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Tec-9: hey will, wat's crip-a-lat'n?!
will2x0:wat's crackalacckin?!
tec-9: o man! i gotta tell you what happened to me yest--
*bell rings*
Dean Adam;): let's get to class!!!!!! Paper pick up to ay one still standing around!!!
*the whole hallway clears out in a split second*
how'd i do?
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will: hey man i hate that dean.

tec9:yeah we should drop him.

will: hey after school lets call up our crew.

tec9: yeah sounds good to me.

will: aww wait a minute.

tec9: what

will: i forgot i got a date wit this fly honey after school.

richard: hey will, you have homework after school.

will: was anybody talkn to you nerd?

richard: ...

will: besides , homework is fa suckaz.

tec9: fa sho.

richard: its also for people that dont wanne end up givn bjs on the street.

will: *smack* turn your head and do your work.

richard: OWW! will hit me!

teacher: will! go to the principles office now!

tec9: punk ***** you couldnt wait to sniznitch...

will: catch yo l8 my nizel.

tec9: ite foo.
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My chareacter is Tec-9. he ain't a thug, nor a banga(like will). i'm a writa(tagger) and i write Phloe(flow). I ain't so hot when it comes to school. i, too, am a pot smoker. me and will are boyz! We'z from NY! [wat wat wat?!] I carry a pistol. And i get expelled if i mess up one more time. and i learned the kamehameha. j/k.. lol..
ne one of ya chicks wanna be my "g/f" in this story? wait up! i'm a playa fo life!
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will is waiting for the principal to call him in.

principal: will! get your butt in here right now!

will: (dang..)

dude: good luck dawg

principal: hey will, now why did you hit richard, hes one of our best students and rapskallions like you shouldnt be touching his intelligent brain.

will: that ho was all up in ma grill mr. p

principal: now what did i tell you about calling your classmates whores.

will: well thats what they be... cept ma dogs.

principal: well ok "homie" im not "down" with that ok?

will: whatever.

principal: and you have detention.

will: nah mr.p! i got a date tonite.

principal: well you shouldve thought about that before you hit richard.

*wills beeper goes off*

will: oh hold i got a beep *pulls out cell*

will: hey baby, yeah im still down for tonite *looks at principal*

principal: ahem!

will: i mean nah.. well have to do it later.

will walks out office *

will: yeah, im down lets do dis. where you at?

shaniqwa: im at the mall with ma girls.

will: koo , see you den, peace

shianiwa: bye baby.

will walks down the hall and he bumps into another one of his girls.

latasha: hey honey, i need to borrow 5 dollas.

will: now you know i dont have 5 dollas.

latasha: ite din, c ya baby.

will: k..

will: (mr. p is tripin if he thought i was going to detention, i mean thats not gonna stop me from hitting anyone neway)
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*sees will as he's walking from Mr. P's office*

Steph: OK whay ya do this time?

Will: I beat the crap outta of the nerd.

Steph: Again? Fool you on pot..oops..my nad you are...lol

Will: Laugh all ya want I got ****ing detention.

Steph. OH ****! shaniqwa is going to be mad..that's the SECOND time you skipped a date with her!

Will: I know..she'll just have to deal with it. hahahahah

Steph: You're ****ed up.

Will: *shrugs* I care about her.

Steph: ok whatever..laters! See ya in MAth class

Will: Yeah if you don't skip it again. hahahaha

Steph: SHUT UP! *walks away*
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*tec-9 see's steph walkin' towards class*

TEc-9: hey! wait up, girl! where ya goin?!

Steph:i'm goin' to class!

Tec-9: haha! that was good! you goin' to class! fe'real, girl, where ya goin'?

Steph: boy! i don't got time fo this!

Tec-9: Aiite! i'll see you in math class... you gonna go wit us?

Steph: Where at?

*Tec pulls out a bag o' weed*


Tec-9: Ya don't have ta smoke it wit us, just hang wit us.

Steph: Aiite then... bye *hugs tec-9*

*bell rings*

Steph: ****! *runs to class*

*tec-9 checks her out*

Tec-9: mmm.. baby gotz back!

TEc-9: AIIYO, Willy! what's crip-a-lat'n, yo?!

Will: What up, mann?

Tec-9: What did dat foo tell you?

Will: Nothin'. so we still down fo' tonite?

Tec-9: wha?

