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Named after my comic. Pretty much written off the top of my head. I want to know what people think....

Seeking pins and needles
It?s what?s inside that heals the pain
I?ll enjoy it now while I can

Laughing as I watch you struggle
Bound to the chair by pins and needles
There, there
Don?t you feel better now?

Laughing as I tear the earth open
Digging and digging deeper
Like pins and needles
(Five feet...six feet)

Laughing as I throw you down
Are the muddy walls too steep to climb?
Say goodnight, love
(As I say good-bye)

Laughing as I hear you screaming
While I tuck you in to your new bed
Safe and sound under ground
A lullaby only for you

Crying after I realize what I?ve done....
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It's based on the story of a character of mine. He was in love, but she ended up betraying or some what not. Blah blah. Heartbreak. Anger. And my chara, Aryk, doesn't handle anger very well. He's a bit unstable in zee 'ead. So, he expressed his anger in his own...special way. And when the feeling passed...well yeah. I'm sure we've all said or done a few things we later on began to regret.

And I'm glad it kinda creeped you out. That was the response I was hoping to get. ^__^
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