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My little Pokemon Rpg


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O.k I know some people will hate me writing an Rpg, but i thought it might be something to do.

Chapter 1 Poke-who?
Andrew woke in his room. He yawned, stretched his arms and checked the time.
?Whoa!? he thought, ?I?ve overslept, again, I don?t think Prof Elm would like to postpone giving me my pokemon again.?
He rushed down the stairs to find his mum cooking breakfast. ?Andrew you?re late again, I don?t think Prof Elm would like you being late again!?
?Drowzee must have infested her or something, talk about being psychic.?
?What was that dear??
?Nothing mum? Andrew then hurried out of the house with his pack in tow, before his mum realised what he said

Prof Elm was waiting impatiently by the gate of his lab. ?Good morning Andrew, I see that you are on time this morning.? Prof Elm led him through to a large table where he then prompted him to take one. ?Andrew, here are three pokemon I caught in the wild,? exclaimed Elm, ?Choose which one you want. There is a Mareep, a Houndour, and an Evee.?

Sheepishly, Andrew enquired, ?Can I take them all?? Elm pondered the idea for a few minutes and replied, ?Well, seeing as all the trainers got their pokemon yesterday while you were snoozing,? Andrew went red at this, ?I suppose you could take all of them, but say that you caught two of them!?

Andrew then collected his pokeballs and went out on his journey.

So what do you think? C'mon be honest with me
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ok i know there are grammar mistakes in it but tell me what u think:D
Chapter 2 A Strange Encounter

Quite proud of himself, Andrew marched out of New Bark town without any regrets, and his pokegear.
As the sun rose, Andrew marched through Route 29 and came across a strange trainer crawling through the grass. He stepped cautiously forward and inquired ?Um, what exactly are you doing?? To his surprise, the Trainer ignored him, leapt through his legs and proceeded to try and grab something. That something was an extremely annoyed Spinarak which promptly used its poison sting on her hand.
?OW!, that?s not very nice,? cried the damaged trainer, ?Take this!?
What advanced was a very strange battle, where the strange trainer repeatedly bashed the Spinarak with a stick, then finally captured it in a pokeball.

?Now that?s over and done with, what can I do for you??
Andrew looked at the girl, standing there with a very swollen and scratched hand, and asked ?Er, what exactly are you doing??
?Catching a pokemon, that?s what!? came the prompt answer.
?but, shouldn?t your pokemon be doing that for you??
?Not when its your first one?
In an instant, the girl cried out ?Hey!, that?s a Hoot-Hoot!, talk to you later guy,? and ran off through the trail.

?Now that was seriously sad,? he thought, ?I hope everyone else isn?t like her.?
Andrew continued to walk along the trail picking up advice from others in the forest and most of them, in his mind, were quite normal. Just as he reached the end of the trail, Cherrygrove City, an excited shout came from behind him.

what do you think?
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thanks:D heres the next chapter
Chapter 3 Mum?!
Andrew turned around in time to see his mum tearing along the trail leaving a large dust cloud in her wake.
?Hi mum, er, what are you doing here?? he asked
?You forgot your pokegear, dear, and I took the liberty of putting my number and Prof Elm?s number in its memory. Oh and the number of a nice young girl I met in the forest.?
?Gee thanks mum, um, this girl she wasn?t . . . .? Andrew?s statement became suddenly to an end when the trainer from the forest stepped out from behind his mum.

The trainer seemed different, now she was wearing an identical backpack to his and clothes to the same style. Not to mention she was wearing her pokegear around her neck.
?I?ll let you two get re-acquainted,? exclaimed Andrews mum, ?If you need me, just call!?

While his mum walked back to New Bark town, Andrew made a tentative step to conversation with her. ?Hi, um, did you catch that Hoot-Hoot you were looking for??
?Yep, by the way, the name is Helen. I already know your name from your mum, Andrew.?
?That?s great, so how come you didn?t get your starting pokemon from Elm??
?Elm just didn?t have anything I liked when I got there, all he had was a chicoreeta .?
Andrew opened his mouth to say something but Helen cut him short and said ?So, do you want to battle or what??
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heres no. 4
Chapter 4 First battle
?You have battled before haven?t you, Andrew?? asked Helen
Andrew stared at the ground and started to draw circles on the ground with his toe.
?Haven?t you?? a bit more forcefully this time
?Mimblewimble? was his reply, he new was stupid really, but that?s how it came out.
Suddenly Helen?s eyes grew round as it dawned on her, ?You haven?t battle anything yet, have you? Not even a wild pokemon? Don?t worry though, I?ll tell you how its done.?

