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  1. GhostofSalvtore

    Favorite band/music artist?

    Well over the past year my music taste has changed dramatically. I used to find myself listening to bands like Deftones and Chevelle but then I embraced the metalcore genre. I never really got into the "screaming" bands, and still I don't like bands that offer only the scream sound. So I've been finding some that blend in the screaming with some nice melody vocals. And the bands I have found have climbed the ranks of my favorites. Avenged Sevenfold and From Autumn To Ashes would be the ones that stick out the most. Also TOOL is still my #1, but I have found another band that sounds slightly better than them, Katatonia. TOOL just has the history and style that hasn't changed, so I don't think anyone is gonna be able to top them as my #1.
  2. GhostofSalvtore

    Super Bowl Teams

    The trend in the NFL the past few years seems to be that a team with a great defense, a solid running game, and a mistake free passer will win it. But this will end come Febuary 1st, where a complete team will host the Lombardi Trophy. Right now the Panthers fit that mix, but the past few weeks there defense has shown its weaknesses. So there are not many great defenses like last years Bucs or the 2001 Ravens these days, that weak in and weak out can win a game if the offense sputters. Right now the Cowboys(My team) have the #1 ranked defense and if you saw the Turkey Day game you wouldn't have guessed that. Eagles defense is not the same due to injury and free agency and the VIkings started off great but have fallen fast, namely in the run D( crucial part of the defense if you want to win in the post season). In the AFC, Patriots have been winning games in many different fashions, but their defense has contended pretty well in most games(specially that nice goalline stand on Sunday against the Colts) With that, I still do not see their defense as a dominant one that can take hold of a game. Staying in the AFC East, you have the Dolphns, and all across the board there are Pro Bowl quality players. But the Dolphins have yet to stay in it late to show off that defense into the playoffs(but I do think they will be able to get that last wild card spot with Denver slipping) This new Raven defense with Ray Lewis can always make something happen, but their secondary(with the exception of Ed Reed) does not play with the consistency of their LBs and that will hurt them against solid passers(if they even get to the playoffs.........crazy Bungals). Like the Pats, the Chiefs have won many games with each of the 3 sides of the game, special teams, offense, and the defense. But as of late, they need to learn to tackle, in recent weeks they have been failing to wrap up a guy, and just look really sloppy out there. I don't think they will be able to win with the way they have against quality teams like the Titans. And speaking of the Titans, my AFC Champs, have the one element of the defense that will carry them all the way. The run D. They shut down run with ease and force teams to be one dimensional. This allows them to drop the safeties back for coverage and that can force INTS. So in the AFC it will be the Titans, but as for the NFC, which there is no clear-cut team out there, and it will probably be a close NFC Championship game featuring most likely the Cowboys(they will win NFC East, take the 3rd seed, beat Seahawks(6th seed), beat Panthers(2nd seed-thats how I will hope it will be) and the Rams. The Rams are playing just like they did in there 99 Super Bowl run and they will take over the Cowboys defense, to show that a high powered offense will prevail against a top ranked D. (Something the Raiders could not do in the last year's Super Bowl) So it will be Rams vs Titans, rematch of 99, but the Titans have gotten much better in the past 3 years(best record in that span too) So Titans win it all, thats how I see it right now, unless McNair or some other skill position player goes down for either team in the remainder ofthe season. Also is anyone disappointed in the Super Bowl logo this year? It just looks so plain when compared to what they have come up with in the last few Super Bowls.
  3. GhostofSalvtore

    Avenged Sevenfold

    I just heard this band when I got Madden 2004(I seem to find alotta bands off Madden these days) But after hearing the song "Chapter Four" I quickly went out and bought the CD "Walking the Fallen". Most CDs I own have at least one or two songs that aren't that great, but this CD is the exception. All 12 are great and its up there with my favorite CD(right next to TooL "Lateralas".....and well everything from Tool) They have a great sound with the mix of the screaming, that sounds like the guy from Cradle of Filth to some softer vocals, kinda like Cold or somethin. Instrumentals are top notch too. So to anyone who has yet to hear em go check them out; you won't be disappointed.(If you like the genre of course) Any other AS fans, maybe you heard them from the same place I did.
  4. GhostofSalvtore

