master Yun'k Roguna. She was a rather strange Jedi, a Fallen and rather gorgous in appearance. But then again, Fallen's are shape shifters and are known to be more aluring then a Twi'lek. He thought back to his conversation with Master Yoda before he had to leave the Chu'unthor on important issues on Coruscant.


I do not under stand Master, why am I assigned to care for the young? I have barely become a Jedi Knight as it is.

See you shall, in due time.

I still do not see your logic in this placement of me, I'm sure a Master like Yun'k can handle the youth very easily.

Assit she needs not, needs of you this is about. Depart I must, look over the younglings you shall.


He thought about the short conversation and still pondered why Yoda gave him this assignment when he spotted two young boys playing around with their training light sabers. He cooly walked over to them while waving his hand, deactivating the light sabers.

You were told to practice your force lifting abilities, please do so. You will be able to practice your light saber duel in time.

But master! We all know Jedi must use their light sabers all the time! We thought it would be good to prepare ourselves for the future.

The future?


I shall tell you the saying of the great Quarren philospher Nu'kuni, "Thoughs who think of the future can never grasp the events of the present."

He paced away as the two small boys put their light sabers away and started practicing levitating small spheres in the air. And sat back down in his egg shaped chair.

You know, thinking about the future once in a while isn't a bad thing.

Kw'iak simple looked at Yun'k with a sort of dumbfounded look.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Had Xanko been training all night? The mutilated bodies of many training and battle droids lay around him, his yellow sabre still alive at his side. He had hardly noticed the instructor enter the room; he was in such deep concentration. Only when the young Abob entered, did he slip out of his focus.

[B]Instructor:[/B] Master Xanko, anymore of your all-night training sessions, and we shall be out of droids altogether.

[B]Xanko:[/B] I apologise, I didn't realise I had been training for so long.

[B]Instructor:[/B] Well, I'm afraid you'll have to leave now, as the younglings are coming in for their lesson.

Xanko allowed his eyes to fix upon the young Abob, who seemed at a slight unease as he stood in the corner. Something troubled him; that much was clear. Xanko decided not to pry inside his mind, as it was best for Abob to tell someone.

[B]Xanko:[/B] Actually, would you mind if I stayed and watched the lesson?

[B]Instructor:[/B] You're welcome to, if you clean up that mess you made.

[B]Xanko:[/B] Very well. Abob!

[B]Abob:[/B] ...Me?

[B]Xanko:[/B] Yes, come help me clean this up.

Cautiosly, Abob approached the Zabrak Knight. Most of the younglings had known of Xanko, but most had very little contact with him due to his less than welcoming appearence. Abob walked upto Xanko, and Xanko moved quickly over to the metal scrap in one corner of the room. Abob walked over to a smaller piece, and bent down to pick it up...

[B]Xanko:[/B] No!

Abob rose; confused, and looked at Xanko. It was interesting, there was no sign of fear in his face.

[B]Xanko:[/B] Not with your hands. Use the force.

Abob nodded, then turned his attention back towards the metal. Xanko was going to use this opportunity to test the young Omwati again; he wanted to know as much as possible about his abilities. Abob raised his hand, and one of the larger pieces of scrap raised quickly off the floor. Xanko was impressed; for a boy his age, that was quite a feat. Xanko kept both hands behind his back, and suddenly, three droids that were complete apart from single stab wounds, raised up infront of him. Abob looked over, the Zabrak didn't even seem to be trying.

Once all the scrap had been removed, Abob bowed to the Zabrak, and he returned the bow. Abob then turned and walked back to the instructor, who was almost ready to start the class. Xanko walked upto the instructor's side, whispered something into his ear, and then moved to the back of the dome. The instructor mused over what Xanko had said to him for a while, and then looked up at the group.

[B]Instructor:[/B] Younglings... I'm afraid I have some pressing business to attend to. As such, Master Xanko will be teaching your lesson. Do not fear, he is more than capable.
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[COLOR=green]Abob watched with interest as his normal instructor hurried from the room. This obviously wasn?t normal. This Knight Xanko had asked him to help him remove the fallen training droids from the floor of the combat dome. That was highly unusual because, as he had seen, this Knight seemed powerful enough to remove all the scrap by himself. That meant Xanko had wanted to test his abilities. Why would he want to do that? Maybe he was considering taking me as a... NO. Focus on the present. What will come, will come. He banished the thought from his mind and listened intently to the lesson.

