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[color=darkblue][size=1]Well, if any of you have read any of the Redwall series, you'll like this story. It's not directly linked to the timeline except for some names and stuff. Well, enjoy!



[i]Imil, a middle aged squirrel, was just finishing the story that he has been writing for many a day. He had found the documents of a young mouse, which was to take up a legacy. His name you ask? Why, his name was Meo, the great great grandson of Mattimeo, who was son to Matthias, both grand warriors. Imil had stumbled upon one single sheet of paper, tattered with age, when searching for documents for an old recipe. It seemed as if it were non-readable, but Imil had found one single word, clear as day. It was: Meo. He had studied, read, and searched for more clues to the one known as Meo. He had finally found all known documents about Meo, and had started to write out his story. He had never told anyone about it. If any one asked him, he usually answered the same as always;[/i]?You shall find out soon enough.?
?Imil! Are you done with that story of yours yet? I?d say just about every beast is out in the Great Hall waiting for you to read it! The elders are getting impatient and the dibbuns are just about to fall asleep? [i]Imil turned around; it was his wife, Rosetree.[/i]
?Yes, yes my dear. Just one ? more? ah! Done! Let me just go get my cloak.? [i]replied Imil. [/i]
[i]He walked towards a cabinet near the left wall, which contained his green cloak. It was decorated with a few designs near the middle, as well as a small red R on the bottom left. It was large enough for any beast to see if it was only about four feet away. The R was meant to represent Redwall.[/i]
[i]Rosetree turned to him,[/i] ?Hurry, Imil, we?re all ready!? [i]They both started to walk down the steps, which lead into the Great Hall. When he got down to the last step, he stood in shock. Rosetree was right. Every beast was awaiting him![/i]
?Oh my, I didn?t really expect to have this big a crowd!? [i]He stood for a moment, looking at his crowd.[/i] ?Well, may as well get started, eh??
[i]He then stepped back when the cheer arose from the inhabitants of Redwall. The cheer could have been heard from Saint Ninians. He than sat down on a stool and sat the pile of pages that he had written.
The story has begun![/i]

[center]Book One[/center]
[center]A Quest...[/center]

[center]Chapter 1[/center]

[i]Extract from the recordings of Polk, recorder of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower.
We are getting closer and closer to the season of autumn, the season of great feasts! We can hardly wait! It is naught but two weeks away. We have been preparing by cooling the Dandelion and Burdock Cordial, the October Ale, cider, berry wines, various fruit cordials, and several other assortments of drinks. Log-a-log and his crew of shrews have come to help as well as Skipper, the otter chieftain, and his crew (even though I think they just want to completely eat the entire table along with the food). It is a happy time in Mossflower and the Redwall Abbey. The otters are having a great time in the abbey pond, teaching the little ones to swim. We have found a new addition to our ever-growing Redwall family. We found him outside the abbey gates; he is but a young one. His age seems to be from about four to five seasons. We all decided to name him Meo. Our only male badger since Russano the Wise, Swipe the Mighty, has decided to take our little Meo and keep him under his watchful eye. Meo is outside with Skipper, who has taken a liking to the little one, swimming. Swipe is out there as well, but has decided not to swim.
Ah, I shall say it again, but what a grand day! The sun is out setting a beautiful bright blue canvas across the abbey. It?s blue light shimmering into the stained glass of the Great Hall. If you could look at the floor of the Great Hall, you would be in pure shock. The sun set?s a beautiful painting on the floor consisting of reds, blues, whites, greens, yellows, and purples. The tapestry of Martin is in as good condition as it was when it was first made.
Alas, but my paws tire me, the air in this room is stuffy. Oh, but I have an idea of what to do! The cellar keeper of the abbey, Audi, a hedgehog, has invited me to sample the different drinks. Ooh, what a joy! Well, time to go off now; of course you will understand that my means are merely to help a friend!

Polk Tobin, Recorder of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower country[/i]


I'll post the next chapter after the first replies. ^_^

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[color=darkblue][size=1]Thanks for liking it! Well, heres the rest.


[center]Chapter 2[/center]

[i]Polk had gone to the cellars to help Audi ?sample? the drinks and everyone else was outside, having a great time. What they couldn?t notice though was the two ever-watchful eyes outside the abbey gates near the eastern wall. It was a ferret, never taking his eyes away from the entire scene, happiness, joy, and celebration. It all disgusted him. He then heard a sharp whistle that apparently he only heard. He looked around, and then decided on what to do. He jumped off from the tree landing on both foot paws.
He wore a dark blue habit, telling of his rank as captain of his crew. One of his ears was entirely cut off in a clean cut. He had never followed the rules of any? all but one. He held on to the sheath of his lethal dagger as he ran. He didn?t have to run too far until he came upon a hole carved onto a tree, concealed with some bark and dead leaves. He looked around looking for any wandering animals, just in case any beast were to watch him enter. [/i]