    WWF(E) Review

    Thought this was some major news here for those who have not heard: In an update to the story that broke this week, Rob Van Dam is indeed not a guarantee to re-sign with WWE once his current contract expires. Sources close to the situation say that RVD doesn't really care where he ends up when his deal runs out this summer (in fact, he's not really even interested in talking with WWE about the contract at this point). While WWE strongly wants to hang onto RVD (as reported, the possible reason for giving RVD an IC Title run), Rob has lost interest due to the lack of a push he's gotten in WWE, and now is not at all set to remain with WWE for years to come. Most feel that barring a major push that changes his mind, RVD will opt for TNA or Japan once his deal runs out.
  5. GhostofSalvtore

    NFL Picks and other NFL fun

    Hardcore fan of the NFL is me. My team of choice is the America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys(I live in Dallas) But I follow all teams and stories over the NFL. So this topic is for NFL discussion and the like, but also a little picking game, make your picks and see who does the best in the end. (if the topic does last till the end of the season) Terrell Owens is the subject after this week with another immature outburst. The 49ers seem to be in the same place as the Saints, underachieving. 1-3 is a hard record to come out of and the NFC West looks to be a solid division with Seattle and St. Louis playing well. I think the 49ers will get out of this, and Terrell Owens has had a slow start the past 3 seasons averaging I think 50-60 yards a game and then going to 80-100 yards. But still I think people,like me, are tired of hearing the same old things from Owen and others try to back it up with his passion for the game. He can never be a true leader with this behavior and it will only tarnish all of his career numbers and the NFL itself for years to come. I think what is needed to be done is maybe an apology, something that Owens has never done, and a suspension. San Diego coach Marty Schottenheimer did the same thing with David Boston and things, at least, can't get worse. This week the 49ers go up against the Lions, and they should be able to win without Owens. This cannot go unseen and something has to be done or the rest of the season will have this distraction lingering over them when they don't make the playoffs. Well now for my picks, anyone interested in this can put theres too and we will see who wins on next Monday. Arizona at [b]Dallas[/b], 1:00 pm Cincinnati at [b]Buffalo[/b], 1:00 pm Denver at [b]Kansas City[/b], 1:00 pm Miami at [b]N.Y. Giants[/b], 1:00pm [b]Minnesota[/b] at Atlanta, 1:00 pm New Orleans at [b]Carolina[/b],1:00pm [b]Oakland[/b] at Chicago, 1:00 pm [b]Seattle[/b] at Green Bay, 1:00pm [b]Tennessee[/b] at New England, 1:00 pm [b]San Diego[/b] at Jacksonville, 4:05 pm Detroit at [b]San Francisco[/b], 4:15 pm [b]Washington[/b] at Philadelphia, 4:15 pm(Upset Pick-Eagles favored by 4 I think) Cleveland at [b]Pittsburgh[/b], 8:30 pm Monday, Oct. 6 Indianapolis at [b]Tampa Bay[/b], 9:00 pm Open date: Baltimore, Houston, N.Y. Jets, St. Louis
  6. GhostofSalvtore