After Helen told him the rules about only using one pokemon and how your not supposed to steal another?s pokemon etc, (he knew all the elements, advantages and weaknesses), the battle began.
?Ok we?ll each use 2 pokemon and the trainer that beats the other pokemon wins.?
By the time Helen had finished the sentence, a small crowd of people had gathered round the duo.
?Go Hoot-Hoot!? cried Helen
?Go Mareep? answered Andrew
?Hoot-Hoot, use peck!?
?Mareep, when it gets near, thundershock!?
Hoot-Hoot flew in and gave Mareep a peck that knocked it out.
?One hit KO!? called someone from the crowd.
Andrew was bright red, and felt anxious. One down on his team already, and he hadn?t even put a scratch on Hoot-Hoot. Who was he going to send out?

?Go!, Houndour!?
Helen looked surprised, in fact, so did everyone else.
?I thought you could only capture them at night, in Kanto!? she exclaimed
?You can, this one was my starting pokemon.? He replied.
It was Helen?s turn to say ?mimblewimble? now, but Andrew didn?t hear her.
?Now, while she?s surprised, he thought, I?ll knock her Hoot-Hoot out of the sky!?
?Houndour, use your faint attack!?
Helen almost shrieked ?Hoot-Hoot quick-attack out of the way!?
It was too late, Houndour was onto it and it was another one hit KO.
Helen smiled and said ?You?re catching on. Quick, gooooo!, Spinarak.?
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coming around no.5.
chapter 5 new trainer

when JT woke up he said " WHA!! 11:30 DARN IT. WHAT CAN GET WORST I'M LATE. " he pack up fast and ran downstairs. ' BYE MOM I'LL BE BACK BYE BYE " said JT " WAIT JT" said JT's mom then it was too late. JT went into elm's lab. "hello" said elm "late as always."JT said "sorry,so wheres is my pokemon " " i got 2 new pokeballs but here is the old one. heres another it is a cycndaquil. " " alright " said JT. elm got a messege. "Hi there" said oak in the computer screen." i got a machine for you i got 2 and it fits right in the transporters." said oak. " send it here " " ok" said elms.the elm's transporter got oak's machine. " bye pro. elm" " bye pro.oak" elm said " this must be the pokedex. " JT said "can i have one???" " yes elms and also the other one is for this boy name is andrew can you give it to him???" " yeah sure " said JT. and then JT left for his journey and walking in the grass for pokemon. then he saw his mom. mom said " don't forget your pokegear. and your fishing rod i put prof.elm and mine on your phone." " thans mom for calling dad that i can borrow his good pokemon fishing rod " said JT. and then he left . he go though a gate and he saw a geodude. alright a geodude. go pokeball!!! then an eevee came out. an eevee??? darn. ok use tackle. then geodude use tackle and hardly knocked out eevee. ok go cycndaquil!!! use fire spin now!! then cycndaquil appear and right away his flame in the back appear and used fire spin. now eevee and cycndaquil use take down now!!!!!! they both use take down and geodude almost knoked out. NOW GO POKEBALL!!!! then the ball got geodude. and it appear with a red light it shake and shake then it stoped. "YES I GOT A GEODUDE!!!"
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ok i'll do chapter 6
chapter 6 cherrygrove here we come.

