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  1. I've been looking for a Star Wars RPG and this one looks like it will be good. Anyway, onto the sign up sheet. I'm not sure if my information on Iridonia is correctm because there is very little information about it and most of what I have is a result of a Google search. Just tell me if there is anything I would need to change if it would help the RPG. [B]Name[/B]: Zakin Krasiri. [B]Age[/B]: 16. [B]Gender[/B]: Male. [B]Race[/B]: Zabrak. [B]Homeworld[/B]: Iridonia. [B]Affiliate Order[/B]: New Jedi Order. [B] Rank[/B]: Padawan Learner. [B]Class[/
  2. OOC: Sorry I haven?t posted in a while. I just haven?t been able think lately. Also sorry that it's so short, I'm still having trouble thinking of what to do. I need to read one of the books again to get in to a Harry Potter mood... --------- Illidas walked down the hallway when he saw Malfoy coming down the hall with Crabbe and Goyle. Malfoy was mumbling something about traitors to the Slytherin house. Illidas just kept walking and started whistling Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. [I] ' This has been a rather normal day so far. That is if normal means moving pictures, classes on
  3. OOC: So do we have a Harry yet? ------------- Illidas woke up and threw on his scarf. He walked towards the common room and noticed that everyone was either asleep or eating. He walked out the portrait and went to go eat. He sat down at the Slytherin table and started eating. [I] 'So,' [/I] he thought, while looking around the Slytherin table, [I] 'I wonder what kind of reputation this group has... By the looks of it they seemed rather unfriendly and very self-absorbed' [/I] He ran his hand through his hair. [I] 'Arg... It's impossible to get this hair any other way...
  4. Illidas looked around at all the people that looked extremely excited. He sighed, and adjusted his scarf. [I] 'All these happy people... I don't know what Hogwarts is all about...' [/I] He paused. [I] 'Come to think of it, I don't even know why I came here... What's really the point....?? [/I] He looked over at the Gryffindor table. [I] 'Well they sure are cheery... A little TOO cheery... It's almost as if they WANT to come to a school.... But I do have to admit, this is unlike any school I've ever seen before...' [/I] He looked around at the students. [I] 'I
  5. "Voldemort," said a voice that had just appeared at the door, "They mean Voldemort. I'm sure someone told you of him, Harry Potter." Harry was about to say something, when everyone else flinched. "Why the Hell did you say his name?!" Ron spoke first. "What's gonna happen? You people need to stop being so scared. It's not like he's right around the corner or something like that." The kid replied. There was silence. The kid shrugged and started to leave. "Whatever. Stay scared, if that's what you want." He walked off towards the cabin across from Ron, Harry, Karen, and
  6. I haave had this idea for a while. Name: Illidas Sigma Appearence: Dark brown eyes, and brown hair. Normal hieght. Always wears a strangely long scarf that seems to grow and shrink at some times. House: Slytherin(First Year) Friends: He doesn't have many good friends in Slytherin. Small Bio: His parents died when he was 9 and he had no relatives alive at this time. So he lived on his own until one day he got a letter addressed to Mr. Sigma, Back room of the Pub. This startled him, he knew he was a wizard descendant, but he had wondered how they had found were he lived. He used wha
  7. OOC: Sorry, but I think I'm going to drop out of this. I just can't think of a way to post anything... I'm just not in a pirate RPG state of mind I guess. Sorry if this causes any problems.
  8. Olaf can be deck hand. Seeing as he doesn't really know much about actual pirating anyway.
  9. (OOC: I don't want this to die!) ________________________ [Dream] A young Gate was walking towards his home when he hears a deep haunting voice... "Useless beings..." Gate walked through the town and saw a pile of dead bodies. The bodies of the town. He started crying and looked at the man. He had blue hair and a white coat. "Now you know. Now you know the pain of living..." Gate ran towards the man in anger. The man just looked at Gate and Gate flew backwards and into the sand. The man then turned and walked off. [/Dream] Gate awoke in a sweat. He just cou
  10. Name: Olaf "Scar Head" Harnagen Age: 24 Gender: Male Home Island: Scabb Previous Job: Flooring inspector. Position: anywhere needed Weapon: Cutlass Personal Belongings: A black parrot. Description: Tall guy at about 6' 4". Wears green pants, a blue shirt, black boots, and a White coat. Black eyes, and black hear that goes stops right above his shoulders. And he sometimes wears a blue hat. History: When he was a child growing up on Sabb island he wanted to grow up to be a pirate, but when he went to Melee to become a pirate, they told him that he sh
  11. Gate sat down on a bench a few feet away from the restaurant. He put his elbows on his knees and sunk his head into his hands. [I] 'What the Hell is wrong with me?' [/I] He asked himself, [I] 'Taking out my anger for the Typhoon on a drunk that has no idea what he is even doing. I swear, when I find Mr. Typhoon I'll make him pay...' [/I] He stood up, and walked towards the bar. He stopped right before he entered. "Wait... If I enter after what just happened... I don't think I'ld get an answer from anyone about Vash..." Gate thought aloud. He turned and walked to the inn.
  12. Gate looked at the man. "Excuse me for a second," Gate said to Nami. He took his guitar of his back and looked at Skieth. "I believe the Bartender said you should leave," he said. Skieth stopped and looked at Gate. "Shou want a peice a' me, too?" Replied Skieth. Gate readied his guitar. "Whatever..." Gate said, and at the same time he swung at Skeith, hitting him in the jaw. "So... shou wanta' play, huh?" Skeith yelled. "Drunken moron..." Gate mumbled. Skeith pulled out two shotguns. "Shou wanta shay dat again, punk!?" Gate cocked his
  13. Gate listened to the man and woman that entered talk of Vash. [I] '..... Who the Hell is this guy?' [/I] Gate thougt, [I] 'His views seem to be positive towards Mr. Typhoon...' [/I] Gate leaned back and took a gulp of his drink. [I] 'Let's see what else this freak thinks of the Stampede...' [/I] Gate then looked over at the girl that had just hit the floor. [I] 'Wonder what's wrong with her.' [/I] __________________________________________________ OOC: Sorry about the short post. I couldn't think of anything huge to say...
  14. Here is my desktop (see attachment). Everytime I have an idea I take out notepad, type it out, then save it as some random letters. The quality is better than that, but I had to change it to make the file smaller...
  15. [I]'Wait a second... that wasn't Vash... the girl mentioned him knowing something of Vash...'[/I] Gate said to himself. He got out of his fighting mind. [I]'But... I still need info on the Typhoon's whereabouts...'[/I] He walked back into his room in the inn to grab his guitar. [I]'Just in case...'[/I] He strapped it around his back, and walked out of the inn. [I]'I'm sure to fin someone at the bar who should have some information... Even a rumor would do me some good.'[/I] He walked into the bar and asked for the cheapest thing they had. As he strarted to
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