    WWF(E) Review

    Wow, been a long while, but here is a few tid bits [spoiler]Last night on the Smackdown! tapings, two matches for No Mercy were annouced. The Undertaker came out and challenged Lesnar for the championship. Vince was furious, he asked who approved the match, and his daughter Stephanie came out and stood her ground. Vince then challenged Steph to an "I Quit" match. So the two matches set for No Mercy are: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship Vince McMahon vs. Stephanie McMahon in an "I Quit" match. [/spoiler] If you watched RAW Monday, you saw that at the end of his six man match, HHH said that we "need him more than he needs us". Though it appeared it was the start of an angle by the former champion, the word I am getting is that was HHH's last TV appearance for a while and that he will now actually be off of TV as he shoots his role in the new Blade movie and prepares for his wedding to Stephanie McMahon, which will take place on 10/25. Apparently, what we saw on Monday was the last of HHH for a while. It's interesting to note the shape that he has left the Raw brand in while he's gone, especially since he has been the person that the show was built around for the last year plus. Whether you want get into alleged political power plays he has reportedly pulled or not, it's clear that, at the very least, the character HHH has systematically mowed down all of the top contenders on the Raw roster since he was given the Raw brand title by Eric Bischoff. None of those who have worked with him have come out of their feud with H as a stronger personality than they were before they locked up with the then-champ. What that has done is filled Raw with a bunch of wrestlers who the public has been told are just not main event guys, since HHH so easily beat them all. Now, he will go on hiatus and leave Bill Goldberg holding the proverbial bag as the champion with no one to wrestle, especially after beating Chris Jericho in his first defense on Monday night. Goldberg didn't even get the chance to beat HHH again to "show it wasn't a fluke that he won" so it's almost as if the company's top guy has already distanced himself from the man who is expected to carry the torch while he is gone. It will be interesting to see what can be done now to establish and re-establish credible challengers for Big Bill, if it can be done at all. In addition to that, it will be interesting to see how the company deals with the upcoming house shows, which HHH was advertised to appear on. While one can say that WWE always mentions that the card is subject to change, if HHH doesn't appear on the shows (and if he never intended to), I think you get into an ethical gray area as far as advertisement philosophy goes. It will also be interesting to where the company's financial indicators go during HHH's absence. Booker T is due back in the ring in early October. Apparently The Rock has been getting rave reviews from critics all around the country for his new movie The Rundown, which opens to the public this coming Friday the 26th. Dave Meltzer over at the Wrestling Observer hints that The Rock might not return to wrestling, except for a few TV spots or possibly a WrestleMania, and with that news it might disappoint many wrestling fans. There is no current return date set for The Rock. -- Speaking of The Rock, he has another movie he just wrapped up and is in post-production. The movie is called "Walking Tall", and also starring in the movie is Johnny Knoxville. The IMDB has this for the plot outline: ""Walking Tall" chronicles the life of Buford Pusser (The Rock), a small-town Tennessee sheriff who makes it his one-man mission to rid his town of corruption and crime."
  7. GhostofSalvtore

    WWF(E) Review

    Not much news around the WWE these past few days. So here is some things that happened after RAW went off the air and other misc. things: Post Raw: Flair bladed Goldberg after the chairshot...I didn't think he'd need to as Triple H really creamed him. That chair shot was almost as loud as some of the pyros! After the cameras went off, Evolution left up the ramp. Staff from the back came out to help Goldberg but he got up on his own after several minutes...staggering around the ring as he got his wits. He eventually left the ring under his own power, stopping to shake hands with fans and wipe his bloody head and face off on t-shirts and hats. He stopped at the Titan-tron and made a gesture of having the World Title around his waste and smiled...saying "It's mine!" Other items of note: There was real concern over the health of Spike Dudley after the blown spot on the table. He must have indicated he was OK since Bubba ended up carrying him out on his shoulder versus going out on a stretcher. WWE confiscated a guys "Kane fears Pro Zac" sign...perhaps too insensitive to those that actually take the drug? It's clear why WWE keeps Stone Cold around. His t-shirts were by far the most popular selling shirt. The inflatable middle fingers were also popular. By comparison, I saw no one buy the "HHH" inflatable sledge hammers. The crowd loves cheering and chanting "What!". Biggest Pops: 1. Stone Cold Steve Austin 2. Goldberg 3. J.R. 4. Trish Stratus Most Heat: 1. Bischoff 2. Jericho 3. Christian 4. Jonathan Coachman (This is all from a person who went to RAW)
  8. GhostofSalvtore

