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Let's Get Crunk!!

Guest Tec-9

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gonna gonna be about a matter of time
before you get loose and start to lose your mind
cop you a drink, go ahead and rock your ice
cause were celebratin no more drama in our life
get the track pumpin, everybody is jumpin
go ahead twist your back and get your body bumpin
I thought I told you to leave your situations at the door
so grab somebody and get your *** on the dance floor!!

no hatin' or rachin', ya heard?!
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im gonna see how much i can get off 2 bars

i cant belive you commin here with all thoose wack taCctics, your hearts esstaTiC, but i wont have it//
you now ma name by now so its safe say that you AlReAdY know, and ya mommas a a hoe, thats why im steelin yo flow//

what now! i win!
btw that wasnt directed twords anyway jus spittin fire.
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I don't really see anything wrong with Rap... sure, a lot of people at my school listen to it...most of them earn horrible grades, but I see no direct relationship between the two.

Yes hip-hop is a way of life...so is alternative and jazz, which is the way I live mine...probably till the end of time which I will spend with my one and only. So I'll never be lonely. Soley for the purpose of surviving, day by day. Eventually, It'll never pay off. To us anyway...
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