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    What has two arms, two legs, a membership to OtakuBoards, and is thirteen years old? No, not a skunk with a rash. OtakuSennen.
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    To be on the computer so much that I actually pay to keep SBC yahoo alive.
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  2. I picked up the first volume of Viz's publication and I enjoyed it immensely. But before I buy any more of the books, can anyone tell me, without spoilers, if the series manages to keep its awesomeness throughout? I've started too many series only to get tired of it halfway through.
  3. [quote name='50 cent']Oh this game I have seen a lot of this on g4 lately and it looks and sounds simply amazing. I really am looking forward to this game, and just the obstacale(sp?) to get ont he beast to find it's weak spot sounds fun and challenging. Also I heard that there won't be any other enemy's other than these beasts. So you search for them finding some items to heal your self I suppose then go and defeat them, but I do suspect for because just running around would be pretty boring after a while.[/quote]You heal on your own, and it's not like you have to spend an hour trying to find
  4. It's not just a matter of "effort," there's also the issue of the limitations of the consoles' hardware. The reason that Tekken and Final Fantasy's opening sequences are so high-quality is because they're pre-rendered, like a movie file. Such things are not possible in-game on any current console. Metal Gear is always in-engine, so I don't know what you're getting at there. Some games need realism, but I would like to see more "artistic" games. Killer 7 and the upcoming Okami are good examples of different-looking games.
  5. OtakuSennen

    Xbox 360

    Haha, Charles, I didn't know you won off of every10minutes. How many caps did you enter? I was never really planning on getting a 360 at launch. Perfect Dark Zero and Elder Scrolls IV were the games that would get, but neither of those are actually system-sellers to me. Overall I'm just rather wary of Microsoft's early release strategy, since no majorly mind-blowing next generation-looking games have been released yet (I'm aware that there are some very lovely particle/smoke effects already, but that alone doesn't scream "worth $400" to me). Between an early release, shortages, so
  6. Toy Day was pretty much Christmas with a different name, right? If that's the case with most of the holidays from the Gamecube version, I don't see why it's that big of a deal. Also, has there been any word of being able to send letters to people over DS Wifi without actually being in the town? Like some sort of private messaging system?
  7. [quote name='Warmaster']Well, you said a title that "demands an immediate purchase." If you are an educated gamer, I'd say Oblivion fits the bill. If you're some CS-crazy n00b-pwner or a FF fangirl, then sure, maybe it's not the game for you. But, to anyone who knows, Oblivion is about as close as we have come to a truly immersive gaming experience. It's a must-play if you ask me.[/quote]A killer app is a game that damn near everyone excited and going "I must have this console." I, for one, am very, very excited about Oblivion, but like you said, I'm "informed"- the ones that make Madden and H
  8. [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0384537"][b]They're already making one.[/b][/url] Also, we already had a discussion about it going [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=49233"][b]here[/b].[/url] It doesn't "sum up" the games' stories though. As far as I can tell, it's a story focusing on characters unrelated to the games. The script might even be floating around the internet somewhere by now, but I'd rather just see the movie. The visuals will probably be a big part of it.
  9. OtakuSennen


    [QUOTE=Warmaster]Well, then, I'm really glad we're getting a lot more than shiny walls, and you should be glad, too ^_^ In fact there are shiny walls in a lot of games already! No current-generation console can run Oblivion, with its multitiude of independently running scripts, as well as very detailed and realistic areas. And, even ignoring the fact that "upgrade" and "new generation" do not have to mean different things, considering the level of *immersion* that a multicore system has the firepower to provide, what you are really limited by at this point is the effort that game developer
  10. OtakuSennen


    Think about what the competition (Sony and Microsoft) are bringing to the table. A bit of an update in the graphics department, but what do you have after that? In the case of Xbox 360, some pretty and functional menus and online play, and in the case of Playstation 3.. Well, we're not quite sure yet. My point is, aside from extra polygons and overused bump-mapping, the competing consoles aren't that different from what we have now, at least as far as games go. Hell, both controllers are practically the same now- four face buttons, D-pad, two analog sticks and four shoulder buttons-
  11. OtakuSennen


    IGN has the actual preview video up now. Check it out [url="http://cube.ign.com/articles/651/651334p1.html"]here.[/url] [quote name='RiflesAtRecess][font=trebuchet ms']I think that the X360 and PS3 need to pull some crazy stunts to get people (namely me) to care about them right now. As far as I can see now, this would be the system I would get if I were faced with the choice right now. It's a really cool idea. Now if I had a hologram projector, or a helmet that reads brainwaves, then I'd be in gaming heaven.[/font][/quote]That's not how a lot of people see it, though. There are people- na
  12. OtakuSennen


    Well, they have officially shown the Nintendo Revolution controller. Here it is: [center][img]http://otakusennen.250free.com/Revolution.jpg[/img][/center] [center][img]http://otakusennen.250free.com/Rev2.jpg[/img][/center] So yeah, that's the controller. The remote. As you can see, they seem to be going with white as opposed to the black that was shown at E3.. Very iPod-inspired. [quote=IGN] [b]Main Controller Features[/b] [list] [*][b]3D Pointing.[/b] Sensors understand up, down, left, right, forward and backward. [*][b]Tilt Sensitive.[/b] Controller can be ro
  13. OtakuSennen


    I watched Lost pretty religiously on TV during its first run. The only one I haven't seen completely is the first one (I had no interest in it before it actually aired- my mom and brother were entranced by it, and I got sucked in as well).. We went out to get the box set today, but my mom decided that $45 at Suncoast was too expensive, so there is no sexy box in my posession yet. I hear that you can see some interesting things in the background, if you watch it frame by frame. [spoiler]People on Penny Arcade forums were saying you could get a very close look at the monsters that attac
  14. I recall reading an article on IGN that had a quote from the writer (Roger Avary, co-writer of Pulp Fiction), and he seemed to be a fan of the Silent Hill games, so hopefully things will remain faithful. They began shooting a while ago, in Canada. A quick Google search turned [url="http://photobucket.com/albums/v299/theatmaweapon/silenthillmovie/"][b]this[/b][/url] out, which are supposedly pictures from the set of the movie (They were linked to on IGN as well). Some guy on some message board said that [url="http://www.resident-evil-community.com/host/shlogo.gif"][b]this image[/b][/url] w
  15. [quote name='Charles]Remember, it only supports [b]limited[/b'] backwards compatibility. You're only able to play "best-selling" Xbox titles chosen by Microsoft.[/quote] Not only that, but you'll need the hard drive as well. I really hope that Microsoft expands their playable Xbox library as time goes on.. I didn't get in on Xbox this generation, either, and though there aren't that many games I would be interested in purchasing, it would still be nice to skim through the past generation without being confined to first-party titles and best sellers. I was very excited about Xbox 360, u
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