    WWF(E) Review

    Well I will agree with all your picks except for a few. Undertaker vs Traing: Yes this match will most likely be very bland, but I see A-Train picking up the victory. Last PPV, I felt Cena got screwed and shoulda won it, so I don't think they will have UT win twice. And maybe they are given A-Train another push. But that will probably die out quickly, Speaking of John Cena, where is he in all this Summerslamming, and where is Gowen as well, who has had some filler matches, but also has helped SD with some high ratings. Surprised they didn't get paired in a match. I see Eddie and Benoit feuding soon. But feuding away from the US championship. So, this is why I am going out on a limb to say that Rhyno will pick up the title. I think they are going to give him a push to someplace, it may not last long, but some push. Jericho and the title, both are meant for each other, but I don't see Jericho winning unless WWE wants to postpone that match with }{H}{ and Goldberg for a grander PPV. So HHH will pick up the victory and feud with Goldberg till the next RAW PPV. But this match is still up in the air, its a very compelling match. At one point, I pondered that Orton would win it, and feud with HHH afterwards. So this match will be the most interesting to see how it turns out. Now as for the best looking match, and hopefully this will be the match that their WMXIX main event was to be, the Lesnar vs Angle SD main event. Now Lesnar will win the title again, stay with his heel character, till who knows when, maybe some new WWE contenders will step in, like Benoit or Guerrero. But I would like to see Angle break off from this Lesnar/Big Show feudings. Maybe mix him up with Cena( to boost up Cena to WWE contendership), or The World's Greatest Tag Team. But all in all, I don't really care who wins this match, I just hope they put on a good show.
  9. GhostofSalvtore

    WWF(E) Review

    News for the weekend There have been several reports of Triple H defending the title after SummerSlam. This has become known as the ?SummerSlam Spoiler?, if you will. After speaking with a WWE employee who wishes to remain anonymous, of course, WWE will be strongly pushing the disclaimer that is posted on every event card. ?Card Subject to Change.? WWE has apparently blatantly booked these matches as a way to swerve, and throw fans off, as well as industry reporters and inside sources, as to the final outcome of the pay-per-view. Everyone involved with the SmackDown and RAW main event, our source tells us, are said to be tight lipped about everything. Not even answering questions about "what they?ll eat on Sunday morning for breakfast." Take this for what its worth. -With WrestleMania XX on the horizon, one of the many names being talked about backstage for a big return is that of The Ultimate Warrior. Right now, it seems WWE generally might be interested in bringing him back, although there are those who say it's not worth it since he would not be made a top priority on the WWE roster, which minimizes the need for bringing back someone like the Warrior. Warrior fans should know that his name does come up backstage, but no serious talks have occurred recently. -Speculation suggests that Chavo Guerrero is now fit and ready to make a comeback on the SmackDown roster. Chavo was sidelined in May, days before he was set to compete in a ladder match alongside Eddy Guerrero at a pay-per-view against Benjamin and Haas. It is likely that Chavo will feature on SmackDown to air in North America on Thursday, from El Paso, Texas. -It appears that Tajiri WILL be a part of the US title match at Summerslam. WWE sent out an email to all subscribers to hype the event, but missed Tajiri out of the fatal four-way match in which he's scheduled to compete against Benoit, Eddy Guerrero and Rhyno. -After the WWE pushing for the final hour of Raw to be reviewed by the Neilson group, the amended rating showed that nothing had actually changed. The original figures released by Neilson did not include the overrun (between 11:00pm and 11:08pm), but the quarter came out with a 4.5 with a 4.0 cable rating - the same as figures released earlier. These ratings are up from last week's 3.9 number. -The SmackDown quarter featuring Zach Gowan and Brock Lesnar was the most successful of the show. The fact that the show peaked at the outset of the first hour isnt a positive sign, meaning that fans tuned out before the main event. -Brian Lawler has been telling people he will be getting a one-shot with WWE, reforming his Grand Master Sexay personality to team with Scotty 2 Hotty as Too Cool on the Raw house show this coming Friday night in Memphis. (thanks to Tony Clark) -Ads for Rock's new movie, "The Run Down," are scheduled to start running nationwide today. -Hulk Hogan got slammed by IGN FilmForce, when he talked about Kevin Nash playing Tombstone in the movie "The Punisher" which is currently filming. Nash is in the movie, but not playing that role. "No one is playing Tombstone. There is no Tombstone in (Punisher)," said one insider. "Hulk Hogan has been hit on the head one too many times." -Many lower card wrestlers are in fear that they will be released, much like Justin Credible, Raven, D-Lo Brown, and Crash Holly were in the last year. Jim Ross has made it clear that all lower card wrestlers will have matches at house shows so that will help secure their jobs as well as give them some money for working house show dates. -At RAW three weeks ago, Vince McMahon was telling many heel wrestlers to watch him while he cuts a promo because he gets a great crowd reaction. He also went as far as to tell the wrestlers that they could never get as much heat as he does on camera.
  10. GhostofSalvtore

