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  1. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Ok... i was Wondering if Anyone has Heard of a game called Eretzvaju or in english....Evil Zone? I realy want to find this Game afirnd told me its an anime related rpg/fighting game......*SIGHS* But so far i've had no luck....... if anyone has played this game...[/COLOR]
  2. *hehe*.. I'm not sure if i posted here... But i'll do it Anyway :p My Really long List of Fav Anime Songs:laugh: [COLOR=crimson]Weiß Kreuz[/COLOR] The Road:love: Shadows & Lights Blue Mask God Hurts Those He Loves Lover's Holiday Beautiful Alone (Bass and Drums remix) Este I Wonder I Do Interstellar Soul Jazz Me Blues Mizunaka Paper Snow White Wing One More Angel:love: Mayfly:love: Suicide Seaside Love of my Life:love: Gluhen Stone Roses No Surrender Tonight Ok.. There My Fave Weiß Kreuz Songs... I Have Others But That would Ove
  3. [COLOR=deeppink][FONT=century gothic]I've seen the first DVD of Witch hunter robin.... I Realy like it.. and I Have seen all of Hellsing. Chispin Freem Was Also the Voice of Zel in Slayers. And From What My Friend Said About WHR The Good Stuff starts happening after Ep 7. He seen all of it fans subbed.. and theres AlSo A Rumor going around.. That Cartoon Network and will be airing Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf's Rain, as Well As Groove Adventure Rave.... [/FONT][/COLOR]
  4. Try Jumping on His Back and hit from there ^^
  5. Stephanie You Should Try and Download Anime Music Video on WinMX There are Some Really Good Videos..... One you Can Looks up is "sweating Bullets" to Escaflone and A tonz more
  6. YEAH!!! Groove Adventure Rave Aka Rave Master I Have All the Volumes so far. I LOVE IT, there is also a Gamecube video game..
  7. AHem.. If you Play .hack Part 3 you Know You Save Sora's Soul or what ever.... And Yes.. Sora Make a apperance in .hack//mutantion.. but and as Memory flasback... where he PKs BT it Off topic** Anyone know a web site where I could find the Images the you unlock on the game as wallpapers??
  8. Just one?!?! I Love'em all. Sanzo - Because he don't give a crap Goku - Because he cute when he's hungery. Hakkai - Beacuse he's so easy going and sweet Goyjo - Because he's HOT ^^;;
  9. Someone KNOWS about Saiyuki!!!! I LOVE THAT ANIME!!! SEASON 3?!?!:bawl: it woun't be in the US for along time :bawl:
  10. Has Any one heard of "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle" From what i heard It's an AU story Line... w/ Sakura,Li, Toya, and Yukki from CCS And guest stars are intersting.... X/1999 ppl, Chi from Chobits and a few others... anyon have any more info or Pix of this? I hope it's translated... It sound interesting
  11. Yep Banner of the Stars is Continution of Crest of the Stars.. I Met The desiner of Crest of the Stars Otakon 02'
  12. What I Think Is you Have to watch .hack//sign, then play the games... them watch .hack//dusk to understand the consept of the Anime it self...And Aura.. Isn't i a Womb.....
  13. I've seen Crest of the Stars about two years ago.. It's not abod Anime.. it's a Bit slow.. Has a fairly good story line....I Also want to see Banner of the Stars..
  14. I LOVE Kodocha, I've seen alot of the Anime.. and i Have pretty much ot the translated Manga... SANA Is Awesome ^_^
  15. The Chobit's Manga Is Way Better the The Anime... The Anime Just Drops off.. and The mAnga Keeps going abit farther the Anime
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