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  1. It's based on the story of a character of mine. He was in love, but she ended up betraying or some what not. Blah blah. Heartbreak. Anger. And my chara, Aryk, doesn't handle anger very well. He's a bit unstable in zee 'ead. So, he expressed his anger in his own...special way. And when the feeling passed...well yeah. I'm sure we've all said or done a few things we later on began to regret. And I'm glad it kinda creeped you out. That was the response I was hoping to get. ^__^
  2. Eesh. Mary Sue is indeed annoying. And there are so many of her out there! Drives me crazy when I'm on the hunt for a well written fan fic, you know?
  3. Yeah! Seig Warheit looks cool. He has a nifty coat, too. O.o His costumes all trippy.....
  4. I agree all the way with the opening themes for Cowboy Bebop. The movie and the series. Ask DNA used to get stuck in my head ALL. THE TIME. Heh heh. I think it's gonna start up again...
  5. Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust. Ohhh how I love it. D is such a kick arse character and I love Yoshitaka Amano. His designs are awesome.
  6. I went to A-Kon 14 in June. That was my first con, and I had a lot of fun. Cosplayed as Kyo from Dir en Grey. O.o I MIGHT go to Numa Rei-No Con in December. Dunno yet. I live in San Antonio....there aren't big anime conventions here. ;__;
  7. Named after my comic. Pretty much written off the top of my head. I want to know what people think.... Seeking pins and needles It?s what?s inside that heals the pain I?ll enjoy it now while I can Laughing as I watch you struggle Bound to the chair by pins and needles There, there Don?t you feel better now? Laughing as I tear the earth open Digging and digging deeper Like pins and needles (Five feet...six feet) Laughing as I throw you down Are the muddy walls too steep to climb? Say goodnight, love (As I say good-bye) Laughing as I hear you
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Double_B_Daigo [/i] [B]Hold on. Actually the only goodies i've seen with white hair are InuYasha who was actually pretty bad before meeting Kikyo. What about Sesshomaru (although he does ahve a good core) and Sephiroth. Or Meier and the Zentradi. There all pretty evil too me. [/B][/QUOTE] Meier wasn't really all that evil once you think about it. He was just protecting his love. As cheesy as that sounds. O.e Anyway. Oooh...and also let's lookit Haru from Fruits Basket. He has black AND white hair. And a killer split personality. His nice and quiet si
  9. Since June I kept waiting for this game to come out THIS month, but as it turns out it comes out August 6th here in the US. Not too far off now! Already got my copy reserved. I also heard it was too easy. But, like the Reaper said, didn't stop me from loving DMC2. xD
  10. I've seen this movie seven times now and I plan on going again. I agree that Depp is the highlight of the show. And it's true that the movie does drag on some parts, but what can I say? I've been a huge fan of Johnny Depp and pirates since I was little. Ahh, Orlando Bloom...I'm not a big fan. He's not THAT good looking and his acting isn't all that great. And I LIKE Jack Sparrow's eyeliner. But then again, I happen to love guys who wear the stuff. ^__^
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