Will: -.- ... oi... o wellz, nevamind, i got a date ne way!

Te-9: hmm.......

Will: Ne way, where were u at?

Tec-9: Oh.. i was just marinatin' by the tables wit my homie, Germ.

Will: O yea! Did ya hear what happened to sparx?

Tec-9: sparx? naw.. spit it!

Will: He and Aaron were hangin' out by 39th street, when these bloods walked up to them ackin' all hard and shiet...

*a blood walks up to will and pushes him*

Will: What foo?!

[to be continued...]
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blood: ima take out you and your lil gang!

will: you aint doin nutn foo!

richard: break it up you 2.

blood: *punch* dont touch me rich boy!

richard: (wheres the teacher when you need her?)

will: *push* what then?

blood: *pulls out gun* this is whats up.

tec9: you gonna cap someone during the middle of class?

blood: stay outta dis tec, i dont go beef wit u.

tec9: well you bout 2 if u messin wit ma boy. so what you say yall take this out side afta school.

blood: ite then , ill drop yo punk *** lata will!

teache walks in*

teacher: we have 30 seconds till the bell, your homework assignment is the atom of the molecule good luck.

will: man theres so much i gotta do today, homework will be the last thing on my list.

*bell rings*

will: its time for math..
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*will is talkin' to zack*

Will: So where were u at yesterday?

Zack: I was "doin'" my homework!

Will & Zack: lol

*Tec-9 walks in*

Tec-9: Wat up, Zack?

Zack: Sup, Ronald?

Tec-9: ZACK! wat did i tell you?:mad: :flaming:

Zack: huh?

Tec-9: Don't call me by my name!!

Will: lol... mann, y'all trippin...

Steph: Heey!

Will,Tec9, & Zack: Heeeeeeeey!

*steph giggles*

Tec-9: Let's roll...
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will: ite peace zack

zack: leaving so early?

will: yeah im gonna catch up with ma girl in the mall.

zack: peace then.

they all leave out the building and start running.

will bumps into something on the ground

will: well well, wats dis, *picks up a jeulry case and opens it*

will: daaang this is platnum with diamonds. *puts on necklace*

tec9: you look phat.

steph: wont you give dat to me.

tec9: nah will give it to me, bros before hoz.


will: chill steph, i might give this to ma girl.

steph: which one?

tec9: shaniqwa?

will: fa sho.
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**out on the basketball courts**

Little English Goody-good: I say old chums, shouldn't you be in class? I dare say, we're missing History!

*Flash grabs him by the collar*

Flash: You don't seem to understand, Punk... I don't go to History...
LEGG: Why not, I say?
Flash: ...Because, History sucks more than a 4th street Hooker on a good night, got it?
LEGG: *snort* Gosh, that was funny, Flash! *zort!*
Flash: Shut the **** up, Preppy...

*Flash throws him aside...*

Flash: Jimmy Jay, Gimmie my ****ing Pot.
JJ: 'ey yo, I di'n bring dat sh!t fo' yo', y'all still owe from las' time!
Flash: Uh-huh. Do ya want me to spill 'bout your lil' 'operation' downtown?
JJ: Aww, sh!t man...
Flash: So, you gonna give or what?
JJ: Oh, fo' sho'...

*Discreetly passes him a bag of Dope*

Flash: What the **** do you call this? There's sh!t all in here!
JJ: 'ey, dats just wat I owez ya, got it?
Flash: ...Whatever. And this sh!t ain't even rolled yet. **** you JJ.
JJ: Hey, don' get all heavy on me, foo'!
Flash: Sorry JJ, you've had your time.
JJ: Yo Flash, what'chu talkin' bout?
Flash: *pulls out cellphone, dials 911* Hello, Police? I've got information on a drug trade down on 94th street...
JJ: You son of a B!tch!! I'ma ****ing kill you!!
Flash: Yeah, whatever JJ... Uh-huh... Yeah... It's in the ol' Factis Warehouse... Ok? Good... Glad to help... *hangs up*

Flash: ...Whatever, JJ...
JJ: Ahh... uhh... AWW SH!T!!!

*JJ turns and runs...*

Flash: Ha ha ha... What a loser... *lights up*
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*john(a student) runs up to them*

Tec-9: hide the ice!

*will stuffs the necklace in his pocket*

Tec-9: Sup, John??

John: Watevaz! [to will:] hey dude! have you seen my "bling-bling?"

