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  1. ...And in the death As the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy thoroughfare The shutters lifted in inches in Temperance Building High on Poacher's Hill And red, mutant eyes gaze down on Hunger City No more big wheels Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats And ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes Coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers Like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love-Me Avenue Ripping and rewrapping mink and shiny silver fox, now legwarmers Family badge of sapphire and cracked emerald Any day now The
  2. The screams seemed to drift lazily through the night, hanging to the air much longer than they should? A wicked leer formed upon leathery lips as Diablo soaked up the sweet scent of fear that thickened the air like so much perspiration, truly this little game had pleased him well enough to continue it as long as he had, but time was so slow to a creature of such immense power, and boredom came so often. Indeed it was time to pack the play things away, to place their bodies into the ground, and their souls into his mouth. He had followed the party for 3 days, perhaps it would ha
  3. The flesh parted so easily before his will, tendons stretched and slipped as his claw dipped deeper into the body. Where would he leave this piece he wondered to himself, somewhere they would find it, or there was no point, but perhaps this time less obvious, perhaps this time the piece should find the rest of its? former party. Tiring quickly with this slowly cooling corpse, Diablo wrenched the barely attached arm from the flayed body. Slowly with an almost reverent care his fingers carved at the soft flesh in the palm of the hand, with the prescribed symbols etched into the flesh Diablo
  4. Avatarofkaine

    Alice Cooper

    Classic stuff for the time, and I have to agree wholeheartedly with harlequin about the quality degrading as the years progressed, a pretty safe bet is to do what I did and don?t own any of his music that isn?t on vinyl. Upon riffling through my collection I have so far found that I am in possession of 4 LP's (Lace and Whiskey, Schools out, Goes to hell, Welcome to my nightmare) I do however have a sneaking suspicion that there are more floating around somewhere and I have a 2 LP compilation of the earlier recordings. For Harlequins benefit, "Give the Kid a Break" is the first track on si
  5. What you have to do see, is take a pie, AKA mouse coffin, remove the top bit and add every kind of sauce or sauce like condiment in your house, preferably without taking notice of what they are, mix it through and replace the top bit. Procede to eat and try to determine exactly what it was that you added, could be that I am an exceptionally easily amused kind of guy, but it is somewhat fun trying to work out all the flavours. For even more fun, get a friend to join in and flavourise each others so that you really have no idea whats in there. All in all it can get somewhat risky, but
  6. Race: Prime Evil Name: Diablo Appearance: Corpse like and hollow, near enough to seven feet tall. Covered in a tight, almost shrunken skin, thin and translucent. Wicked balefires glint and dance within the withered frame, dancing lights playing out across the skin. Within the empty eyesockets of the skull shines an entrancing red luminence. Hands ending in wickedly curved claws. Location: Happy enough to wander, the petty manthings always run, thus one needs give chase. Weapons: Well we've got our sickle fingers, and a mighty club for the smiting, lets leave the rest for t
  7. Who cares what steriotype people think you fit into. It's never a correct assumption, people are way to complex organisms. About all I've ever found steriotypes good for is some good old fashioned exploiting. I hate people who walk slowly or get in my way at a shopping center or whatever when I'm trying to get somewhere, so if I can tell I am not going to have the energy to put up with that, ill break out the black, head to toe, not exactly outragous, but it's amazingly good fun to watch people take great pains to get out of your way just because your dressed in black and look like you h
  8. Jeff Buckley is dead. So as a sign that you like good music dont set your status to busy for all those people who say that just cause some tool rapper is dead or it is their birthday. In fact tell them to @^#& off ---- My good buddy Dave, dont know if it's his or he got it somewhere though. Reading when you're drunk is horrible. Everyone who grew up in the 80's has entered the digits 55378008 into a calculator. ------- And now I wager most of you have too. The most embarrassing thing you can do as a schoolchild is to call your teacher mum or dad. There'
  9. I found myself a book while wandering through the library the other day (yea in the library, I mean what are the odds, a book, in a library, downright amazing),usually I get a book because someone has told me it is good, I very rarely actually come across something that I think I will like and borrow it, although having read the praise on the back cover and the first page, I had to borrow it. It's written by Michael Ventura and is titled "Night Time Losing Time" I was wondering if anyone has read it, I'd explain a bit about it and what it is about, but I'm unhappy to say that only being a
  10. I found that the last 5 lines were probaly the ones that hit hardest, they seem to stand up much higher than the rest of the poem, which is prolly/definately a good thing, always good to finish with a bang. All in all i found that it was a very good poem, you seem to be quite talented keep it up.
  11. I prolly wouldnt say so much that I thought that the happenings occured on a temporal plane, so much as it was something like what could have happened had he woken and left his bedroom early. Personally I think Frank represented something akin to a consience of sorts, only with some majorly off kilter ideas on right and wrong. If the character was to do one thing ever so slightly different, the consequences could be innumerable and incredulous, I found that to me that the movie came across with so many sub messages but possibly one of the most prominant was the consequences of every
  12. Mission accumplished, We see what we need to see, what we want to see, thats as far as i believe. We see messed up stuff because we our selves are messed up, we see hope and embodiments off goodness because we wish that it could be so, that such a thing could be real. Give me statistics and whatever but "you can prove just about anything with statistics) when someone digs up some indesputable evidence then my opinios will be able to become concrete, untill then believe what you want to, believe what you will.
