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DBZ Gennisess RPG


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this is an rpg about pre- dragonball u can be: bardock,frieza,dodoria,zarbon,chibi vegeta,nappa,fasha,tora or anyone else in bardocks crew, or anyone from this saga.....

u start with-
pl- 10,000
hp- 5,000

i need-
race, starting planet.


rejuvination tank $400
1 person pod $200
2 person pod $400
3rd class armor $200 blox 25% of damage
2nd class armor $400 blox 50% of damage
1st class armor $600 blox 75% of damage
power gloves $100 +10% stats
scouter $50 gain an extra 10% per battle
power gauntlets $100 learn attacks 2 days sooner
siaba seeds $50 for 5 $100 for 12

final flash,6 days AD=5000 KI=2000
big bang ball,5 days AD=4000 KI=1,500
controlled oozaru,4 days,can be oozaru and control yourself
moon shot,3 days, turn oozaru when this attack is used
power sensing,2 days, sense others powers
power hiding,2 days, hide your powers
dodanpa, 3 days AD=3000 KI=1000
super dodanpa, 4 days AD= 5000 KI=2000 *must know dodanpa
elbow strike, 1 day AD=1000 KI=0
take down, 2 days AD=2000 KI=0
low jab, 1 day AD=1000 KI=0
knife hand, 2 days AD= 2000 KI=0
lunge punch, 2 days AD=2000 KI=0
round kick, 2 days AD=2000 KI=0
mega punch, 3 days AD=3000 KI=200
mega kick, 3 days AD=3000 KI=3000
:: RULES::
last one standing wins!!!!!

:: please join!::

my stats:
chibi vegeta
race: sayain
pl- 10,000
hp- 5,000
ki- 2,500
account- $1000
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