Tec-9 & Steph: *shakin' head*

Will: Hell naw! punk! Always gotta be askin' the brotha first!

Tec-9: This is a racial thang, right?

John: Why do your kind--

Tec-9: WHAT?! PUNK!!

*Tec-9 and Will grab John and dump him in the dumpster*


Will: Shut yo mouth, punk! This is mine, punk! next time take care of yo own shiet!

*slips necklace back on*

Steph: Maybe we should give it back..

Tec-9: hell naw! punk don't deserve ice!

Steph: whatevaz... man, y y'all always trippin?

Will: girl! watevaz.. hey tec, ya got the chronic?

Tec-9: umm... hehe... i smoked it in class!

Will: ****!! could't wait for us?! now what?!

Tec-9: hmm... O! i heard final phee was supose to get hooked up today... let's go see if he'll hook us up!

Will: Dat lil punk?! hell naw!!

Tec-9: mann! just go!

*looks at Steph*

Tec-9: COME ON MAN!!

Will: huh? oooh! fine... watevaz... i'll brb..

Tec-9: HEY, WILL!! don't trip!!

Will: Whatevaz!
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will: ill catch yall l8r

tec9: you betta

will: haha, heres 2 gs, bring me back a pack, and dont tell him i gave you the money or hell give me that angel dust.

will: oh snap there go a fly ride. *pulls out crow bar*

will cracks open the car window and sticks a screw driver in the key ignition.

will: whats this? *reads* dead bodies, crazy town, blink 182, staind, slipnot,limp bizket, wtf. i guess limp bizket'll do. *pops in cd*
[its all about the he say she say bullsh!t]
*will lightly bounces with one hand on the drivers wheel*

will: theres the mall, whats shaniqwa talkn to that other foo for!? oh hell nah *will jumps out the car with closing door or stoping, the car keeps rolling*

shinqwa hugging a guy: mmm

will: whats up man

guy: sup

will: *punch* what you doin hugin ma girl!? *stomp*

shaniqwa: *grabs will* stop it! hes jus ma brother!

will: :o ma bad. *gives hand to her brother* im sorry man, i thought you and her had something goin.

shaniqwas brother: :flaming:

shaniqwa: robert, why dont you jus go back in the mall.

robert: why you dating this foo he probly playn you..

will: nah it aint like dat, id never disrespect ma woman.

shaniqwa: yeah!

will: look what i got you baby *shows necklance*

shaniqwa: ohh baby i love you so much!

will: you go get dressed we gone party tonite!

shaniqwa: ite baby, buhbye *smoooch*!

will: now where did i park my ride? ohhhh shiiiiit! *runs after car*

the car crashes into a bus and starts a wreck.

will: dang. *looks a dude with a bike* hey son, i like that bike you got there.

kid: hey thanx.

will: itll look better with me ridin it.

kid: huh?

will pushes kid off his bike and takes off twords back close to campus to catch up with tec and step
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*As Tec-9 tigh after Will leaves...Steph turns to John and helps him out the dumpster*

Steph: You should be more careful with ya words, dude.

John: I shouldn't do anything....I know they got my dops *** necklace.

Steph: Maybe they don't have it. Anyways you should go home before someone else feels like whuping your scrawny ***.

John: Fine..I"ll be going..but after I get your digits.

Steph: *gives him a don't-go-there stare* You ain't my type.

John: I bet I can be...Give me one night and I'll show you.


*Steph decks him in the mouth and throws him back into the dumpster*


*starts walking home all happy*

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[I]As Steph was walking home, she spotted a cadillac parked on the other side of the street...[/I]

Steph: hmmm...:confused:

[I]As she passed the car, she figured:[/I]

Steph: (they must be visitin' again)

*tires screech*

Steph: HUH?! O ****!

[I]As she attempts to run away, the car pulls up in front of her and a thug jumps out...[/I]

T1: COME HERE, *****!!!

Steph: *screams* HELP!!

[I]As she turns into an alley, she's confronted by another thug with a blue bandana coverin' his face[/I]


[i]Thug2(T2) decks her on the mouth...[/i]

T2: *****! I'm still feelin' from that hit of yours

[i]T2 and the T1 carry her out of the alley and run towards the caddy...[/i]


[i] T2 opens the trunk and T1 throws her in[/i]

T2: Let's roll!
[to be continued...]
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