[B]Xanko:[/B] "Listen closely; I'm not going to repeat myself. Today we will be experimenting with lightsaber sparring."

[I]There was a murmur of interest, since they had just sparred yesterday and were expecting their instructor to critique their performances for at least a week.[/I]

[B]Xanko:[/B] "Yes. Quiet down. Now divide into groups of three. We are going to do this a little differently. Once you are in groups, divide into a pair and a loner. Then the pair may, using normal sparring rules, attack the owner. You may begin when you are ready."

[I]The entire class was frozen to the spot, pondering this new exercise. Then a tall heavy set Rodian walked over to the weakest members of the class, who were normally picked last, and proclaimed them part of his group. Then everyone started moving, most grouping with their friends.[/I]

Abob stood patiently in the very center of the throng, unmoving. There would be people left at the end, and he would group with them. No need to waste energy selecting a group. He knew nobody would want to group with Tantor Squee, a Durro boy who had terrible burn marks on his face from an accident that had occurred when he was very young. Sam Ykello wouldn?t be picked either; she was a Human-Omwati half breed who wasn?t very friendly. Both of them were average students, and Sam was the best swordsman in the class. Abob had reasoned that they weren?t chosen because they looked or acted "different". Like he did. He also thought it was very unperceptive of them to judge other individuals by their appearance when they had the force as their ally.

The groups were formed and, as he had predicted, he was "stuck" with Tantor and Sam. They were deciding who would be the loner when a soft voice form behind them spoke.

[B]Xanko:[/B] "Abob, you're the loner.

Abob had to use all his strength to keep from leaping up when he heard the voice behind his shoulder, but he had enough composure left to nod to Xanko his acceptance.

Abob removed his training saber from his belt and activated it, standing a dozen feet from Sam and Tantor. His opponents conferred among themselves, then struck with considerable tact. Sam used the force to leap high in the air and land, lightsaber swinging, on Abob's left. Sam ran at full speed towards him, her lightsaber aimed at his stomach. Abob parried Sam's lightsaber, and kicked out with his foot. Sam was forced to dodge to his right. Abob then put his hands behind his head and held his lightsaber parallel to his back, powerfully blocking Tantor's decapitation swing an sending the Durro stumbling backwards. Abob then had to jump as Sam took a swing at his exposed belly. He used the force to propel himself to the other end of the mat they were fighting on, before turning to face his opponents. He couldn?t keep with up much longer; he was already tiring, while neither of them had yet to break a sweat. He couldn?t block their attacks much longer...

Then an idea hit him. Not block...attack. It might work. A thin smile crossed Abob's lips, and then he charged at Tantor. He swung high and gave Tantor an easy block above their heads. Then Abob kicked Tantor hard in the upper chest, winding him. Abob used the force to spot Sam just in time; she had thrown her lightsaber like a boomerang, straight at Abob's back. Abob ducked, flattening himself to the floor as the lightsaber soared over his head, dealing a "fatal blow" to Tantor.

By this time, most of the spars had finished, the loner being defeated easily by the pair. Only Abob's team and the Rodian's team were still fighting. The Rodian was easily defending himself against his far weaker opponents, and his match wasn?t very exciting. The crowd was watching Sam and Abob.

They fought viciously, as they had the night before, neither able to penetrate the other's guard. Abob was going all out, kicking and punching his opponent while her lightsaber was busy. After several minutes, they locked lightsabers and their faces were inches apart. Abob was beginning to realize, once again, that he was no match for Sam. He was barely able to defend himself, much less deal a "fatal blow" with his lightsaber. He dropped to one knee, and swept his left leg in a sweeping motion across Sam's feet. She tripped, and raised her lightsaber defensively in front of her as she fell. It was then that she realized Abob wasn?t holding his lightsaber. She turned but Abob's weapon, controlled by the force, dealt her a "fatal blow across her neck. The match was over.

Abob rose to his feet and shook hands with Sam. Then she whispered something in his ear.

[B]Sam:[/B] "You wait until form class..."