[i]A foul stench came across his nose as he entered. He saw hundreds of beasts, just as evil as him, just not in the same ranking. Many of the animals were ferrets, rats, weasels, bobcats, stoats, and other sorts of evil beasts. He entered a long corridor, as he walked further he noticed a large door.
He knocked, and heard a raspy come out,[/i] ?Yes, who is it?? [i]He then answered with a little tint of fear in his voice,[/i] ?It is I, Daggerguts! You called me, milord??
[i]The voice then replied,[/i] ?Ah, yes, Daggerguts! Come in, come in!? [i]Daggerguts then entered, only to find a room that resembled that of a wonderful palace. He stood in awe, regardless of the fact that he has been in and out of that same room countless of times. He then looked at the one had called him.
It was a wolf, sipping on some wine he had just poured him self. He had fabulous armor hanging on the wall facing his back. There was a bone-handle scimitar hanging in front of the armor. Its lethal slice has killed many innocent beasts before this time. He looked at the wine, then at Daggerguts.[/i] ?First things first, would you like some wine? You seem famished!?
[i]Daggerguts looked up at him,[/i] ?May I, milord? If it is alright with you then I will surely accept it!?
[i]The wolf then clapped his paws twice and then called out,[/i] ?Please, some wine for Daggerguts! Well, hurry!? [i]A waiter then rushed in with a platter in hands. Atop the platter was a fine-polished glass, half-filled with a dark red wine. The waiter then came to Daggerguts, setting the glass in front of him. Daggerguts then grabbed the glass and drank the wine greedily. When he had finished, he set the glass down gently. He then looked up at looked up,[/i] ?Thank you, milord-? [i]The wolf then interrupted him, [/i]?Please, please, Daggerguts, you know me enough to call me by my proper name.?
?Yes, mil?sorry, Garu.? [i]Garu then looked at him, an evil grin on his face.[i/] ?Was that so hard? Anyways, back to business. What did you find out while observing the Redwall abbey??
[i]Daggerguts looked at him pitifully,[/i] ?Nothing yet Garu, oh wait! They are to have a feast on the beginning of autumn.? [i]Garu looked at him as if he were going to kill him on the very chair he was seated on. He held back though[/i], ?Oh well, that is of no importance to me. Very well, I thank you for the news, Daggerguts. You may go.?
[i]Daggerguts then did a proper salute and headed for the door. Garu the Powerful did the same and called his waiter. The waiter then filled up his glass with some more wine. Before Daggerguts left though, he bowed to Garu, showing his rank. He then went out the door with relief.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Thanks... I think. Here's the 3rd chapter. ^^

[center]Chapter 3[/center]

[i]The day of the feast, everyone was to go to the Great Hall, which was the dining area during all feasts. During the daytime, many of the kitchen helpers were setting up decorations on the table, as well as some otters and some shrews. It is customary to go to the abbey pond and fish out a grayling, but since the graylings have not been thriving as much as usual, the abbot of Redwall, Abbot Murdock, has decided to fish and catch carps. As the day?s tasks went on, more and more people have helped on decorations and other helpful jobs to do. Otters have volunteered to help carry the heavy tables from the original dining room down to the Great Hall. The day progressed and finally, it was starting to turn dark.
Every beast started to gather around the spectacle of lights, decorations, and the wonderful aroma coming from the many types of food to choose from. Many of the animals were wearing cloaks or habits. The dibbuns, or young ones, of the abbey were in their nightshirts and gowns. They were all giggling as the smell of Strawberry fizz passed their noses.
Everyone got quiet as Swipe entered the hall, he leaned his sword, which was safely placed in his sheath, on the wall behind him. Then, Abbot Murdock entered the room, everyone stood up, in marvel of his newly made habit. It was a red color signifying he was the abbot of Redwall. He went to his seat and motioned for all to sit down.[/i]
?I thank you all. As you know, autumn is here and is as grand as it ever was. We would like to celebrate our newest member to Redwall, Meo. A bright, young mouse. Let?s give Meo a hand!?
[i]Everyone looked at Meo, who was sitting down next to Abbot Murdock and Swipe. He smiled, letting everyone now he was happy as well. The abbot then motioned for quiet.[/i]
?Well, before I go off talking about when I was young? let the Feast of the First Day of Autumn begin!?
[i]The night was full of laughter, ditties, jigs, and most of all: happiness. As soon as the eating had finished, everyone started to move to a ditty that Skipper of Otters was singing:[/i]

?If I were a stone I?d lie alone
Amid the earth and clay-o,
?Til some good beastie picked me up
And threw me far away-o
Lolly too diddle um
Rinky doo skiddle um
There?s bread ?n? cheese ?n? cider,
Said the hedgehog maid who sat to supper,
But now ?tis all inside ?er.?

[i]Skipper paused for a moment. Half the animals dancing along to the old ditty fell to ground. The ones who fell, as well as the ones who didn?t, all had a cheery laugh about it. Skipper of Otters than smiled, he winked and then continued.[/i]

?Now my grandpa, he was by far
A dreadful fat old liar.
?It?s cold in the river tonight,? he said,
As he sat upon the fire,
?Til my old grandma came along
And hit him with a ladle.
?There?s another egg been cracked.? she laughed?
?As she set him on the table.
Doodle oo lolly tum
Tiddly oodly iddly um.
I loved an otter?s daughter,
And she fed me on pots of tea
Made out of boiling water.?

[i]Every beast in the Great Hall burst with laughter, as well as the newcomer before Meo. His name was Tagg; he was an otter and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Meo walked up to him,[/i] ?Hewo, my name?s Meo and me on?y a likkle mouse! Who you??
[i]Tagg blinked at him,[/i] ?Er, me name?s Tagg. Nice to meets you Meo! I on?y a likkle mouse too! Wait?s a minates, me not a mousey wousey! Me an ooter, lika that?n!? He pointed at Skipper, who was starting another ditty. They both smiled at each other, knowing they would be best of friends.
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Guest dayday
Sorry, but I'm a slow reader. It takes me over a hour just to read a small comic. But that was good. I love Redwalll books too. So I guess that's why.
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