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Writing Night Time Losing Time


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I found myself a book while wandering through the library the other day (yea in the library, I mean what are the odds, a book, in a library, downright amazing),usually I get a book because someone has told me it is good, I very rarely actually come across something that I think I will like and borrow it, although having read the praise on the back cover and the first page, I had to borrow it.

It's written by Michael Ventura and is titled "Night Time Losing Time" I was wondering if anyone has read it, I'd explain a bit about it and what it is about, but I'm unhappy to say that only being about 190 pages into it after a week and a bit, I dont think I could explain it in anything even remotely logical.

If anyone has read it I would love to hear what you thought of it, as so far it has been a very unusual and enticing book, I only wish I had of read a bit more of it by now.
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