[I]Abob smiled. He might be able to defeat her in combat, but she was far above him in lightsaber form.[/I]

A chime sounded, and the lesson was over. Abob walked over to Xanko, intending to ask him a question...[/COLOR]
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Lennod went to where the training droids were kept when not in use. He noticed with consternation that there were very few left. He silently cursed Xanko. He took what battle droids were left and went to the portal room, a place he was sure would be empty at this time.

His guess proved to be true, the portal room was empty. The droids followed him into the room. He closed the door and pushed a small button near it. A large blast-resistant cover shielded the durasteel window, shutting out the light of the stars. Lennod deactivated the lights in the room. Then he activated the droids.

It took a miute for their eyes to adjust to the darkness. When they made out his shape in the dark, they began firing. There were five of them. He dodged their blasts, activating his green light whip. He knew that it would now be easier for the droids to pinpoint him, but dodging was not the focus of his practice. He rushed at the droids, his light whip trailing behind him. He hopped elft and right to avoid their shots then used a force-enhanced jump to fly over the top of them. Then he spun and lashed out with his whip. Arms, legs, and blasters were the object of his whip, and he severed them all. The droids' limbless bodies threshed wildly on the floor. He gathered them up using the force. Then he walked out of the room, carrying the droids with him. The portal room returned to normal.
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Through the entire spar, Xanko had watched Abob intently... and he was not disapointed. Picking any child as the loner at such an age was picking the loser, as their knowledge was all at a similar level. He wasn't expecting Abob to do well, he just wanted to see his drive... but to win, that was something else. He couldn't stop himself from smiling as he saw the boy figure out his path to victory, and again when it worked.

It was more than strange though... Xanko had been put in the same situation at his age, and he had acted almost exactly the same. The only difference being that Xanko went on the offensive from the start, knowing he was the best combatant in his class. A very unorthodox thing was when a Jedi chose an aggresive path, but it was something Xanko admired greatly, and related to.

When the Rodian boy had won his match he began pacing over to Xanko, showing off his victory. Xanko had blocked him with the force, holding him at eight feet, not even allowing him to blink. He wanted to focus on Abob as much as possible. After all, it was the only reason he had set this up.

He picked up a training lightsabre off the instructor's table and began examining it, when he felt a presence. He turned, to see Abob approaching him...
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Kel decided to go to the form class. The previous night he had watched the dueling, and decided that he would watch the students he had interest in with their form. He didn't know what to expect with the form class, for everyone was different in their own unique way. He himself had a form unlike many others, that had propelled him to the top of his class for a while.

He silently entered the class room, and subtely let the instructor know that he was there, and patiently watched the younglings at work.
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[COLOR=green]As the other students filed out of the room, heading to the cafeteria for their lunch break, Abob lingered behind to talk to Xanko. He wasn?t very good at impressing his ideas on others through speech, and would much rather communicate through example. He nervously stepped closer to the intimidating Jedi Knight and began to speak.

[B]Abob[/B]: "Xanko, may I have a moment of your time?"

[B]Xanko[/B]: "Certainly..."

[B]Abob[/B]: "I was meditation this morning in the portal room, when I saw, or thought I saw a Jedi knight enter the room. Then, he was gone. He just disappeared."

[B]Xanko[/B]: "Interesting. Was there anything else going on at the time?"

[B]Abob[/B]: "Yes. I was seeking a vision through the force, as is often done during control meditation."

[B]Xanko[/B]: "You were doing a [I]control[/I] meditation?"

[B]Abob[/B]: "Yes."

[B]Xanko[/B]: "With control meditation there is a strong chance of hallucinatory visions. Visions that sometimes seem so real that you can become trapped. You are lucky you were able to exert some control over it."

[B]Abob[/B]: "The oddest part is that I felt what I now believe to be a brief mind probe or Jedi Mind trick."

[B]Xanko [/B]: "It could be part of the vision, although if you felt its presence strongly, that is unlikely. I will think on this matter."