    WWF(E) Review

    Well I didn't catch much of Smackdown tonight, it being the first day of school and me discussing things with people about what went on and such. So I can't be the one to post a SD Review. Also Vic, you have asked this question twice. Also this is known as recruiting and is not allowed. So things like this would belong in your sig I would think. Sorry to act all Mod-like, but I really don't want this topic to be overcrowded with spam and the like.
  11. GhostofSalvtore

    WWF(E) Review

    News on tonight's RAW and some other news. * It has now become clear that WWE are not going to go ahead with the rumored Kane - Shane McMahon match at SummerSlam. I reported a few weeks back that this match would not take place as it would not be logical for someone like Shane McMahon to challenge a 'monster' like Kane who has been destroying top WWE superstars with ease.a Shane McMahon is now likely to take on Eric Bischoff at SummerSlam, with a possible stipulation being the winner will take control of RAW. Kane is confirmed to face his former tag-team partner, Rob Van Dam, as we found out on RAW last week. * Staying on the SummerSlam note, Zach Gowen is expected to strip Matt Hardy of his strap. Since his defeat at the hands of Vince McMahon, Gowen has been on somewhat of a losing streak, which makes it all the more likely WWE will put him over at SummerSlam for all his hard work and effort. * The RAW preview from WWE.com has not announced any matches for tonight. The theme for tonight's show centers around questions that will be answered. * They have questioned whether Nash will accept Chris Jericho's challenge. As we reported last week, Nash is required to lose his hair for an upcoming movie role, so you can guess the way that one is going to pan out. * Jim Ross's return is also being teased as we have reported. The decision to bring back Ross was something that WWE were adamant on doing last week. The Coach has been criticized for his performances since he took over, which shows just how important Ross is to the company in terms of his announcing abilities. * To add even further to the story of Booker T losing his title at a WWE house show, it seems that his back injury was the catalyst of his loss. * Early reports suggest that Booker T will be out for six-eight weeks, meaning he will miss WWE SummerSlam. * It is expected that WWE will hype Christian's Intercontinental Title win on RAW tonight. Also, expect a new contender to be built tonight to challenge Christian at SummerSlam. * For those who do not know about the situation, Booker injured his back prior to the Australian Tour and was promptly sent home. The injury wasn't suspected to be too serious at first, but this was obviously not the case. - Below are confirmed matches & events for tonight's RAW show: [spoiler]* Goldberg vs. Ric Flair - Must be a winner (No count-out, no DQ!) * Women's Title Triple Threat Match: Molly Holly (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Trish Stratus * Scott Steiner & Stacy Keibler vs. Rico & Miss Jackie * La Resistance (c) vs. Dudley Boyz (non-title) * The Hurricane vs. Rodney Mack * Plus, Kevin Nash will be the special guest on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel.[/spoiler]
  12. GhostofSalvtore