when JT got out of the area. he saw a crowd of people. he got there and he disturb it. " EXCUSE ME?? ARE THERE ANYONE NAME ANDREW AROUND HERE??? " said JT " i'm andrew said the battled trainer and JT said " here is the pokedex that Prof.elm gave me and you. " ok and bye " said andrew and JT left. he saw cherrygrove when he saw a trainer. JT said " hey guy you want a battle??? " " ok" the guy said "ok" and they battled. another crowd was hanging out of both battle. " GO EKANS!!! " said the guy. JT said " GO EEVEE ". the guy said " EKANS ACID ATTACK!!! " " JUMP EEVEE AND USE A QUICK ATTACK!!! " said JT the guy said " quick go under ground. " " eevee AGLITY NOW!!!! " then ekans appear and missed eevee. " ALRIGHT!!! JUMP AND USE SKULL BASH!!!!! " said JT and the match was over. the guy said " you are good. soon i'll battle you again ". and he left. " eevee return " JT walked and he is at cherrygrove city. " ah here it is cherrygrove " he said and he ran to the Pokecenter to recover his pokemon.
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thats good:D
but this is the real chapter 5
Chapter 5 Friends?
Spinarak appeared before them and waved its abdomen at Andrews face. It took Andrew a little while to realise that it was contorting the face on it to a strange lopsided leer, and continued to do so when egged on by cries of laughter from the crowd.
?If your going to be gross about it, Houndour, Ember!,? blurted Andrew.
Helen replied ?Spinarak quick, up that tree!?
In the blink of an eye Spinarak was up the tree and Houndour was left roasting nothing but bare dirt. As annoyed as he was, a strange feeling of euphoria
came over Andrew and something told him this was where he should be.
?Houndour, combine the moves!?
?What!, you can?t do that Andrew, it?s not a command!? pointed out Helen
But before her very eyes Houndour vanished with faint attack, appeared behind Spinarak and blasted it with Ember.
Total knockout. The crowd went wild as the two opponents, now friends, shook hands and walked to the pokemon centre.

thats the real no. 5. I'm still working on 6 though:cool:
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ok i found chapter six, i didn't wipe it of the computer and have to write again:D

Chapter 6 Lights on the trail
After healing their pokemon, Andrew and Helen walked out of town. As they were walking, darkness started to fall, as night came and enveloped them in its dark embrace.
?Spooky,? called out Helen to Andrew, ?I suppose we should have stayed the night at the pokemon centre.?
Andrew continued in his pace and replied with a momentary movement of his shoulders. Helen stared at the ground, ?Hey, Andrew, I?ve got an idea. Why don?t you send out Houndour and give us some light!?
?Ok. Go, Houndour!?
Houndour appeared in a haze of red light and stood defiantly in the night in front of them. His whole seemed to still glow with the pokeball?s red aura.
?Even spookier,? thought Helen, ?but I?m not about to tell him that.?
Andrew looked at Helen and said, ?Helen, see that cave way up ahead?? ?Helen nodded- ?Well, when we get up there, we better set up camp for the night.?

After walking for a while the duo arrived at a strange bush in a wall of trees, half of their proposed distance.
?Is it just me, or is there some light shining on the other side of the bush?? asked Andrew.
?I don?t know, use your Houndour to torch the bush and we?ll see where it?s coming from.?
?Ok, Houndour, see if you can toast that bush to ashes for us.?
Houndour looked up at Andrew, then at the bush. By the time he had looked back at Andrew, the bush was nothing but a black stump, almost impossible to see against the night.

?Andrew,? remarked Helen in a tone of awe and shock, ?the house is toast too!?
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ok never mind ok no.7 ( and i am gonna write it the easy way )
chapter 7 new trainer

JT: 12:30?!?!?! **** i'm late
* Jt ran downstairs and pick up his pokegear *
JT: bye mom
JT: * stoped * what???
Mom: your fishing pole.
JT: oh yeah.
* got back and grab and go to the lab*
Prof. elm: quick grab the 2 pokeballs quick i see another trainer coming fast.
JT: ok
* he got it and he ran straight to the forest *
JT: i better get past the gate.
* he got past it and he saw a geodude*
JT: what in luck a geodude!! GO pokeball!!!!
* then a eevee popped out. *
JT: darn. OK USE TACKLE!!!
* geodude use tackle and almost knock down eevee *
* up came a cycndaquil. *
JT: cycndaquil USE FIRE SPIN!!!
* then geodude was half weak *
* it wiggled 2 times and it stoped *
* ran got out of the gate door and he saw 2 persons sleeping. *
JT: hm???? oh well. HEY A HERACROSS!!!!!!
Andrew: WHAT?!?!?!!?!?!
Hellen: whats the shouting????
* after the ember attack it was mad and use its horn attack. *
* geodude appear *
* geodude got heracross's horn and toss him *
* after that it landed near the gate *
* cycndaquil did that but heracross was tired *
* it wiggled 2 times then it stoped *
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i still need ideas, new chapter
Chapter 7 Egg Sitter?
?No it isn?t, it?s over there. You?re looking the wrong way. Honestly, talk about lights being on and no-one home.? Andrew threw his arms in the air in a tone of disgust and walked off to the house, leaving Helen and Houndour to their thoughts.
?My time will come Andrew, after all, your mother and I are the only ones who know my identity,? her only reply to Andrew?s statement.

