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Bounty hunters:
2.Kurigara-Akki Korosiya

1.Meara Caitrin Sinead-erinzyger
2.Sergia Pauleta-Wondershot

Forest Dwelers
1.Ivirne Kiros-T man
2.Ki Toki-Ohkami

Desert Walkers
1.K.C. Mohagan-Sky Moonflow
2.Kitty Ukazuri-dbzanimegrl17
3.Sether Daskar-Dragon Warrior

[I]K.C....Kathy Calina Mohagan! WAKE UP![/I]

K.C. woke up suddenly.

K.C: Well that was weird.
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Sergio got out of bed slowly, he was still extremely tired and wished wildly that it was still the middle of the night, and it was. As he was about to drift off again, someone began to shake him. He looked up and saw that Meara was trying to get him up.
"Serge! Serge! Wake up!" Sergio began to lift himself up.
"It's Sergio." He said annoyed, until he became aware that [i]Meara was in his room![/i] He tried to cover himself up.
"Hey! What are you doing?!" He began to protest. Meara shook her head.
"Nothing, get dressed, we have a mission." She said as she hurled his clothes at him. He looked at her in annoyance.
"Can I have some privacy?" He protested, but she was still getting dressed herself, sighing, Sergio began to get into his clothing, as he pulled his pants up, he asked.
"What's going on, anyway?"
"Bounty Hunter raiding party." Sergio shook his head.
"[i]Aye, aye, aye, aqueles idiotas vao me matar um desses dias![/i] Those idiots are gonna kill me one of these days!" He said in outrage as he struggled into his sweater. He reached behind the headboard of his bed and produced his giant chakram which he attached to his back.
"Let's go, Serge." Meara said halfway out the door.
"[i]Sim, vamos.[/i]" Serge said.
"[i]O meu nom e Sergio, grande mulher louca, eu sou Sergio![/i]" He complained as he walked out the door...
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Man: Hello. Can I help you young lady?

Girl: I'd like to know when the bounty hunters are arriving. I need to know so that I can greet them right.

Man: Why does their arrival matter? Well, since you are so sweet. Okay, Kitty. They're arriving at 6 pm in 2 days. I'd get ready soon. Is one of them your sweetheart?

Kitty: Um...:blush:

Man: Alright, now. Run along. Have fun at your friends party!

Kitty waved and walked off. [i]Finally. I'm leaving this dump for good. I better leave before the bounty hunters arrive or I might get into some trouble. Good thing I'm meeting with him tonight.[/i] When she got to her house she packed a bag full of one change of clothes and a bunch of food and water and maps. She put the bag over her shoulder and walked off to her secret meeting place.

OOC: Whoever my "friend" is will be waiting there. Anyone can be my "friend", so it won't matter who. (Not a bounty hunter, though!!)
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Iyasu was walking down a dusty road, it had been weeks since he had
heard of a good bounty. He had nothing better to do.
He saw an old man raking some leaves.

Iyasu: Have you seen any Desert Wakers pass through here?

Oldman:You're a bounty hunter arent you?

Iyasu: Yes, You havent answer my question.

Oldman: No hardly anybody passes through here any more.

Iyasu: How did you know I was a bounty hunter?

Oldman: That look on your eyes, I use to have the same look on my eyes when I was young.

Iyasu: You where a bounty hunter?

Oldman: Yes one of the best, let me give you some advice.
Don't live just for the bounties because some day you will be an old man, well if you get to be old. you'll be a poor old man with no family or friends.

Iyasu started to walk, hearing what the old man had said made him think for a while. He knew the old man was right.
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Sergio waited quietly in the trees waiting for his friend. Since Meara was going ahead, he could delay for a few minutes and meet up with her later.
"Hi, Serge!" The cheerful voice from underneath nearly knocked him out of the tree, he looked down and saw Kitty. He began to shake his head.
"[i]E Sergio, idiotas, isso e o meu nome, porque ninguem sabe dizer Sergio? Meu deus, idiotas.[/i]" He began muttering as Kitty climbed up the tree.
"How you doing?" She asked.
"All right, you?"
"I'm preparing for a big 'party'." She said with a grin, Sergio smiled and looked into her eyes, then looked to the side and saw a big dust cloud in the distance.
"Hmm? a battle already?" He said quizzically, he looked back at Kitty.
"[i]Desculpa, mas eu tenho de partir, ate logo, querida.[/i]" He said, giving her a quick kiss before he jumped out of the tree and began running.
"Bye, Sergie!" She called as he left, once he was sure she couldn't see her, he punched a tree while running.
"[i]Esses idiotas, o meu nom e SERGIO![/i]"
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Kitty started to laugh at their short conversation. She began to wonder if she should stop annoying him by calling him Sergie. She then looked back to the dust cloud. [i]They couldn't have come already. It's only been a day, not even that! Was the old man lying? Damn it. I hope those bounty hunters aren't here yet, I'm not ready for the 'party'. I can't leave until it's over.[/i] She hopped out of the tree and started to walk towards a store.

Kitty: Hello? I was wondering, do you know what that dust cloud is?

Clerk: You'd have to ask a person who is closer to it to find out. All the way out here, we can't tell. So, why did you want to know?

Kitty: I don't want a fight brewing.

Clerk: You want to fight, eh? Well, those bounty hunters are comin' tomorrow, so you could fight some of them.

Kitty: Tomorrow? But the old man said they were gonna come in two days!

Clerk: Which old man, the one who owns that small house? Why'd you be talkin' to him? He's just a lyin' old man who wants to fool violent kids into goin' to jail.

Kitty: How'd you know?

Clerk: He got my brother. You ought to leave town Kitty, he'll turn you in if you ain't careful.

Kitty: I can handle myself. Besides, I've got a party to attend to.

Clerk: A party, huh? Who's hostin'?

Kitty didn't respond, she just walked out of the store and headed towards the 'party'. She knew that telling the host's name would instantly get every bounty hunter in the area on the hunt for them. She had to keep quiet. She decided that before she left town that she'd kill the old man. [i]That idiot will pay for lying to me. I'll get him good. Wait, how did that clerk know so much? Hmm... I'll stop by his place, too. This town is sure gettin' odd.[/i]
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