  13. Ok I almost found it hard to follow, could be I need sleep though. I'm getting a bit of an unrequited love sort of mindset when I read that poem. The second part I found quite thought and feeling provoking although I did think that the top half was a little "jumpy" if thats the right word. Could be you were trying to get the exaltation of the moment. A rambling from the mind of Steve, take it with as many grains of salt as you wish.
  14. And so it would seem that both extremes have relented and left us to rot in mediocrity. I found that little snippet of creativity to be most poignant. Though I would have to wonder if beings of such extremes could ever exhist humbly. That is of course working under the assumption they exhist in the first place... which is not really a topic of discussion I think this poem was to create. But then what do I know. The way I switch viewpoints I should really start wondering if I have multiple personalities, least I won't get lonely.
  15. I agree with my good poultry friend there, almost assuradly music will change, just look back on what went before. I think one of the most obvious developments is the "fullness" of the sound, with older music where there was far les redubbing and mixing you could hear the empty frequencies where as nowadays it is a much broader and fuller sound range. What I'm worried about, in addition to the lean towards rap, pop and other mass produced stylings,is that albums and music will become so reworked that it will lose all of it's soul, imagine if rock was to develop into something with toning
  16. Yea, I hadn't even thought that I had heard anything like that before but sure enough your right. Guess this just shows how easily influenced we can be, even if it is on a subconcious level.
  17. Yea there are several inflections to Smashing Pumpkins songs placed deliberatly in there, just that one line keeps skipping away and I cant pin it down in my mind. Rolling Stones, when I first read that I wasnt so sure but the more I look at it the more I can sort of see what you mean. Never noticed that before, Thanks.
  18. Yea Fiasco I certainly know where you are coming from the Sex PIstols were just a very obvious choice and seeing as how I was never overly intrigued with the punk scene I didnt have much other repetoir to fall back on. Basically they were just used to get my point across, definatly they were not the original pioneers, that much I understand.
  19. I was scribbling down some stuff - some might call it a poem and the line - "she'll suck your fingers she'll suck your eye" appeared on the page,It might just be me but I'm pretty sure I didnt make it up myself and it was buried in my subconcious somewhere, It's driving me insane, I'm going through all my cds to try and see if I can find it somewhere. If anyone could tell me if I am correct and it is from somewhere else and where, that would be a great relief because I really feel that I know I have heard it somewhere else. no good girls, blood stained, crimson curls, hone
  20. Personally I find guns to be very impersonal. If you were going to kill someone and I am talking about in legitimate circumstances, i.e. war home invasion self defence etc. Then personally I think that you should only ever use a blade, people have become very casula in relaton to life scince guns and bombs made it so easy to take away. Look back into history and you realise what it meant when a warrior or soldier took anothers life, now it really is "point and click" life has become far to cheap. As for some of the better guns, for a precision rifle the WA 2000 is arguably the worlds
  21. "I have plenty of talent and potential, I just dont give a ^$*%." It's not the so much being a nobody that worries me, its what the system does for nobodies, if you were really hopeles, then you could just sit around in the basement eating speghettios, or so you would like to think. But in reality you cant, to survive nowadays you have to have an income, etc you need to buy food pay taxes. The only way a basement living works is in an anarchist society, which in basest concepts is really not such a bad idea, although with all the social structure people seem to rely on, implementing it wo
  22. Well that's not only sensible, it's also quite possible KnightOfTheRose kinda makes me wonder why I didnt think of it. I've always had blood problems, I used to pass out if I stood up to fast because I'm tall skinny and have low blood pressure. One time I was in hospital and they werent going to let me leave because the nurse said my blood pressure was to low, and the nurse who asks you the questions when you first come in was, no his blood pressure was like that when he came in, let him out.
  23. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have been waiting to see if anyone has posted a roleplay to my tastes but nobody has, as such I am trying to get something started, however I was never an overly competent dungeon master and am hopeing someone might be able to lead on from an undoubtedly sketchy overview. Not the usual way to get things done, but I thought it worth a try. I'll see how it goes. You never know I might even pull something off worth a long and enjoyable following. If you want to join, you will need to help build to the storyline. Write most of the details of your characte
  24. Well I guess my town probably has helped shape me, I think it would have to have, but I actually find it difficult to see exactly how. Now my town, actually I think I will stick with my area, my town is pretty much all over the shop. My area is prolly middle class in most aspects, and yet I've spent many an afternoon watching police load a Pan-Tec truck with stolen goods from one of the government houseing places that are springing up all over the shop. There is one house down the street from me with a bed of large pebbles outside each and every entrance. This I'm quite convinced is so th
  25. Of the maybe 4 surgeries I have had they were all when I was little, so I cant really remember what they were for, all I can really remember is that the reson I had one of them was because all of a suden one night I just started screaming in agony, and I mean AGONY and yet my parents still had to try and keep me still and quiet in the waiting room for like 45 minutes or an hour. I cant really remember the exact reason I was about 4 or something at the time I think, but all i know is that something around my groin area got twisted. So that was the one serious surgery I can remember scince
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