Xanko walked briskly form the room, and Abob followed, heading for the Lunch room. Only a half hour till Form class... [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=royalblue] Kw'iak was sitting at the sensor grid in the bridge of the [I]Chu'unthor[/I] as was his station on the ship while not teaching the younglings. I found it rather boring since not much ever broke down on the [I]Chu'unthor[/I]. The Jedi Council Member Oppo Rancisis was at the helm of the ship at the time. Known for his great tactics and one of the most cunning Jedi in the Council. His entire face was covered with fur, sort of like a Wookie but with a white blondish hair a beared which made his face besides his eyes completely covered. Suddenly the sensor system went insane. The light flashed and it made a large tone type noise. Kw'iak leaped back into reality and looked at the monitor.

Kw'iak: Master Oppo! Their is a estimate of 6 small ships and one larger ship heading in this exact direction. My guess is that they are pirates.

Oppo looked at the large tactical screen and set off the alarm.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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The [I]Chu'unthor[/I] hung like a giant bat in space. Looking flat from a distance, and over two kilometers long, it moved slowly across space. Normally it was alone, no support vessels, no other ships in sight.

Today was different. Three hundred kilometers off the starboard bow sat seven ships; all colored a non reflective black. Six of them were small frigates, lightly armed and with huge engines that made them ridiculously fast. The largest ship was made up of black and grey metals, and its forward sections bristled with weapons. The capital ship's main body looks like a cylinder, with two triangles hanging down from it. The triangular "wings" of the craft flanked the engines, and also bristled with weapons.

From a distance, the seven ship armada looked like an inkblot on the starfeild, blocking out the stars, but having no running lights to replace the stars.

[COLOR=green]Abob was in the lunchroom when the alarms went off. Every child on the ship knew what to do. Everyone rose from their seats, their lunches lying forgotten on the tables, and walked calmly to their quarters. Abob and the other Senior Jedi Learners had been assigned to take care of younger children, since the adults would be needed on the bridge.

He walked swiftly across the cafeteria, and told his group of five year old younglings to hold hands in a line. Taking the hand of the head of the line, he led them to the evacuation point. All children were to be evacuated to escape pods, but the pods weren?t to be launched unless they absolutely had to. Abob doubted they would ever launch, since the crew of Jedi on the ship gave it an immense advantage over all other ships.

They reached the large escape pod, and Abob buckled all the younglings into their seats. Then he dimmed the lights. Naptime had come early today for these younglings. Then he walked outside of the escape pod, into the hallway on the lowest deck of the ship.

The main access to the bridge was just down the hall, and nervous looking Knights and Masters jogged down the hall to the bridge, probably for a briefing on the situation. The he heard a loud whine as the shield generator jumped in power output. He turned around and looked through the escape pod veiwport. There was a shimmering blue shield around the ship. This was no drill...

Something black caught Abob's eye, and he was shocked to see oddly familiar black battleships drifting in space. Drifting? Yeah, they were drifting, since the engines weren?t alight. He had seen these vessels before, he was sure of it. Where? He wracked his brain, searching for the memory... He had to find it. This was not the way though. He knew it deep down, that this mad scramble wouldn?t work. He sat down and began to meditate, letting his thoughts flow through his head like water, looking for the right one.

He had it. Startled he spoke the words out loud.

[B]Abob:[/B] "A Sith Battle Ship, from history class..."

[B]Xanko:[/B] "A what?"

[I] Abob jumped, his eyes opened and he looked up to see Xanko standing over him.[/I]

[B]Xanko:[/B] "Do you know what those ships are?"

[B]Abob:[/B] "Yes. They are Sith Battleships, but they've got to be thousands of years old..."

[B]Xanko:[/B] "Come with me, to the bridge. The command crew needs to hear this."

[B]Abob:[/B]"But the younglings? If they need to be evacuated..."

[B]Xanko:[/B] "I will send one of the padawans from the bridge to take care of them. Now we must go."

[I] they ran down the corridor towards the bridge, the crucial nature of their information giving them an added sense of urgency...[/I][/COLOR]
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Kel waited patiently, then the alarm went off. "So much for that class!" He said as he ran out of the room to the bridge. A glance out of the viewport showed him several black ships approaching, strangely familiar looking ships.

He ran past some escape pods, and saw the Younglings huddling in there. As he ran he came up to Xanko and young Abob. He didn't say anything to them as they ran into the bridge. That is where Abob told them what the ships were, Sith Battleships. Kel frowned at the news, knowing this was going to be a hard battle.
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