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[size=1][color=000066][b]Ok, I really wanna get into .hack, but I never seem to be able to watch it, or get to know what it is about. So, if someone doesn't mind, could you give me the main line of it, and what is going on? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Ok, but also remember, .hack//SIGN is covered at [url]www.theotaku.com[/url] as well.. There's a lot of info there.

OK. So most of the series takes place in an MMORPG known as The World, which is immensely popular about 10 years from now..

Well, in .hack//SIGN, a character named Tsukasa is unable to log out of the game, and is no longer in front of a terminal. He's pretty much been absorbed into the game.

.hack//LIMINALITY-- A girl named Mai Minase's boyfriend gets trapped in a coma whil the two of them are playing The World. Throughout the story, the protagonist switches between Mai and two other characters.. It's really just giving more information to the mysteries of The World. It's only 4 eps long..

.hack//DUSK-- A couple twins win special player skins which look like the legendary Kite and BlackRose (Who are they, you ask? You will have to find out for yerself, my friend) and they are entrusted by a girl known as Aura the Bracelet of Twilight.

^_^ Again, Theotaku.com has lots more information on it.
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I think the best thing to do is check out [url]http://www.dothack.com[/url] and look at the timeline that's in the video game section. If you read that, you will get a good background for .hack. Afterwards, just start watching from the beginning. Like any anime/series, starting in the middle will leave you confused. Haha, and this particular show requires a lot of attention to each episode, so you'll be lost more than usual if you don't watch in order. :)

Besides that, the games are pretty fun, and come with a bonus anime that's around 30-45 minutes per game. So, you should try to get those, or at least rent them (they take 20 hours or less to beat). Oh, and get those in order too. Haha, it's also bad to start in the middle with the games! :D
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