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  1. [color=darkslategrey][font=gothic]I have only one thing to say... The Hervey Bay characterisation was perfect.[/font][/color]
  2. [COLOR=darkslategrey][FONT=gothic]Bruises were interesting things. They were like life, in a way. A swirl of darkness that slowly faded to a sickly green. Prod them, they slide away, only to come straight back. Leeches sucked them clear. They were inflicted in a twisted mix of hate and love. Bruises were never quite the same, no matter how many you saw. In the old days, the bad days, the days when the shells rained down and men walked with gas masks in one hand, I saw a lot of bruises. In his time working in Otaku City, I've seen even more. Bruises, black eyes, splints... I've seen a lot of
  3. [color=Purple][font=Century Gothic]Didn't think I'd be back here.... Anyway, I don't really have time to write anything off the top of my head, but I probably should mention I handled the Battle Arena for a while there....I don't remember any of the time frames though. Also, I may be a little biased, but I feel Latham Adatym should get a mention. Even if it was a ridiculous collection of mainly incomprehensible descriptions of ....something, it was rather extensive, particularly for an rpg started by somebody who'd never posted anything before. Also, I can probably provide a few details
  4. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]OOC: Post much? Well, that had done a rather neat job of tearing it. In one of his more typical displays, Lynch was the first out of the room, walking quickly and muttering to himself about something in a thick enough dialect it was likely nigh incomprehensible. Which was probably a good thing, given that his disconnected ramblings included one or two personal comments that were likely best not to air. The noise was such a familiar background entity that he had no trouble tracking the footsteps that followed after his. Larce was quiet on his feet, impress
  5. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]OOC:To make up for the lateness, I'm turning the brightness on my monitor up so it seems, to me at least, extra shiny. I recommend you all do the same. Larce was a dabbler. It might not have been immediately apparent what exactly he dabbled in, but it was obvious, to Lynch at least, right from the outset that he'd strayed over the line of the law. Anybody who's first reaction upon walking into the room was to look for potential exit strategies, and who payed as much attention to people's hands as their eyes, was obviously used to being hunted. And he wasn
  6. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]You know, I'd originally planned an elaborate and etymologically opulent apology as to why I hadn't posted. I think the scare tactics hit too well. [font=Trebuchet MS][b]Name:[/b] Orrin Fey (Orrin deriving from a root meaning Oak Valley, Fey deriving from a root meaning Raven) [b]Callsign:[/b] Lynch [b] Age:[/b]33 [b]Team Position:[/b] Stealth/assassination, and sometime team counsellor. [b]Bio:[/b] Irish born, Irish bred. Orrin was born into a quasi-typical Irish-Catholic family, with two older brothers, and a twin sister, in the [/font]Sout
  7. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]I'm going to stand out a bit here and state that I actually prefer Mezmerize to their earlier albums, mainly on the basis that it's more experimental, which I consider to be a lot more interesting, and like on Steal This Album, they've really started showing the guitar talents in a lot more effective way. Sure, the standout tracks don't necessarily equal the standouts off earlier albums, such as Peephole or what not, but as an overall album, I definitely think it's the best to date.[/font][/color]
  8. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray][i]Having come back to the inn to find Oniur already in residence, so to speak, Morrslaed slid the glass into the common room and walked around the back. Hunched up in his cloak, he was appeared just another derelict walking into an alley. The supposedly inconspicuous guards hadn't noticed him on the way in. They didn't notice him on the way out either. There was no way they were going to notice Shikyo, of course. He wasn't particularly fond of her cloak, he preferred keeping her much closer than that. He could still pinpoint where she was, but not having
  9. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray][i]Normally the first one up, being the slightly more paranoid one, Morrslaed was unsurprised to find Shikyo calmly beside him, her even breathing natural beyond the extent that even one as practiced as they could fake. Without disturbing that measured meter in the slightest, or even ruffling the covers appreciably, Morrslaed rose and dressed, taking care that the various weapons he frequented were in positions that wouldn't vivisect him should he sit down. He'd seen it happen, and even though he didn't find it neccessary to augment his weapons with poison, it
  10. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray][i]Far more impassive than his actions indicated he actually was, Morrslaed delicately flicked sand off his katals (OOC: Katals, not katanas...) and returned to the horses, the battle-experienced beasts requiring merely a touch to calm them. Eyeing Shikyo as she also returned, his words were measured, revealing more curiousity that the irritation that such cadence would usually entail. A quick scouting of the gates had revealed the current watchman was certainly not in their pay, and that the wall itself posed no difficulty. The chase to the city hadn't arouse
  11. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]You know, just given our previous rpgs, you might want to consider adjusting that rating....I don't think it'll quite cover it somehow. [color=indigo] Name: Morrslaed Age: 25 Race: Human Class: Assassin Height: 6" Weight: 140 lbs Eye color: Grey Hair Color White Short Bio: Born in a caravanseri on the fringe of the desert to a whore and a camel drover, Morrslaed wasn't considered a useful child. Born an albino, and unable to tolerate any extended period under the desert sun, he had little to contribute to the inn he was born in, o
  12. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]Well, I may as well throw something into the ring. I'm bisexual, I'm a slut, I'm open to, and have done, just about everything (I have a few limits), and I know several bisexuals who are exactly the same. Mind you, we all went to the same parties, so that could have helped. My family's fine with it, it's common knowledge, and I have absolutely no care what people think about me. Not to say this any kind of marker for the normal experience or anything, but I would agree that bisexuals are often described as sluts, or "greedy" around here, and I have to say
  13. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]Liam gets to be a QUT bum with Prowse. For those interested, Ravenstorture was accepted into Biomedical Science at UQ, though she's deferring for a year. I should be getting my acceptance into the same course tomorrow, though I'm doing it immediately. Unfortunately, I have to live on campus though...[/font][/color]
  14. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray]Damn...Any other time I'd love to take a shot at running it, but you're not the only a hectic daily schedule. Last term, last year of school...Painful.[/font][/color]
  15. [font=gothic][color=darkslategray][i]"Redemption. Retribution. They are one and the same, a silver thread shot through blackness. The blackness is my soul, though behind it looms the light that welcomes when the past is rectified-"[/i] "Etc, etc. Why are you still here? And put that down, you'll hurt yourself." [i]Kjaeric R'al Xei sighed, and lowered his hand, claws curving gracefully to rest on the much pitted leather that bespoke many a musing and mournful pose. He alighted from his roof top perch, looking reproachfully at the other speaker, his heart bleak in his eyes, his hair fl
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