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Once I get 5 more characters (Including the young dragon) for the good side 3 leaders of the Vile tribe and the the sorceror.
The world of Lunar had two peaceful centuries Since Ghaleon died with the Vile tribe. But A new powerful sorcerer appeared and revived the vile tribe. A new batch of heros are needed. A dragonmaster is needed as well.
Registration Sheet
Color (If the young Dragon):
Type of weapon:
Ultimate weapon:
Legendary Relative(s) of old:(Optional)
Skills(Max 8):
Name:Rei Del Alkirk
Type of weapon:Blades
Ultimate weapon: Scissor Blades
Legendary Relative(s) of old:Hell Mel and Jessica del Alkirik
Skills(Max 8):Slice and Dice, Spinning slash, Chop Beam, and Power up
Strengths:Great strength, decent speed , and decent regular defense.
Weaknesses: Magic attack and magic defense.
Appearance: About as tall as Hell Mel but not as muscular. Rei wears a blue vest for a top, very baggy blue pants, and blue tennis shoes. Rei Carries his blades on his between his red belt and blue pants so he doesn't lose them.
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