Andrew knocked on the door of the house.
?Ah, its you, Andrew. Professor Elm has told me a lot about you.?

After a round of hot chocolate, the man introduced himself as Mr Pokemon.
?I was wondering,? he said, ?could you do me a favour Andrew??
Andrew looked quizzically at Mr Pokemon, ?What kind of favour??
?Could you take this egg with you to the next towns pokemon centre??
Mr Pokemon proceeded to take a large egg out from behind his chair. It was yellow with black stripes and seemed to have electricity rippling over it.

?Why?,? asked Andrew, ?shouldn?t Prof elm be looking at it??
?No, he has already looked at it, and needs it to be taken to Helen?s older brother, Mike.?
At the mention of her brother?s name, Helen looked up from her cup. ?Mike is just at the next town? What are we waiting for, lets go!?
Without taking a word from Mr Pokemon or Andrew, Helen grabbed the egg, and Andrew, then dragged them out the door.
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next one ready. G\S\B master wheres yours??
Chapter 8 Violet City
Helen continued to drag Andrew at a lightning pace, scaring trainers and pokemon alike.
?There sure are heaps of pokemon trainers for this late at night? he said.
?What?? replied Helen, who immediately slowed down to walking pace.
?I said . . . .?
?Never mind, lets just get to that centre and go to sleep, then give Mike the egg.?

Andrew opened his mouth to speak but Helen silenced him when two large, dark towers came into shape in the sky.
?Violet city? he breathed.
?Ye . .aawwwn? Helen replied as she almost fell asleep.
They both dragged themselves up to the pokemon centre.

Nurse Joy was her usual perky self, even though it was so late,
?Goodness, you two certainly look like you need a good sleep. Chansey will take you to your rooms, and if you leave your pokemon here, I?ll put them in their respective rooms.
Andrew and Helen didn?t reply but let themselves be led to their rooms.

The next morning Andrew woke up with a very large and pink face in front of him.
?What?? Andrew leapt out of bed with shock and then looked sheepishly at Helen who had entered the room and had a fit of the giggles at his awakening.
?It wasn?t that funny? he said, straightening his ruffled clothes.
?You bet it was, by the way you better get changed or we?ll never climb the sprout tower, or give Mike that egg.?
Andrew shuffled Helen and Chansey out of the room, closed the door and proceeded to get changed. ?I hope that guy is still here, and I wonder what the tower is going to be like??

When he was ready, Andrew went downstairs to see Helen talking to another teenager. She offered the egg to him, but he showed her six pokeballs. He waved goodbye and left the building.
?What?s going on?? he asked.
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thanks for the offer:D i'll check it out.
new chapter! (i would still appreciate more ideas, GSB, where are you?)
Chapter 9 you keep it!
?Helen, I said what?s going on??
?Oh, Andrew, you surprised me. That was Mike, apparently he already has six pokemon and he doesn?t need any more ?un-usable? on his team.?
Andrew sat down and thought about her statement. ?Well, if he doesn?t want it, who gets it??
?I dunno, I s?pose we should ring up Prof. Elm and ask him. After all, we didn?t ask Mr Pokemon for his number.?

Andrew looked down to his pokegear and switched to the phone, but just as he was about to dial Elm?s number, Helen tapped him on the shoulder.
?What?s the matter now??
?Nothing, I was just wondering if you new you could get upgrades for your pokegear that?s all.?
?No I didn?t, what kind of upgrades??
?Well, I have a extra map upgrade card if you want it, but there are also radio upgrades and heaps at Goldenrod city that have to do with pokemon and stuff.?
Andrew nodded and dialled Elm?s number.

?Well Andrew, I suppose you should be the one to take the egg, after all you are the less experienced one with eggs and baby pokemon. I thing Helen will be glad to fill you in on it. Excuse me Andrew, Helen, I have to go.? Professor Elm?s face disappeared off the pokegear.
Andrew turned to Helen and said ?Is there something that I?m missing here??
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the story is still going really slow, i've just entered a school short story comp (10 000 word) where 1st prize is in the thousands so this one might be left behind for awhile:bawl: .
I'll try and feep this one up to date though.
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