    Bad Religion

    Well I am a big fan of punk. So of course Bad Religion is up there for me. Process of Belief is the most well-put CD they have, or at least outta the ones that I have heard. Hmm best song on the album.........hmm well its a tie between Sorrow and Can't Stop It. And I've only heard 2 of the songs you've mentioned, You've Got a Chance(good song there) and A Streetkid from New America. They came around the Dallas area last year, but I couldn't go. But next time they do come, I will hopefully have tickets. Only one of my friends is a Bad Religion fan, but I will try to convert more to liking this awesome punk band. And um sure.......post your history........for people who don't know some things, like me.
  13. GhostofSalvtore

    Gaming The Pain Looks to Have Come(SD5)

    The latest installment in the Smackdown series is coming, and its already looking to shape up into a great game. Hmm, why do I feel like I have said this before about all the other Smackdown games and then when it is released I have been slightly disappointed. Well THQ and Yukes looks to have thrown in some more features, and some more polished looking wrestler models. I think, that finally the SD series is headed in the right direction from a graphic standpoint. Also, the modes in SD5 also have been upped a bit, which didn't look possible with all the match types in Smackdown 4. New matches, such as the Elimination Chamber and even the.........Bra and Panties are now included in the already robusk match selections of SD4. How the matches work out has also changed. Gone are the days of button mashing, and now a new wave of gameplay has been intertwined with the SD series. An improved AI that will stay on the attack throughout the match, and use whatever tactics they can to win. Reversals have been greatly tweaked and require more timing and the less randomness of previous SD games. The L triggers now do all your reversing, with L1 reversing strikes(X) and L2 for the grapples(O). (This now leaves the square button to picking up weapons) No Mercy's location damage is also being used. So through a match you can pummel a particular part of your opponents body and this will increase the chances of that person submitting. In addition to location damage, a weight system is being used. So no more picking up the Big Show with ease. CAW(Create-A-Wrestler) also looks to the same, but this is not a bad thing. The SD series has been known for 2 things. Its number of modes is one of them, and the other is the options you have to create a wrestler. SD5's CAW will feel the same as SD4, just maybe a new interface and some better orginization. Career mode has some RPGness to it with the attribute system that THQ has put into. All your skills can grow over time, or wither away depending on your success. This can also affect your opponents as well. Example would be that if you defeat someone at one time, that person can grow and their stats may be better the next time around you face them, making the match different. The one feature that can set this game over as being the best........since No Mercy is the Create-A-Belt. Its not just the feature itself, but what I would like to be done with it. Since Career mode in WWE games have become more expanisve, defending a title in exhibition has become nonexistent. This is because that defending a title in exhibition mode would interfere with whats going on in your career mode. Well to work past this, the CAB mode can be added. This would mean that you can create a belt that you can't use in career, but you can use in exhibition. This would add tons of replayability to the game. These are the facts and promises by THQ for the 5th game in the SD series.(well cept the CAB, which is being thought over) So maybe after 4 other attempts at making WWF/E games, THQ has learned and applied this knowledge to what they can do for SD5.
  14. GhostofSalvtore

    Relient K

    Yah, the lead singer(don't know names) is my friend's brother. They sound really good. One song in particular is their "Thundercats" song. That was pretty good, and also pretty funny. Since who does a "Thundercats" song. I didn't think I would be much into Christian rock, but they really do sound great.
  15. GhostofSalvtore

    The Terminator/Politician (Arnold runs for Governor)

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinji-Kun [/i] [B]I think he would be a good actor. [/B][/QUOTE] Yes, yes I too hope he would be a good actor,........Um yah I don't think the question is if he is a good actor or not. He has had many films to prove himself worthy(and I'd say he wasn't a bad actor) But, anyway..... The Govenator, Half Cyborg.....Half Legistlative Machine. I would hope it works out for him. I really can't say if it will, but there's always that hope. What really should matter, is that the new Governor, whoever he/she is, improves what is going on in Cali. If Arnold is the guy to do it, then lets make a toast to him. But my question would be, if it didn't work out, I wonder what would happen to him and his career(acting/political)